The Law God - Artic Chapter 124

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Published at 26th of October 2019 08:13:51 AM Chapter 124

Artic began to walk towards the exit after the war ended . At that moment, he suddenly noticed that he had gooseb.u.mps .

His mind felt the danger and created the Circular Gla.s.s s.h.i.+elds that Artic had previously used to protect himself .

Before Artic knew exactly what had happened, two layers gla.s.s formed around him within seconds, and a few seconds later, his gla.s.s s.h.i.+eld had been attacked .

This attack brought Artic to himself . He started looking around . Not only that, the crowd was on alert . Everyone wondered why Artic was using the law out of the blue at first .

Then, when they saw a pointed silver dagger hitting the s.h.i.+eld created directly by Artic, many experienced people understood .

Artic looked at him in the direction of the attack . When he saw the owner of the attack, he started flying directly and immediately began to follow .

At that time, behind Artic, five other people began to fly . These were the people who were attacked . They were all wearing black clothes . An origin-level young girl in black clothes who had been attacked had just died in the attack .

Artic was angry when he saw all this . The person he was angry with wasn't the one he was flying after . What he was angry about was that Void Center did something like this about security .

After a few minutes of follow-up, artic began to accelerate using the Gla.s.s Law . And after he got close enough, he took a deep breath and spoke from within . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

«Hunter Gla.s.s Spears»

With Artic's speech, three spears manifested right next to him . These spears were different from previous spears . Bigger, sharper and harder .

They were also faster than the previous spear created by him when he was hunting the old man and old woman .
Artic sent two of the spears the attacker tail .

He began to follow, standing on the other spear . Because he was standing on the spear . He was faster .

It is was because the spear he created faster than him using Origin Energy to fly

All the followers were surprised to see the speed of the spears and Artic's speed . This was a speed beyond the reach of origin level energy (Level 4) .

Naturally, the ones who followed from behind were those who had significant high potential .

Soon they began to use their techniques and began to pursue the attacker .


The young man from the Silver Human Clan had attacked . At the same time, he used silver law to attack exactly seven Students in Black Suits . Only one of his attacks worked and killed a girl . But the other students in black suits were very strong .

They either avoided his attack or were protected themselves from the attack .

Even by looking at these spears, he could see that they could hurt him . At the same time, they were piercing the air . The young man was an Origin Level 3 mystic . For this reason, he was not afraid of two spears .

Or a black student who came after him . But all the black students were very, very powerful people . Especially at their level, a lot of people couldn't even resist them .

The young man of the silver human race knew for sure that even though he was confident and knew his power, he could not resist six Students in Black Suits .

Forget six of them, two of the most likely enough to kill him . The law information these young people had was not normal .

At that time, one of the spears artic sent him was torn off from his clothes .

The young man was furious when he realized that . He had to find away . Otherwise, he'd eventually get tired and die .


That's when Brion and Alkatra sat in the room . Their faces were covered in shame and anger . That's because they were aware of the attempts . They also lost a young schoolgirl who was working on the Lava Law, which had just enrolled in them .

Not only that, and Artic, a very important law holder who had just registered, would lose confidence in Void Center because of this incident . They didn't have to think much of it to figure it out .

If they were Artic themselves, they'd think that way too .

Alkatra stood up angrily with his eyes, and after looking at Brion, he began to speak in a serious tone .

"Brion, I want you to leave and bring this here if possible . "

When Brion saw Alkatra's face, he didn't say anything, and he just went outside . It's been 5,000 years since he last saw Alkatra like this . That wasn't a dream at all .

A few seconds later, he turned to dust and disappeared . How he did it was not known in general .

Artic's law did not have enough power to turn himself into the gla.s.s right now . It also didn't have that quality to do that


Artic started getting angry when he saw he still wasn't catching the target . That's when a man in his 30s came up to him . He had green hair and a weird look . He started talking to Artic . His tone was pretty serious .

«h.e.l.lo, my name is Mimin, I'll cut it short right now . I'm a philosophy user, Philosophy Ink, I have a chance to stop the target, I want you to knock him out when I stop him . »

Artic looked at the man who spoke to him . He said he only understood with his head without saying anything .

Soon after, five more spears appeared next to him . He continued to fly on the spear and continue to follow the target .

At the same time, five more spears were joined by two spears, which were very close to the target . That's how the number of spears was seven .

As the number of these gla.s.s spears increased, so was the young of the Silver Human Race, who was fleeing .

He looked back for a few seconds, and suddenly he had to slow down .

Meanwhile, Artic's spears were lodged in his legs and arms with an order from Artic .


Artic came straight to the young man and began to see ink coming out of his mouth .

He didn't know how the 30-year-old man, origin level with the Ink Philosophy, stopped this attacker .

All Artic felt was that when the attacker stopped, he suddenly became weaker .

At that moment, Mimin, the man with the Philosophy of Ink, came up to him and started talking with a smile on his face .

"First of all, I offered you a union . You've accepted this offer . And then, as my philosophy is conditional, you accepted my offer, so I can use my abilities through your laws . At the same time, since the spears you had were close to the target, all I did was simply used my ability to stop the attacker . »

Artic repeated it confusedly .

"So if someone agrees to a union with you, you can fight with help from their energy . It's not just that . You can attack through their abilities . »

At that time, Artic felt his energy coming back .

Mimin nodded his head and began to speak again .

"Your energy will be given back to for explaining it to you what happened . I'm advancing on the Ink Law as much as the energy you use in battle .

Artic smiled lightly at the time . and couldn't stop thinking about it .

"I have to be dangerous about these things . Philosophers are very dangerous people under the right conditions»


The Law God - Artic Chapter 124

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