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Artic was impatient, looking forward to his talent. But that's when Brion started talking to himself.

"Artic, symbols appeared in your head. I don't know what these symbols mean. But we have to look into it. We should at least ask someone who knows.»

Artic hesitated a little after hearing Brion's words. He can guess why the symbols appeared above his head. There was a very simple reason.

It is easy the understand when system giving information to him.

The system told him that he had created a divine technique. He even added something new in his case.

What it added was "Journey to G.o.dhood".

Artic knew that's what the effect was. So he tried to use his new ability only after confirming it with his head.

A few seconds later, around 50 cm long and wide mirror appeared in front of him, whispering

The mirror didn't have any color. It just looked like an ordinary mirror with some glowing light on it.

Artic waited a few seconds and then brought one person to mind.

This person was pretty close to him and Brion right now.


After Artic's words, the mirror changed the image, and in a 3D way, it began to show where the Alkatra was and what he was doing. Artic closed his eyes slightly and couldn't stop laughing from inside.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That talent was no joke. There's nothing better than this ability, especially in espionage and information gathering.

Especially since no one could escape from him. After seeing someone, they could see them wherever they were.

That's when Brion came up to Artic and started looking in the mirror. After Seeing Alkata in the mirror, Brion raised his eyebrows upwards.

«Artic what are the characteristics of this technique ?»

Artic just smiled and told him in a simple way

"I can watch someone I've seen before at any time."

Artic's words drove Brion crazy.

Brion has been alive for 8,000 years, and he has never seen a technique like this for the first time.

But what made him feel strange was the nature of talent.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, origin-level capabilities and the capacity of control of the law were up to a certain point.

In any case, to go further than that place, one had to jump to Starium Level.

But as Brio understood, artic's technique, or rather, was ignoring all these rules.

It was like a divine gift.

At that moment, Brion understood that he approved with his head. He started whispering to himself.

"So because of this powerful ability, icons began to appear above your head."

Artic just smiled and didn't say anything.

After examining Alkatra for a few minutes, he stopped using the technique and sat on the floor.

He wanted to create a few more techniques. When it came to mirror law, the number of techniques he could create was a lot.

But naturally, once he created the technique, it didn't mean he'd use it directly in the strongest way.

He had to go ahead with the technique he had created. It was something he had to do.

At that moment, Artic was starting to think of something.

his The Battle Force was equal to level 8 Origin Level, as the system said.

Didn't that mean Artic can create laws like what they are creating?

At least he couldn't have gone any further.

After thinking about it, Artic began to think about technique strides to solve one of his biggest problems, another one.

This was naturally the subject of "Speed". Or rather, he didn't have a technique to run when he was supposed to be chasing or running.

Until now, he has never had a great enemy stronger than him. For this reason, he never felt the feeling of escaping.

But that's not always going to happen. He had to make a sure point about it.

Artic started to dream about it after thinking about it for a while.

At first, he thought of a mirror. Then he thought of another mirror. Artic looked in the first mirror and saw his reflection.

Soon after, he looked in the second mirror and saw his reflection again.

But this time he did something different.

He looked back in the mirror he had created first, and he closed his eyes and acted as if he were looking in the second mirror.

At that moment, there was something no one could have imagined.


With strange noises, Artic was beamed from where he was found.

That's when the system started talking to him.

«New Technique»

«Mystic Mirror Portal Creation»

« User can open a hole in the universe (s.p.a.ce) connecting two non-adjacent locations. This may be done in a very neat manner, such as connecting two doorways»

« Limited - User can only create portals of mirror If he saw the place in real life or his technique Catopramancy (Mirror Eye) »

"Mystic Mirror is one of the Basic Techniques."

«Does not use any energy»

«+100,000 Mystic Mirror Law»

«+2x Mirror Law Power»

Artic was starting to think something was wrong again. He didn't think of such great power. All he wanted was a normal teleportation ability.

But he had some very strange kind of abilities right now. As he continued to think about these things, the system began to send him messages again.

«Forced Status»


Origin Power = 6.0

Origin Energy = 6,000,000

Origin Level 6 -

((New)) - Journey to G.o.dhood Started (S2 Level - G.o.d) (2 Abilities At G.o.d Level

Battle Power = Origin Level 8 Peak (Almost Peak Level Origin)


Law / 1


Gla.s.s = 1,00,000 Law Points


Gla.s.s Power (Hardness) = 300x from Normal Gla.s.s

- Techniques - (Gla.s.s Law)

- Hunter Gla.s.s Spear -

- The Gla.s.s Domain (I changed it is name (Author note))

- Priem Gla.s.s Bomb -

Law / 2


Mirror = 200,000 Law Points


«Catoptromancy» (First G.o.d Realm Technique)

« Mystic Mirror Portal Creation (G.o.d Realm Portal Technique)

Mirror Power (Mystical) = 5x


He didn't know exactly what to think anymore. As far as he understands, he could now beam directly to the people he saw in his mirror or to the environment in which they were found.

Or he could use his mirror to see a very remote point. And then he could beam straight there.

Artic needed another skill. He'd be fully prepared for the next battle.


The Law God - Artic 136 Artic - Chapter 136 - Mystical Mirror Portal

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