Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 55: So You Ain't Normal Either, Boy.

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The two entered a battle posture and began to face each other. Anthony was surprised the boy had such a good stance. He tried to look for any opening that Benjamin might have left but couldn't find one.

Aatrox was pleased to see Anthony's posture too. Even if he didn't have much power in his body, Aatrox at least knew that he knew battle techniques well. His posture had some flaws which gave some openings for Aatrox, but he only found them due to his countless years of battle experience, which helped him develope a battle sense without equal, enabling him to kill G.o.d-Emperor.

The two faced each other until finally Anthony was satisfied seeing that the boy had patience and decided to attack him first to test his other attributes. Anthony started using the strength of a normal person, so that if the boy wasn't a cultivator, he wouldn't suffer an instant defeat.

Aatrox saw him approaching and got excited. Anthony punched Aatrox's left rib, but before Anthony's hand could connect with the boy's rib, Aatrox had quickly defended Anthony's hand with his left hand and attacked the same point on it.

Seeing his attack be defended, Anthony was surprised, but quickly tried to defend himself from the boy's punch with his forearm. As he was a cultivator, his skin and muscles were much more resistant than those of a normal person. But when Aatrox's hand connected to Anthony's forearm, the pain he thought would be minimal eventually made him show a face of pain.

When Anthony looked at the forearm he used to defend from the boy's punch, the area where his fist touched was beginning to swell. Finally, I'll take this sparring more seriously. Anthony increased the speed to that of a novice cultivator to try to stay on the same level as the boy.

Aatrox hadn't punched him as hard as he could. He didn't want Anthony to fully raise his guard so that he could hit him a little bit more to get revenge for the killing intent that he had directed at Aatrox.

Anthony now using the strength and speed of a low-level cultivator, approached Aatrox faster and tried to punch Aatrox in the stomach.

Aatrox saw him making the punch movement, but with his vision enhanced and battle senses elevated, Aatrox saw that Anthony's arm muscles were not flexed the way a normal person would flex to get that position right. So, he pretended to defend himself from the punch in the stomach.

Anthony thought Aatrox had fallen for his fake and used his other arm to punch the boy in the chest. But when he saw that Aatrox's other hand was already waiting for him to punch him in the chest, he realized that the boy had seen the fake before even Anthony could start attacking his chest. 'This boy is a monster... At his age, I couldn't even feel the energy in the environment, but his battle sense is already so sharp, I'll raise the level again.

As Anthony began to use the strength of a somewhat more powerful cultivator, Aatrox did not let the opportunity pa.s.s and returned the punch to Anthony's fist as well. Anthony was distracted for a fraction of a second when he took the punch in the chest and ended up coughing and spitting on the floor.

Aatrox still kept his face unexpressed as he watched Anthony recover. When Anthony saw that the boy hadn't even spilled a drop of sweat, he decided to attack with everything he had to teach him a lesson.

Aatrox seeing that Anthony's speed had increased a lot, had to take the fight more seriously.

Anthony with a superhuman speed came towards Aatrox and gave a quick and strong jab that was too much for a normal person to react. But for Aatrox, it was just a normal kick. Taking advantage of the fact that Anthony had only one leg on the ground, Aatrox quickly punched Anthony in his chest. When the punch connected, Anthony felt a pain he hadn't felt in a while and lost his balance because he was neutralized before the attack could connect and fell to the ground.

"You're not a normal kid." Anthony said as he stood up from the ground, his eyes s.h.i.+ning for a good battle.

"You could say so, what level of power are you at?" Aatrox asked.

"I am a Brawler of the Baron level. What cla.s.s are you?" Anthony replied, now having a better att.i.tude towards Aatrox, after having approved his strength.

"Cla.s.s... that's the second time I've been asked that, but I have no cla.s.s." Aatrox answered.

"You don't have cla.s.s? Unless you've been trained with an overseas method, you need to have a cla.s.s..." Anthony said thoughtful.

"That's the point, I can't tell from where, but my method isn't American." Aatrox responded with his usual inexpressive face.

Anthony knew that each cultivator had his own secrets and did not insist on this anymore. Anthony had already forgotten the little anger he had for the boy and was getting more and more excited with the battle they were having. As a cultivator, he knew what was better than cultivating for days, and that was a battle with someone of similar strength. Unconsciously, Anthony already considered Aatrox a great match to be his son-in-law. Since he had discovered a little of the boy's character in front of him during the battle, he wasn't disappointed with him at all. Not to mention that with such a strong cultivator accompanying his daughter, her safety would be much better than some normal security guards.

As they were getting ready to continue the fight, the dojo door was opened and a man like Anthony came in and saw the bruises on Anthony and was worried. Facing his opponent, the man was surprised, but still asked. "Who would this fellow cultivator be, brother?" 

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Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 55: So You Ain't Normal Either, Boy.

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