Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 302 - I Want To Marry You

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Chapter 302: I Want To Marry YouTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Until today, Lin Xiaojuan was still being hounded by lovelorn girls. She was on the hot search every day, becoming a manager that came with self-publicity.

This relations.h.i.+p was really weird.

“I have always called you big brother, but if you and Auntie Xiaojuan get married, how should I address you?” little Tong Hua asked with great interest.

Lin Xiaojuan’s eyes widened in surprise. Little Baby, why are you deliberately publicizing this secret?


“Oh… small Uncle, you are so handsome!”

Lin Xiaojuan was speechless.

Lin Xiaojuan was all jitters as Gu Xie’s presence surrounded her. His aura was too strong, but he had actually not said anything over or did anything to make her uncomfortable. Announcing that she was his fiancée was also to protect her. He did not a.s.sault her verbally or physically and was a gentleman. She felt embarra.s.sed to say anything, but having a fiancé out of nowhere was really… weird.

Seems like he had taken it for real?

“Auntie Xiaojuan said that she is not very close to you?”

“We will slowly become closer.”

“But the whole world knows that the two of you are fiancé and fiancée. It doesn’t make sense if you guys are not that close.”

Gu Xie frowned and looked at little Tong Hua, not really understanding what he meant. Little Tong Hua smiled happily and said, “Why not we collaborate together on a show? When I’m on set, Auntie Xiaojuan will be on set most of the time too. You guys will become closer in no time!”

“This is my first time hearing someone begging for resources so naturally!”

“I have the same sentiments too. I will send you the script in a few days!” Gu Xie exclaimed.

“Sure, sure!” Little Tong Hua clapped his hands happily, smiling from ear to ear.

Lin Xiaojuan was so embarra.s.sed that she wished the ground would open up and swallow her. Little Tong Hua confirmed his resources, and not wanting to be a light bulb, he escaped to the toilet. Once he left, Gu Xie and Lin Xiaojuan did not have anyone to warm things up anymore; thus, the atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Gu Xie flipped through the brochure and looked at it with great attention. For the past few days, Lin Xiaojuan had been scolded by the girls on the Internet so much that she developed a trauma. The problem was that she was undeserving of the t.i.tle, and she felt a little guilty. At that moment, Gu Xie was sitting beside her, and Lin Xiaojuan finally had the chance to ask something that she had kept in her heart for a long time.

“Gu Xie, what exactly do you want?’

Gu Xie looked up, and this was the first time Lin Xiaojuan was looking straight into his eyes. His eyes were like the stars, exceptionally beautiful. From his eyes, she could see her nervous self. However, Lin Xiaojuan did not regret asking that question at all.

Their unclear relations.h.i.+p was too awkward.

“Is it my fault or are you too slow? I have already been so obvious.”

Lin Xiaojuan was confused. What was he obvious about?

“I want to marry you!”

Lin Xiaojuan was speechless.

It was as if fireworks just exploded in front of her, causing her to be dazzled. Her mind was totally blank. Lin Xiaojuan looked at Gu Xie in shock with both of her hands gripping onto her skirt for support. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she was totally unprepared for being proposed like this.


“I like you.”

Lin Xiaojuan and Yan Jianming dated for three years, but she had never heard him utter those three words before. They got together like it was a matter of course. She was also not contentious and not clingy, unlike those girls who chased after their boyfriends for words of affirmation. This was her first time hearing a guy confess to her after her three-year-long relations.h.i.+p ended.

Straightforward and calm.

Yes, calm.

Those three words seemed to have been stuck in him for a very long time. He prepared for a really long time, and when he finally said it, he was calm and collected, causing one to feel at ease and be able to depend on him. Inside the pair of star-like eyes, a rare trace of a smile slowly appeared.

Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 302 - I Want To Marry You

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