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Artic just stopped and smiled after looking at his talents.

And then he turned to dust and started to move up. Without feeling anything he moved in the sky, with a nice comfortable feeling, he felt much stronger and happier than before. Frankly, he wasn't thinking every once in a while.

"What am I going to do now?»

After Artic thought about it, he saw his ring activated. His ring wasn't torn apart because it was re-sized according to his finger.

He also had simple abilities other than what the law gave him. Changing his appearance was a simple skill for Artic. He didn't need any abilities for that.

Artic started listening to the ring.

"h.e.l.lo, Artic, I'm Burne, and I want to apologize for what we did to you. I send the coordinates at you. You should at least agree to talk to me.»

Artic shook his head to the side, then within seconds, he went to the area where the coordinates were.

The coordinates were at the head of a big mountain. There were volcanoes around and some of them were active.

Artic's face and body were changed to his old appearance. That's why Burne didn't feel different. Or rather, he suppressed himself. He didn't want the news of a Low-G.o.d running around.

Burne was sitting on a rock. He had a sad smile on his face.

"Artic, I know this must have made you very uncomfortable. As guilty as we are, we want you to be on us for the good of the people. We don't want you to have a different opinion.»

Artic grinned and spoke slightly after Burnen's speech.

"I was already one of you. But I'm no longer human.»

Artic showed his true body after that. Burne was stunned by what he saw.

"Oh, you were a demon!»

Artic didn't say anything, and he just said his name.

"My name is Artic - I am the Low-G.o.d Of The Disease and Cure»

After Artic's words, the spheres didn't appear on his head like in old times...

A pair of wings appeared above his head. One of the wings was black and the other was white. It was a sign that one law was good law and the other was an evil law.

Burne couldn't stop tears from her eyes. He got up from his stone and got down on his knees and put his head on the ground.

«I am bowing towards you, my G.o.d !»

Artic bowed his head and took the salute. After he got strong, for some reason, he wasn't really in the old thoughts anymore.

Maybe it was the feeling of being a G.o.d. Other humans were so low in his eyes. He didn't take that what they doing or saying seriously anymore. Meanwhile, Artic inevitably looked up at the sky.

After looking up at the sky, some thoughts pa.s.sed through it.

"What would happen if I went into s.p.a.ce?»
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Thought. Then, just as it was about to turn, a piece of ice fell from above and Artic fired directly from the ice spears.

Artic didn't do anything, let his ice spears. .h.i.t his body.

It was Luna who came naturally.

Luna came right over to Burnen and picked him up. She looked at Artic nervously and started screaming.

"I knew you were a demon!

Luna yelled with all her strength. The Ice Law, which was created by her yelling, froze some of the surroundings.

Artic was not affected in any way.

Upon hearing luna's words, Burne couldn't stop tears from coming from his eyes.

"G.o.dd.a.m.n, you b.i.t.c.h. Shut up now or I'll melt your p.u.s.s.y-ice!»

He yelled Burne thought that was enough. She once accused Artic of treason and survived.

Artic had cold eyes. There was no emotion.

That's when he looked up Luna and said a few words.

«Low Disintegration»

After Artic's words, luna, a beautiful girl, was broken like gla.s.s and disappeared in the middle in the form of a cloud of dust.

Burnen's mouth was open during all this. Without saying anything, Artic had already turned into little dust and began to move quickly into the sky.

All he had in mind was to see places he couldn't see and understand the purpose of his life and existence.

The little things didn't amuse him anymore. Having fun wasn't something he was very successful with.

Artic continued to rise at a rapid pace of stability towards the sky. A few minutes later, as he was about to leave the earth, he realized there was a s.h.i.+eld holding him.

The s.h.i.+eld was invisible. Artic didn't understand why he couldn't go into s.p.a.ce.

It was very uncomfortable for him. At the time, the System gave him an answer.

"If the user wants to leave his or her home planet. He has to get permission from the continental manager group where he's located. They should also get permission from the planetary administrator on his behalf.»

Artic was confused. He didn't know what the continental ruler or planet ruler means

That's when the system started telling him

The Law God - Artic 28 Artic - Chapter 28 - The Continental Ruler

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