The Law God - Artic 31 Artic - Chapter 31 - The Lessons

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Artic reread "Law 6" from within.

- Law 6 - «Representatives to organize a conference on their continent to tell every person on the continent to force their child to teach the law. To say that the children of families who do not do so will be killed and that the representative mentioned in the dangerous situations of the continent will not provide any security.»

Artic knew right now that he shouldn't think about the law. That's why he didn't think about it right now. He'd already recorded it all in his mind. He was going to do his research on his own.

Law 7 -

"Every work the representative does together or does with the council will be given to the council as a 30 percent share. Limi, the planet's currency, will be used to pay.»

Law 8 -

"The representative will represent the council with him some of the parts of the information that are not too specific and do not show the power."

Law 9 -

"Unless the representative has a valid reason, he will carry out the war, security, reconnaissance or different types of duties given by the council."

Law 10 -

"The representative is free under general conditions and can do what he wants. At the same time, the representative Council can apply to teachers to receive all kinds of training on the Flying Continent.»

Law 11 -

"The delegate must take the following courses at the time of his arrival.

Planets and Powers -

Differences Between Continents and Powers

Use of Extraterrestrial Forces -

Different Factors of Knowledge.

A change of battle after Mid-G.o.d Level.

Off-Planet Power System

« Law 12

"The delegate can report his or her information and transfer it to someone else or sell it... However, the person he has transferred may only be 1 Level lower than he or she.»

«Law 13»

"The representative has agreed to die or be destroyed if he fails to comply with the above laws."

Artic took a deep breath and slightly confused him. These were serious laws. That's when Liana looked at her and started talking.

"You might be a little confused. But you don't have anything to worry about. Everyone's agreement and law are the same. For the last few million years, this law has been in place.»

Artic smiled slightly. He wasn't an inexperienced boy. He could understand that these words were a warning. Because it was simple.

So what's being asked to say is, "There have been these rules for a few million years. He should have done something wrong and prepared his destruction.

Artic then stood up and started talking.

"I understand, Ms. Liana, I'd like to start seeing my training if possible."

Liana responded with a slightly sneaky grin.

He opened his hands and started talking after laughing lightly.

"Your first lesson will be told by me of planets and powers. If you're ready, sit on the couch again and I'll start»

Artic showed no emotion on his face, but he was surprised.

"I never thought such a beautiful woman would train me"

Artic sat in his chair thinking in the way. And then Liana took a deep breath and started talking.

"This information is only appropriate if you talk to other representatives. If you talk to other people, there may be trouble.»

Liana said.

Artic approved it with his head. And then Liana closed her eyes and started talking.

«We have many planets and star systems that are controlled in our way. It's also a lot of continents like this. Everything can be explained by a beautiful word. A frog that lives in a well thinks it's all around the well. Therefore, he does not think that there is a life outside the well»

Artic heard that logic somewhere. But he kept listening.

"Now I'm explaining to you the command systems you need to know right now. There are also different names to the levels of power used off the planet or in planetary management zones. Everyone becomes part of this system from the moment they're born. But people gave themselves fancy names because they exaggerated their power and thought they were valid everywhere.

Artic felt a little confused. But he also knew he shouldn't have missed them.

"Now I'm writing on a piece of paper. Keep that in mind and go and present yourself as I write here in places other than continents.»

Artic waited a while and examined the paper liana had written with a surprised eye.

«DemiG.o.d - Mystic - Beginner»

«Low G.o.d - Mystic - Intermediate»

«Mid G.o.d - Mystic - Advanced»

«High G.o.d - Mystic - Peak»

Artic couldn't hide his surprise this time. In the eyes of the continent on which he came, those who were equal to G.o.d were referred here only with adjectives such as the beginning and the middle good. He didn't expect this.

That's when Liana smiled and started talking.

"You will only learn levels from this when you are off-planet. And the next thing I'm going to tell you is the names of the control authorities. We're officially the lowest strata. These layers are as follows.

«Continental Council»


«Star System Council»

Liana breathed a little and started talking.

"As I said about the sequel, if you know more or less, you can guess. That's all I'm going to tell you. You'll hear the rest by the man at the red gate after you pa.s.s my room. He's going to tell you

«Differences Between Continents and Powers»

Use of Extraterrestrial Forces»

will tell you his lessons.»

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Artic swallowed from the inside out.

He came out of the room and started walking to the next room with a thousand thoughts on his head.

«I don't know there's a lot, too much»

A slight light was reflected in his eyes as Artic said those words. Perhaps all this new information had given him a purpose again. To continue ...

The Law God - Artic 31 Artic - Chapter 31 - The Lessons

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