My Extraordinary Achievement Chapter 133 - A Different Kind Of Dribble Practice

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Chapter 133: A Different Kind Of Dribble Practice

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In these six minutes, senior Ah Ning and the other onlookers had been completely dumbfounded by Meng Fan's whimsical shooting postures.

Have you ever seen someone shoot a basketball like a shot put?

Have you ever seen someone shoot a basketball from a twisted position so unbalanced that he couldn't even stand?

Whipped out from behind?

Using their left hand to whip it?

Have you seen a backward basket?

Suddenly throwing it as he ran…Well, this was probably a foul.

Overall, even if he wasn't the first on earth to try it, each one of Meng Fan's shooting positions would induce a surprised reaction from the spectators.

Each time he used such a strategy and the ball went in, it could almost be said it was guided in by divine intervention, or he was blessed by the heavens.

As for Meng Fan… it was impossible to be 100% accurate. G.o.d was busy enough maintaining an 80% accuracy rate for him. This made everyone suspect that Meng Fan's family was in the religious business.

Now it wasn't just the red-haired youth defending him, but three other guys. However, they were of no use. Meng Fan's actions were unblockable!

Senior Ah Ning was overjoyed. With Meng Fan's basket scoring abilities, they would stand a chance at this year's basketball tournament as long as they could get the ball to him!

Suddenly, Senior Ah Ning saw someone approaching from another department's team. Instantly he cried out, "Stop shooting, stop shooting!"

Meng Fan paused along with the other three team members. They all looked towards senior Ah Ning.

"Why are you shooting if you can't even receive?!"

Senior Ah Ning looked stern but winked at Meng Fan as he spoke.

Thankfully he wasn't dressed as a woman. Otherwise, Meng Fan would have misunderstood that wink as a flirtatious move!

The three other team members also noticed the people from the other departments' basketball teams and closed their mouths. Who didn't know what senior Ah Ning meant?

He was their trump card!

Meng Fan's scoring abilities were definitely their trump card, hence why it had to be kept a secret from as many people as possible.

Of course, senior Ah Ning was right. Meng Fan did not need to practice his shooting, but his pa.s.sing and dribbling needed a lot of work.

No matter how great he was at shooting, he would still be useless if he couldn't get the ball.

Meng Fan did not have any objections and happily went off to practice receiving. All the other team members went off to practice on their own, and senior Ah Ning took over the responsibility for pa.s.sing.

Only the spectators became uncomfortable. There was no more spectacle to watch. Of course, they could tell why senior Ah Ning had done what he did. They were all people from the animation department, and before they were finished sulking, they were chuckling among themselves. They all thought of a single scene.

Or more specifically, Meng Fan leading that scene astray!

"Senior Ah Ning."

Qu Jing Jing and the other girls began to chatter as soon as Meng Fan stopped shooting. They then smiled as they approached senior Ah Ning and called to him unanimously. On behalf of all of them, Qu Jing Jing spoke, "All four of us know how to play basketball and we used to perform on the court as well. Why not let us teach the Iron senior how to pa.s.s the ball?"

"Basketball performance? Is it the kind where you hold a ball and walk back and forth?" Senior Ah Ning was very straight forward.

"We know how to pa.s.s at least." Qu Jing Jing said seriously, "Senior Ah Ning, think about it, you're only one person handing the ball to the Iron senior, but there are four of us, so it will be way more efficient. Besides, we can definitely exercise senior's attention span if we train with him, don't you think?"

Senior Ah Ning took a glimpse at the girls' costumes and nodded in agreement. "Alright, you guys pa.s.s with him for now, I'll help him practice later."


The four girls were ecstatic.

Senior Ah Ning handed his basketball to Qu Jing Jing and pa.s.sed another one to another cute girl.

There were only five basketb.a.l.l.s on the court and the other members needed the other three, so the other two cute girls had no b.a.l.l.s to pa.s.s.

The two other girls then turned to the court next door with players from another department and effortlessly asked for two more basketb.a.l.l.s.

"Iron senior, here I come."

"Senior, I'm throwing now!"

"Senior, catch this!"

"Senior, over here!"

"Senior, you can do it!"

"Senior you are amazing!"

Then on the animation department's court, the resounding cries of encouragement began.

Meng Fan was on the verge of losing it. He gave senior Ah Ning several looks asking for help, but Ah Ning's intelligence was too high, tossing him this sentence, "This is the best way to exercise your concentration and willpower."

What could Meng Fan do? He was also very helpless.

But honestly speaking, his willpower was pretty strong; at least better than most of the other players on the basketball team.

After almost ten minutes, Meng Fan did not break down, but the other members of the basketball team did. Next came the other academy basketball teams from different departments.

"We can't practice like this!"

"This is too harmful to my self-esteem!"

"Someone else's cheerleader!"

"Where's our cheerleaders?"

"Coach, I'm gonna say this now. If you don't give us a cheerleading team, I'm not practicing or playing anymore tournaments!"

The coach from the other team didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There were so many girls in the academy, it shouldn't be hard to put together a cheerleading team. Even their costumes can be great since everyone had some expertise in design. Only, it would be hard to achieve the level of enthusiasm that the animation departments' cheer squad has.

They weren't cheering for the basketball team, they were the Iron hero's personal entourage!

Twenty minutes later, Qu Jing Jing was finally tired and somewhat breathless—not that her breathlessness was the issue; the spectator's deathly glares seemed to be the bigger problem—and senior Ah Ning finally subbed in.

Only Ah Ning's single sentence scared Meng Fan and the other members of the department's basketball team. "I think I need to dress as a woman during our next training session. It seems the results are better that way."

When the other departments heard of this, they all made a note to avoid the animation department's team training. They were too distracting!

In the next half an hour, Meng Fan did not utter a word and focused on his practice. Once it ended, he immediately said, "Senior Ah Ning, I think I'm done with practicing for now. I have other things to do so I have to head out first, so I won't be able to attend to what's next."

As he spoke, Meng Fan made for the exit in case senior Ah Ning was giddy and decided to go change right away.

Senior Ah Ning chuckled as he watched Meng Fan leave. He then waved to Qu Jing Jing. "How about I give you guys a task? Get your Iron senior to come practice on time, can you do it?"

Qu Jing Jing and the other girls all shook their heads unanimously. "We only listen to the Iron senior, so we can't give him trouble."

The corner of Senior Ah Ning's lips twitched. "From now on, all his pa.s.sing training will be handed over to you."

Qu Jing Jing and the other girls pounded their chests. "We'll get it done!"

My Extraordinary Achievement Chapter 133 - A Different Kind Of Dribble Practice

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