The Law God - Artic 18 Artic - The Law God - Chapter 18 - Insecurity

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Artic scratched his head slightly and looked at Luna s icy blue eyes and her face. Then he took a deep breath and started talking.

«When you specialize in five different laws according to your own chooses. You can combine your laws and make them a more comprehensive and difficult one at the same time. In order for a half-G.o.d to rise to the next level of low G.o.d, he must understand 10 interconnected laws. In this case, the person who obtains the law of Death and Life is probably at least ent.i.tled to the Lesser G.o.d.Man or being»

After Artic's words, the whole place went quiet. Even the breathing sounds became inaudible.

Artic, at the time, whether or not.

"G.o.d did I have said too many wrong things»

He Thought.

But when he saw Luna showing him a meaningful smile, he realized that wasn't the case.

And then Burne was the one to give the speech.

"Yes, exactly as Artic and Luna said. Do you want to say anything else Cardinal Yellow Sand ?»

The cardinal squinted. And then he breathed a little and started talking.

"How do we know that the attacker is not a Low-G.o.d?"

Burne explained after smiling at the cardinal of Yellow Sand.

"The continent we are on is not a continent to support the Low-G.o.ds. In short, a low G.o.d can't come here. Only if he's out of here has the right to come here at any time.»

This time, the Cardinal of Yellow Sand had nothing to say.

After a Cardinal Of Yellow Sand , A woman got up from her seat

She stood up and started talking, with a very average beauty with black hair on either side.

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"Hi, I'm the Cardinal of Hair, Sinai, i'm also a general reviewer of the kingdom around Romin Forest.Now I'm going to tell you about the information I'm getting."

After Sina spoke, Luna was the one to respond.

"Yes Sina we listening you»

Sina then pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and started talking.

"According to the information obtained by our mystics of intelligence, the attacker is a Demi-G.o.d known by the name of the Red Devil, and we know that two other half G.o.ds like him are on his side. In addition, we believe that he has raised an average of 10 15 Cardinals, and 100 kings. In general, we only have a definite knowledge of the number of DemiG.o.ds and Cardinals.»

Luna and Burne, who listened to what Sina said, looked at each other. Meanwhile, Artic was thinking about some points.

"If the attackers are attacking a place, they will attack it with information about it in normally."

That's exactly what Artic thought. A few seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes.

"The Cardinal named Sina told us that they have at least three demi-G.o.ds. If the Red Devil knew about Luna and Burne, It is possible that he thought it was a good time to attack.»

Artic smiled slightly and began to speak.

"I'm interrupting you. Ms. Sina, but I can tell you something about it»

Sina looked at the person who spoke and frowned. And then he calmed himself down. Because he knew it was the new demi-G.o.d who interrupted him.

Then Artic started talking a little loud.

"As Ms. Sina said, if the Red Devil has know we are have three different demi-G.o.ds, as human race he is it unlikely attack us."

Everyone was trying to understand Artic's words. That's when Artic smiled and started talking.

"They had knowledge of Luna and Burne. But I just showed up today.They dont know me , and because of that they thought with 3 demiG.o.ds on their side , they can win againts Burne and Luna , I am just a surprise for them»

Artic's words created a great understanding in the entire area. Everyone had big smiles on their faces. Luna and Burne in particular had a different light in their eyes.

Burne started thinking deeply.

«Artic is telling the truth. If we've gathered information about them so quickly, they should have investigated before they attacked. So we thought that if they a.s.sumed they were just Me and Luna, they could easily take us over as the three demi-G.o.ds.

Burne finished his thoughts and smiled lightly and looked at Artic again.

Meanwhile, Luna was looking at Artic with a happy expression. But there was a strange sign of insecurity in his eyes.

«He's right about everything he said and he knows about future levels. Coming out of nowhere and saying he was going to help us. Why is a human being and a demiG.o.d I never seen before now suddenly revealed himself during the start of the war.»

While Lina struggles with complete theories in her head, Artic was thinking

"I've spoken very well and I hope Luna likes this conversation"

The Law God - Artic 18 Artic - The Law God - Chapter 18 - Insecurity

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