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It was night in Gebin City. All the streets were getting pretty quiet. The only non-silent streets were the ones where the inns and the red light zone were located.

One of the great things about living in the city was when night fell, people went straight into their own homes. After the night, people on the outside generally regarded as thieves, murderers, and other malicious individuals.

It was also very dangerous for normal people to go out in the evening and at night. That's why people would go into their homes and don't leave their homes until the dawn breaks. Naturally, Gebin city government was quite pleased with this, This was because, when they wanted to hunt spies they needed to know that there were no normal people out there, it seemed to them a good thing.

At that time, three people were crossing a dark alley.crossing the first street and coming to a street lit with torches. There was a tower, And There were two armored guards outside of this tower door. Three people approached with slow steps.

They were wearing hoodies and dressed in all black.

The guards were carefully watching the people who had approached them. From the outside, no matter how calm they seemed, they were quite ready to respond with the spears they had in their hands.


At that time, a man who was quite tall and had a big physique came in front of a guard and opened his hood. With the opening of the hood, the guards who saw the man, whose face had been exposed, greeted him with respect.

The man began to make a silent sign with his hand, and then he began to speak in a serious tone.

"Today, who were the guards of A Entrance.

The tall and highly muscular man looked at the guards in front of him after asking the question. At that time, one of the guards swallowed a little and spoke.

"My Lord Marten, I was on guard today at the door you mentioned."

Marten was a high guard which is important to Gebin City, He looked at the guard who spoke towards him and turned around and looked at his friends.

A few seconds later, the duo in the back of the couple, A human who looked like a woman came toward the guard who spoke.

"Did you see a man who has white hair, white beard and black hood on his hand. He most likely gave you a feeling of weirdness»

The guard was becoming quite frightened and overhauling the whole day. A few minutes later, he thought.

"Yes, ma'am, I remember the person you're talking about. He came to the door 10 minutes after the horse group arrives. He said he wanted to open a shop.»

After the black woman confirmed with her head, she turned around and started to leave. Then the man, Marten, started going after the woman after he told the guards to be careful.

This woman was naturally a black-haired black-eyed woman named Einsi. Einsi was carrying out dangerous missions such as, espionage, and so on for Gebin City and a few different cities.

After meeting Artic on the road before entering the city for the first time, she turned his attention to him. Naturally, he felt a strange power coming from him. That's why he had to investigate.


Within a few hours, they came to «Shop Buying &; Selling, Licensing» place. The guard told them the mysterious old man wanted to open a shop

If he wants to open a shop he has to come here. So Einsi and her group came here to look for the leads.

They knocked on the door quickly. and the old man, who was sleeping inside, woke up in fear and looked through the doorway. Marten showed himself an ID through the hole in the door. After seeing the ID, he opened the door with a deep breath.

A few minutes later, Einsi started asking questions about Artic. The old man was starting to spill directly. He even told them the store artic bought.

After Einsi and his group got enough information, they went outside and started talking to an inn. Marten was the first person to talk to at the time.

"Yes, Einsi, we know where the man you're talking about is what are we going to do now?

Einsi sipped some beer in his hand and began to speak in a serious tone.

"Now that you've opened a shop, we can go and see what kind of stuff they have tomorrow. Disguised as a customer, he will never suspect us.»

The other young man, who was the third person at the time, shook his head with approval. He wasn't the type of guy who talked in general.

Marten began to speak his mind.

"If this man is as dangerous as you think he is, why didn't he try anything to hide? I mean, he moved around so openly.»

Einsi looked at Marten and just smiled and took a deep breath and started talking.

"Sometimes the best way to hide is not hide at all. Most people who try to hide make mistakes. The more normal you seem, the easier it is to blend in with the crowd. This was one of the first rules we were taught.»

Marten made a confirmation sign with his head. The woman across the street, Black Hand, why was she working in an organization?

This organization was a place with branches across all continents. No one knew them exactly and didn't know what kind of people they were. However, the n.o.ble families of the upper level mostly kept this organization for, information gathering, etc.

Apart from being very expensive, the organization's chances of performing tasks were almost a hundred percent.

That's why they made a name for it all over the place. Marten knew he had to forget about it.

The people in this organization were often mystics.

These mystics, who had different abilities, had a sly character as much as they were strong. Therefore, in order not to suffer in general, it should have been active and should not lose focus.

After continuing to spend time in the inn, it began to happen in the early hours of the morning. For a few hours, the group toured the area, changing their clothes and becoming a civilian. Einsi was dressed beautifully like a n.o.bleman. Marten was dressed as a warrior. The blonde young man with them was dressed as a scholar.

These different people, artic, as they know at the moment had begun to go to the "Altic" shop.

The Law God - Artic 151 Artic - Chapter 151 - The Night Search

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