The Law God - Artic 258 Artic - Chapter - 258 - History - P4 - Blood Red Leopard Lord

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After smiling for a while, Artic began to look at the leopard, which was a red color approaching him. He had seen the leopard before and thought he looked very threatening.

With his crimson fur and his black, dangerous eyes, he was completely threatening.

"Blood Red Leopard Lord"

"Level - Starium 2"


"Blood - Leopard"

Artic couldn't help but focus again. The leopard was really at least a stronger being than the others, at least plent, Red Lava Fish and Red Tree lord.

When he faced the others, he didn't take any human form, and after a while, he started talking.

His tone was thick and strong, but also slightly sneaky. If someone asked Artic, "What one of these creatures you don't trust the most?" Without thinking, Artic would point to this leopard.

"My name is Leov, I gave my name. I'm sorry, I'm not the kind of person who likes to become human like the others."

Artic confirmed it with his head and responded.

"It's understandable that the ent.i.ty values the form it owns."

After Artic's reply, the Leopard began to speak.

"I am the youngest member of the group, where I was born, a mountain known as the direct upper point of the planet Red Fire Moon. Perhaps one of the greatest mountains all these people have ever seen."

Leov took a deep breath and kept talking.

"The name given to my birthplace is Mount Blood Pool. There's a 5-foot gap at the top of this mountain. Within this opening, very large cave roads are opened. Inside this cave, some rooms and pools of blood in these rooms are naturally formed from themselves and feed the living beings inside, especially those like me."

Artic took a deep breath and asked the question.

"As I understand it, naturally, there are many who want to own a mountain like this."

The leopard grinned slightly and began to speak after smiling.

"That's what happened."

A few seconds later, he began to tell his own story.

"The oldest memory I remember was the red crystals s.h.i.+ning in the cave when I was a six-foot-tall cub. It was at the time that we knew what these things were, but in general, drops of blood flowed from these crystals. We used to drink and feed on this blood. I kept feeding for a while, and I slowly evolved and grew. And then something happened that we didn't expect one day."

Artic turned his head and signaled to tell him more.

"the people, and the Dragon Turtle, which at that time owned the mountain, began to fight. In a short time, the Dragon Turtle was unable to resist the power of men and was killed directly."

Artic swallowed slightly and thought he was waiting for such a result. There were quite a several People at Galaxium Level in the Red Fire Moon organization. a.s.suming almost all of the creatures were Starium, someone at Galaxium level wouldn't put them in their sights and kill an ant as easily as they did.

"After the Dragon Turtle was killed, the other leopards and the monsters who were around beginning to flee and hide constantly. My situation was weird. Some people saw me feed on crystals. I didn't know why at the time, but now that I understand it, they wanted me to examine it. So I started running. What I didn't understand at the time was, I fell into the pool of blood."

Artic took a deep breath and was a little depressed. and having that kind of experience with people could cause him a problem in the future. That's why he put the leopard in his head in the dangerous cla.s.sroom. At the right time, this creature could have been able to wait for the moment of attack.

The leopard gave it some thought and continued again.

"As a puppy, I couldn't naturally take the energy and nutrients from the Pool of Blood, and I lost consciousness. And most likely people would think I was dead, which is why they let me go. But by the time I woke up, 10,000 years had pa.s.sed, and I had reached the Origin Level because I was constantly in the Pool of Blood. After reaching this level, I decided what to do because my mind and body had developed, and then I started to advance on the Blood Law."

Artic was making a sign that he understood with his head, which at the time, the information was being given to him again by the system. "Blood Law"

"Blood is a vital fluid that carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, vitamins, and antibodies to tissues and removes the carbon dioxide and waste materials from the body."

"Blood is roughly composed of liquid and shaped elements that we call plasma. If a tube of blood is centrifuged, which is prevented from clotting, it is divided into two main parts: red spheres at the bottom and plasma at the top. In between, a very thin line of blood scales (platelet-platelets) and white spheres remains called " buffy coat".

Plasma const.i.tutes about 55% of the blood. In plasma; water, proteins, and other water-soluble substances. "

"Blood is found in the "circulation" system consisting of the heart and veins called the cardiovascular system in the body.

In this system; It is found in the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries.

In the picture, the arteries are red and the veins are shown in blue."

Blood production is called " Hematopoiesis". Blood is normally produced in flat bones. This is called " medullary hematopoiesis". In some cases, the blood can be produced in organs such as the liver and spleen other than the bone marrow. This condition is called " extramedullary hematopoiesis".

"Blood cells are produced in the body in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a spongy structure found in some bones. They all originate from a cell called "Stem cell Stem Cell", and there are hematologic stem cells in the bone marrow.

These cells are red, white cells and blood according to the needs of the body with various feeding factors

scales (platelet-platelets). "


Artic felt his nose bleed again. Thanks to the system and the stories the creature told, it was powered up again. That caused his nose to bleed like before.

The Law God - Artic 258 Artic - Chapter - 258 - History - P4 - Blood Red Leopard Lord

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