The Law God - Artic 139 Artic - Chapter 139 - Winvig And Old Enemy Of The Humanity

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After a while, Artic took a deep breath and began to think of Winvig using his technique.

A few seconds later, a 30 cm Mystical Mirror appeared in front of him and he began to show what Winvig was doing. Winvig was eating at the table in the throne room on his own. It was obvious that his face was a very different expression than before.

Artic smiled slightly and beamed down to Winvig using his technique.

As Winvig continued to eat, he began to look at the person who suddenly appeared next to him.

When he saw that this person was Artic, he raised his eyebrows deeply and started laughing slightly.

"Artic, my friend, how did you get so stronger?"

Artic, like Winvig, started to tell the story as he started to laugh and eat at the table.

In general, it provided some information about everything it had experienced in s.p.a.ce. He also gave information about what he had done and what he had gone through.

In the last place, he talked about the start of the war and the he suffered. Winvig, who had no general knowledge of the events, was a little surprised.

Although Winvig was a free bird being, he did not have much power. That's why it was a little hard for Artic to know the details he knew.

As he continued to listen to Artic's story, he continued to be amazed. He didn't expect Artic to be so advanced in such a short time.

A person who had made his Origin Level had reached the Origin Level Peak level in just a few months on average.

The Peak Origin Level was not just a strong level in the star system in which they were located. In general, it meant one of the most powerful people in any star system.

Even star-level civilizations like the Ancient White Bird Race gave great tasks to people at this level in important places. Even more than that alone, it seemed quite clear how powerful Origin Level Peak was.


Artic inadvertently asked about Winvig's student. The person he was asking was naturally Lidia.

When Winvig heard Lidia's name, he began to look at Artic with a little sadness.

" Beings of the Ancient Bird Race said she was a highly skilled and valuable person. That's the main headquarters of the Ancient Bird Race wanted to raise her. They took her to the White Bird Star System. There are training places on the planets there.»

When Artic heard about it, he approved it with his head. Of course, this confirmation was the first thing that came to mind.

That's when Artic started thinking. he can teleport directly to anyone he'd ever seen before. In short, it meant that he can directly teleport where she was right now.

But he wasn't so sure how logical it would be to do that. He didn't want to be seen as an enemy by the other side.

When Artic started thinking about it, he thought of something different.

"I have the Medallion of the Ancient Bird Race. If there's a problem when I get there, I can show them the medallion directly.»

Artic decided where he was going after a few hours after he thought about it.

They kept eating for a while and started chatting. Artic learned that the city of Winvig Bird a.s.sets had made significant progress.

At that moment, he was starting to hear something different.

The castle, where he found the Vampire Race with Lidia was, increased their hunting grounds and began to attack different continents.

The reason they did this was that they bought the other continents with OG Credits.

Artic had not yet known that the owners of the planet, which had been found and began to travel on this earth, were levan and Mark Enterprise Company, now friends of the Void Center.

If he knew that, he'd treat Levan and Mark in a very different way. That was definite.


After talking to Winvig for a few more minutes, Artic first flew out of town. Then he used his technique again to do something he wanted to do before he went to Lidia, and began to think about the princess, who was the ruler of The Blood Castle, Princess Liva.

Princess Liva was sitting on the floor with two other men who were with her, where she had previously sat with Lidia. They were talking about important things.

But Artic's Mirror wasn't strong enough to transmit sounds. It would be an exaggeration to expect that anyway.

Without further thought, Artic beamed straight to Princess Liva.



"Princess, people are decreasing a little bit, but with a Blood s.h.i.+p coming into the star system, we can send extra people to the center as a food source."

He looked at the handsome man with black hair talking in front of Princess Liva. After continuing to drink his coffee from the cup he had in his hand, he started talking.

"If we don't have enough people, how smart is it to send it to the headquarters?»

Princess Liva's words allowed the handsome black-haired man to get into slightly deep thought. This man was responsible for the financial economy of their castle. In general, they needed OG Credits for all kinds of tools and attacks to be carried out.

Og Credits was to sell people to the most profitable business while to win. Especially people with high levels were bringing serious OG Credits. But what the princess said was also true.

As the black-haired vampire continued to think about it, he felt a man behind him.

The man looked at him with cold eyes.

Princess Liva, on the other hand, was surprised and began to look at the man who suddenly appeared with a little expression of fear.

At that time, the Statue of Gargoyle in front of the castle reappeared and stood in front of Artic.

Gargoyle level 1 origin level was a creature. This normally strong creature was now so weak in Artic's eyes that he couldn't even see how strong Artic's level was.

He started talking to Gargo angrily.

"We gave you a warning beforehand. This time I will not allow you to invade this castle belonging to the Vampire Race."

After gargoyle talked nervously, his claws began to glow in red color. Then he attacked Artic.

Artic began to walk towards Princess Liva without responding in any way.

Gargoyle was thrown back 50 meters as The Origin Energy around Artic collided with Gargoyle's attack.

Both the black-haired man and the Princess had statements on how this would happen.

They couldn't believe it.

The Law God - Artic 139 Artic - Chapter 139 - Winvig And Old Enemy Of The Humanity

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