The Law God - Artic 98 Artic - Chapter 98 - The Origin Energy Mana

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Artic used his decision which was the create a defensive gla.s.s a. The reason for this was that he had to defend himself well because he would be attacked from both sides.

With a few seconds of reflection, Artic was covered with a layer of gla.s.s spheres. Soon after, another layer and exactly 3 different layers of gla.s.s spheres covered Artic.

After Artic was covered with gla.s.s spheres, he just smiled and started looking around. The old man and the Old Lady were looking at Artic's gla.s.s spheres strangely. both old people at Origin Level 1. They didn't have to think too much to figure out these gla.s.s spheres weren't normal.

Artic knew he shouldn't have to take too long. Looking at a woman right after the defense. The other piece began to form long gla.s.s spears facing the Old Man.

He felt extremely comfortable creating the spears. The reason for this is that the level of gla.s.s law has become very strong when Artic gave the Goblef Of G.o.d the system. Since the Gla.s.s Law Score was at 100.00, it easily provided Artic with great power and use of the Gla.s.s Law.

It only took Artic two seconds to create the spheres and point the spears at the old woman and the man.

Meanwhile, The Old Lady was quickly in the position of attack, holding the silver sword in her hand towards Artic. It looked like she was acc.u.mulating energy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The old man threw two green b.a.l.l.s in the air. These b.a.l.l.s were turned into two different trees a few seconds later.

The two trees were about 50 meters long and their trunks were very thick. A few seconds later, the trees felt like they are alive. The branches of the tree and the vines on it had attacked Artic with origin energy.

Meanwhile, the woman was also prepared to pierce Artic's defense with her sword. Artic just smiled when all this was happening. Then the two gla.s.s spears he had formed began to move towards their targets.

The old man looked at the spear, which was 6 meters long made of fully gla.s.s, and his pupils suddenly grew.

He gathered both hands in the middle and took the shape of a s.h.i.+eld directly and after that front of him, a s.h.i.+eld was created from the green energy coming from the man's hands a. Meanwhile, the old man was waiting for the attack.

But he couldn't believe what he saw afterward.

The spear sent by the enemy against him did not hit his s.h.i.+eld as if It had a mind. It started turning around and following himself.

When the old man realized this, he immediately began to fly and escape from the Spear.

At the same time, the old lady was not doing so well.She was thinking of smas.h.i.+ng the defensive gla.s.s Artic had built around himself*


But the spear suddenly began to come towards her, so she had to launch the attack on the Spear.

What was worse, the spear that had come to him was attacked fully by her, had just begun to crack after the attack, even though It had taken the blow. But this crack was fixed again a few seconds later.

The old woman who was experienced with fighting against other origin levels saw all this understood that the person in front of her was not on the same level as her. But she already attacked him, now there was no point in running away.

While all this was going on, Artic had made himself a gla.s.s seat flying through the air and he was just sitting there watching the ocean.

He was able to give the spears a simple piece of information. He told one spear to attack the old woman and the other spear to attack the old man. Artic's gla.s.s law was so high, he could now enforce it.

But at the time, the system had brought something else in front of him. When Artic saw this, he noticed that something was getting answers in his head.

«Origin Energy - 900,000 - - -1,000,000»

"Even if the gla.s.s law belongs to me, I need to rest after using it over and over again. I can't use this law without origin energy.»

Artic thought this Origin Energy to "Mana", which was in the games and books he played and read in his old world. When Origin Energy ran out, it would be out of power.

Another thing Artic was curious about was why the System hadn't told him about it before. As always, the question was answered logically by the system after Artic thought about it.

"The Origin Energy that the user used before was too low to be calculated. It is now calculated because the user is using his energy and power in full."

Artic sat down with that answer. After the questions in his head were over, he formed exactly 10 more spears around him.

he ordered five of the spears the kill old woman. And after that, he ordered the other five spears to kill the old man.

After Artic gave these orders, the system again alerted him with a ding voice in his head.

"The user has created a technique using the law beautifully and differently."

«Technic Name - Hunter Gla.s.s Spear -»

«Cost = 1 Per / 50,000 Origin Energy»

Artic was surprised this time. So that's how other origin level mystics created their technic. When Artic was thinking about it, he felt that the Old Man and the Woman had been killed by the spears.

He went to a woman first and looted her bag.

A few minutes later, he saw only two things that caught his eye. It was the sword and a necklace she wore.

he was starting to examine both of them into the system.


«Genre» = Sword»

«Level = Origin - 1»

«System = 10 - System Points»

«Necklace of Hope»

«Genre» Necklace»

«Level = Origin 1»

«System = 10 - System Points»

Artic began to look at the information the system had given him, confused. The system just said how much points it would give to the stuff.

He also mentioned how many levels they were at.

Artic had something to worry about. And that, naturally, was what things were for. When he asked the system about it, he got an answer in a way he didn't expect.

"If the user wants to know about the items they find. Once the information has been learned, the item will not be accepted by the system.»

When Artic saw this message, he cursed at the system from within in his mind.

The Law God - Artic 98 Artic - Chapter 98 - The Origin Energy Mana

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