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Artic first listed things from the weakest to the strongest. After sorting, he prepared himself and his room to start with the weakest item. After making sure no one could come into the room, he took a deep breath and picked it up.

Ancient Gla.s.s Bowl

«Origin Level 2»

«System Points = 200»

After Artic picked up the item, he started talking to the system from within.

"System I want to a.s.similate this item."

The system, as always, told Artic to approve his request.

«Do you approve ?»

After Artic approved it from within, he lost consciousness directly.

His body was recreated and strengthened by the energy of the Item. At the same time, the Gla.s.s Law was beginning to rise rapidly.

For a few minutes, the law continued to rise. Then it was time for the Origin Energy to rise. The origin energy, which was spontaneously present in the item, began to flow towards Artic.

it first acquired 100,000 Origin Energy. Artic then directly obtained 400,000 Origin Energy.

Artic was now a genuine Origin Level 2 Mystic.

A few minutes later, Artic woke up.

The system sent himself two messages.

«User Now Origin Level 2»

"The item that the user has a.s.similated complies with the «Gla.s.s Law». The user's gla.s.s is now 100 times more powerful.»

"User has earned 300 K Gla.s.s Law Points because the item is in harmony with the Gla.s.s Law the user has

He was shown in a way that his condition had changed.



Origin Power = 2.0

Origin Energy = 2,000,000

Origin Level 2

Battle Power = Origin Level 3 (4 Is A threshold)


Law / Philosophy


Gla.s.s = 500,000 Law Points


Gla.s.s Power (Hardness) = 100x from Normal Gla.s.s

System Points = 100 (Random) (User did not use System Points for a time. So System randomly changes the system points of the user.

He was angry about the artic system's actions regarding system points. But whatever he was going to do It will not change anything, What the system was talking about was pretty simple. Unused points were melting over time and replacing them with different low points.

This meant that the System would not allow long-term points in general. If he doesn't use the system points and gave new items to system, he'll eventually drop to 0 points.

After a while, Artic relaxed and closed his eyes.

Artic began to examine his condition in a calm state. It developed pretty well. That's why he was happy. Besides, he had two more things to a.s.similate. When he took that stuff, maybe he could've made it to Level 4. That was one of the biggest things he wanted right now.

Level 4 Origin Level represented a different topic. Artic had no problem with it, although many people had not progressed to a different subject than the first law or philosophy of their choice.

The reason why artic's chosen laws quickly rise with low scores was not because of the world artic came from.

The level of technology was significantly higher in the world. So why was the little information he gave here so influential?

There was a very simple reason for that.

Artic information came from a different universe than here. Because of that, the power system in this universe gave Artic so much power. Power System in this universe see other universes information.

and perceive them as valuable informations.Artic's knowledge from different places to amplify the law here, which means it changes a lot of things.

Each law had information that no ent.i.ty could reach in its environment. At the same time, artic's information had a different adjective.

This information was not just the legal information mentioned. This information was the laws of a different universe. For this reason, this information was seen as very valuable by the system and by the knowledge of the power system of philosophy by law.

That's the biggest reason artic was strong.

Otherwise, he knew that his information was not very mysterious. But all his knowledge came from a completely different universe.

It was increasing the value of this information billion of times.

Artic repressed his thoughts and then prepared to a.s.similate the other item.

After feeling comfortable enough, he started talking to the system.

«System I want to a.s.similate Priem Gla.s.s Stick.»

The system asked him to approve it again in the same way. Artic now accustomed to this question of approval of the system, he said "yes" without thinking.


"a.s.similation begins»

Artic lost consciousness again.

His whole body was starting to grow and grow stronger again thanks to the stuff. His physical endurance was reaching a serious level. A few minutes later, Artic woke up, and the first things that greeted him were warnings from three systems.

«User Now - Origin Level 3»

"The item that the user used with harmony in Gla.s.s Law - +500.00 k (Gla.s.s Law Points)

"The item that the user has a.s.similated has increased to x 300 times the Gla.s.s Law owned by the User, for this reason, a close item with the "Gla.s.s Law".»

«New Ability - Priem Gla.s.s Bomb»

Artic then checked his condition again and started looking at what had changed. There was also a different topic. It was a feature that had just been added by the system.

The last item he used, priem gla.s.s bomb, was opened when he acquired his talent.


Origin Power = 3.0

Origin Energy = 3,000,000

Origin Level 3

Battle Power = Origin Level 3.99 (4 Is A threshold)


Law / Philosophy


Gla.s.s = 1.00,000 Law Points


Gla.s.s Power (Hardness) = 100x from Normal Gla.s.s

- Techniques - (Gla.s.s Law)

- Hunter Gla.s.s Spear -

- The Gla.s.s Domain (I changed it is name (Author note))

- Priem Gla.s.s Bomb -Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Since Artic now has 3 capabilities, a new part of his condition was placed by the system to see his abilities.

Here he could see the skills he had created with the law or found from around him.

Artic was happy about it. In this way, he could now have a general idea of how to use techniques. At the same time, he had to take a step into the future by thinking differently.

Because artic's ultimate goal was to specialize in level 4, mirror law, and level 9 was to combine them with the Law of Dimension by specializing in Diamond or a similar law by that time.

Artic didn't know much about it because the Dimension Act was so powerful. But that's what he wanted and what he wanted.

At least that's the way it was, for now, .and it was unclear how much his future experience would have changed his mind.

The Law God - Artic 131 Artic - Chapter 131 - Origin Level 3 - Maybe 4

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