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fter Artic dropped the body, he quickly beamed over the clouds to get to Mistecia.

He didn't have much on his mind. But it wasn't the idea of someone itself.

Lately, he's growing stronger, and he's starting to feel like he's losing his humanity. He kept thinking he needed a purpose. For this reason, he was indifferent moods.

Artic was able to quickly reach Mistecia because of the power of his teleportation capability.

Mistecia was known in the human world as the most powerful and deepest historical city.

Artic inevitably began to think about the novels he had read in his old world.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a pa.s.ser-by would fight you all the time. But Artic had never encountered anything like this.

There were two reasons for this. The people here didn't have a problem with small problems because they were empowered by knowledge. For this reason, there was no different kind of fight in this world.

People work on their own. They're getting stronger, and a rare few are using their powers for evil.

Even this issue could not be described as complete evil. It was more like working for their benefit.

It was like humanity, so he didn't care much for working for his interests.

Artic was walking through the city with calm steps without teleporting.

"What if I start learning a new order of law?»

And he was thinking about it.

Artic understood that to learn the law with a difficulty score of more than 1,000, he had to learn at least 10 laws that he could reconcile with that law.

Artic knew he had a chance to find out with one try. But there was a big problem.

"If the law I have chosen has a lot of points and my knowledge in my old world does not meet it ...»

As Artic thought, his expressionless face changed and he was slightly distorted.

"I will not learn a new law because my mystical power will not increase until I have researched and learned that law."

In short, Artic would not have a chance to learn a new law if he could not complete the law he had chosen.

For this reason, it made much more sense to create a list and then combine them all. Besides, with the new laws, he would be stronger with the law he learns. And his progress would be absolute.

When Artic thought about all this, he was thinking about how to go.

The Cardinal Spider Devil, whom he killed, specialized in Spider Law and was very powerful.

Artic asked the system about some of the things he had in mind. After all, he couldn't have known everything. The system responded to him.

«There are 2 different ways of progress. One can become a demi-G.o.d by uniting laws and turning them into a powerful law after learning the five laws if one wants to. Or they might consider level-skipping and improving existing law, which is a method that people in this world use more.

Artic kept thinking in a corner. He didn't fully understand, but he could make an inference.

"As I understand it, you're either going to be DemiG.o.d by specializing in five different laws like me. Or you're going to bring the level of law to level five.

The system gave him an answer after Artic's thought.

"Yes, but as another method, when the total levels of the law reach 5, you will be a demiG.o.d. Think of one person as an example. This person has three laws. One of the laws is Level 3 and the other two are Level 1, and the person who has reached this condition will become a demi-G.o.d.»

Artic understood his eyebrows and raised them.

"In short, there are very few people who can do it like me, because I'm almost the only one with prior knowledge of laws."

The system responded positively to Artic's thinking.

In this way, Artic understood that his understanding of the power system had changed.

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«At that time Luna became a demiG.o.d, she either uses to water and ice law or she only improved her ice law"

Artic felt he was more relaxed after he understood all this.

Now he could think and imagine the path he would take even more.

But there was one more thing that remained in your mind. What's the difference between a demiG.o.d who's mastered all five different laws and a demiG.o.d who's up to level 5 in the same law?

he asked himself.

This time, the system did not respond to him as usual. Artic wasn't upset that he didn't get the answer. He could have more or less guessed the answer he was asking.

"If I can give an example of Luna, my talent, Season Domain Snowfield, is like garbage compared to his similar talent"

Artic whispered to himself in this way, and after putting his hand on his chin, he tried to resemble a statue of a thinking man in his old world.

He understood the differences for a while.

"In short, I've got a little more generally than anything. But they turned directly on to something. The desert talent I possess is incomparable to Burne's abilities, and the skills that include the cold law that I have are nothing compared to Luna's abilities.»

When Artic thought about it, he had a little laugh.

"It's simple, darling, it's not that hard."

He Thought.

The Law God - Artic 21 Artic - The Law God - Chapter 21 - Way Of Demigod

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