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Artic started talking after shaking his head in a moment.

«Pay me ONE million, Limi every year, the first payment now, and in return, you can call me three times each year for protection and war purposes? What do you think»

Artic's words began to echo in Aqun's head.

«A Cardinal is extremely good during battle. I'm not losing anything from this deal when you think about it that way.

Aqun thought to himself for a while that someone knocked on the door and it was Milia who came in.

Aqun looked at Milia with his eyebrows frowned and started talking.

«What's going on Milia why bothering me ?»

Milia began to speak with the expression of fear in her eyes.

« Sir !! Two Kings and one Queen from the Purple Earth School, they have come to our school.

After Aqun heard what Milia said his face became like an angry bull

The Purple Earth was stronger than Sea Water School by a large margin, If it was old times, Aqun and his wife Sea Water Queen can still put a fight against The Purple Earth School, but after that his wife lost, Purple Earth school regularly came to his school and always wanted Limi from the school

Artic smiled at that moment and looked at Aqun with the "You see" look.

Aqun took a deep breath.
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"I accept the deal. I sent the required 1 Million Limi to your ring account»

Artic checked his account and saw it was a good deal. Then he stood up and left the tower from the window and came straight into the interior of the school. He saw three people with to side to side one of them was a woman, they all looked like in their thirties, And every one of them wore a purple clothes with to Purple Stone symbol on their shoulders

They started talking one by one When they saw Artic.

«h.e.l.lo, I am the King of Purple Earth, Almond»

After a man named Almond spoke, he had two spheres above on his head. One Purple sphere and the other brown earthen law sphere.

The other two began to introduce themselves in turn.

«h.e.l.lo I am the King of Purple Stone, Milton»

This time, the young man who spoke was seven feet tall, he was, resembling a bear. A purple sphere was formed above his head, similar to the other, followed by a black grayish sphere.

The queen girl looked at Artic with a frown look on his face,

"Well, I don't need to reveal my name to trash like you, but The Queen of Purple Rose, Mani

After the girl spoke, a purple sphere and a blood-red sphere with the rose above her head formed

Artic smiled and started talking. He wasn't angry in any way.

"My name is Rain Cloud - Fog, Cardinal»

Artic's words drove the students who were surrounded by Aric and the three kings who were opposite Artic mad with astonishment. Soon after, from a small puddle, Aqun came and started talking.

«My Name Is The King of Water and Ice,Aqun»

Looking at Artic's spheres, the three kings started gritting their teeth. They couldn't fight a Cardinal. Let alone be dangerous, being bad with a Cardinal would later cause them to have a very hard time.

Of the three people who came, the Purple Earth King began to think.

"Normally we could get out of this, but, moron Mani, spoke without knowing who the person in front of him was. She went and insulted the man»

At that moment, the worst thoughts were in the mind of Queen Mani.

"I humiliated a Cardinal, what am I going to do? If it happened to me, I kill the person who had said that, with not much of thought»

Artic smiled and started talking.

"As the leaders of the Purple Earth School, I'm sure you keep the school treasure in your rings. How many Limi are in total on your rings»

After Artic's words, the faces of the group of three began to change. But the actual real king which was founder of Purple Earth - the King of the Purple Earth, - began to speak.

«Cardinal Our school had a Sixty Million Limi in his Budget»

Artic started talking after shaking his head.

"I want 50 percent. At the same time, 10 percent of all your income will be sent to the Water Sea School every year. Make the deal happen»

In response to Artic's words, the Kings and Queen could do nothing. They sent 30 million Limis into Artic's account and made a deal with Aqun. The agreements were protected by the General Mystic Palace and were made with mystical power. That's why it couldn't be resisted. When the person who makes the deal does not make what deal say, then that means the person was in great trouble.

«Aqun, I'm leaving now. The rest is entrusted to you, as I said, pay 1 million Limis every year and you can call me three times a year.»

Aqun gently bowed his head and smiled. Artic disappeared suddenly.

Artic was back in a cloud. After taking a deep breath, he smiled. And then he asked the system something.

"Every time I leveled up, you give me a free chance to ask about a law difficulty level don't you ?»


With the answer he received from the system, he first asked about the "Lightning" Law.

A few seconds later, the system responded directly to itself.

«Lightning Law Difficulty Level = 23»

The Law God - Artic 13 Artic - Chapter 13 - Difficult - Contrac

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