The Law God - Artic 32 The Artic - Law God - Chapter 32 - The Power

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Artic came to the red door with calm steps. After he knocked on the door, he came in. There was a white-haired man in his 50s sitting in the back of the seat the same way as Liana.

The man took one look at Artic. Then he pointed the seats in front of him with his hand.

Artic gently approved with his head and sat on the couch.

The seat and the design of the whole room were made of red. But it was still created in a way that didn't hurt the eye.

Just as Artic was about to introduce himself, the man started talking.

"Artic, you just need to introduce yourself once. My name is Lyko «Red-Day» Advanced Mystic»

Artic couldn't say anything. A few seconds later, the man kept talking.

"As Liana told you, the information and lessons I'm going to give you involve two topics. After these lessons, you'll judge your strength. That's why I'm already warning you. Don't be too surprised»

Artic looked him in the eye. The man with the red eyes looked at him with a very serious expression.

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"Yes, Sir"

Artic answered.

After Lyko Artic's reply, he grinned slightly. And then he started talking.

"Our first concern is the balance of power. We call our continents with numbers. Such numbers represent the forces of the continents and the forces within them. The stronger the representative of a continent as a starting point, the greater the power of the continent. Furthermore, since you are at the lowest delegate level, the number of the continent is higher accordingly.»

Artic touched his chin and breathed. He knew about it through the system. The system gave himself a pretty high number when he was trying to get off the planet. Maybe it wasn't. Did the system say that or the bird they sent? Artic was starting to realize that he didn't remember things lately. But he wasn't in a position to think about it right now.

Lyko kept talking.

"In general, we use a cla.s.s system. This system is simple. The representative is Intermediate Mystic, which is a low-level continent. Each level takes the continent to a medium and high level. As Liana told you, you can't learn the levels after peak mystic level right now.»

Artic approved it and started talking.

"I know that. But I'm confused. Why all these systems and rules?. Why is there so much going on and no one's talking about it.»

Lyko grinned slightly.

«Systems and events have been established. you are young man Artic, so you may not understand. But in every living environment, there is a system and order. If that doesn't happen, those who establish order will be saddened. And remember, if the scorpion doesn't come out of your house when it's hot. It has something to do with the scorpion.»

Artic nodded his head as if he understood it. This wasn't surprising. That's how things worked in his old world. After all, its location was managed by human beings, albeit quite different.

As Artic continued to think, Lyko coughed once and started talking.

"Now we move on to the important issue. Use of Extraterrestrial Forces»

Artic looked at Lykoya in a way that pure attention. This was very important to him. That's why he was constantly searching. How strong he was, how powerful he could be in his environment or how strong he could be.

«Artic this system works as follows and has been by the user of the first law. When a person reaches the High-G.o.d Level, he loses all his laws and is released into s.p.a.ce with a body whose physical attribute is enhanced. After spending some time in s.p.a.ce, an unknown force knocks a person unconscious and grants one law to the person. This law doesn't give you any talent. It's up to you to build the skills. Almost countless of the beings in s.p.a.ce are not able to build their abilities. They investigate the capabilities of the law they have. These abilities are generally spread around.»

Artic felt like boiling water flowed over his head with Lyko's words. He never expected anything like this in his life. He didn't hear it, and he didn't think.

Artic laughed slightly for his stupidity. Just because 32 days had pa.s.sed, he thought he'd declared himself a G.o.d and there was nothing he could do. How stupid and inexperienced he thought it would be so easy.

Artic was now beginning to feel a new goal and a desire to regain strength. Although this is the case, he knew that he needed to develop now and understand things well. The more mistakes he made, the easier he'd make the end of his life.

He took a deep breath and looked at Lyko again. Lyko laughed slightly and started talking.

"Good, it's good that you got through it so quickly. When I was told, I almost killed myself because 670 years of work had been wasted.

Artic Lyko looked at him with pitying eyes and thought deeply.

«I've reached this level in 32 days...»

Artic was deeply relieved after thinking about it. The other thing he wondered was whether the system inside him was his own. If it was just his, there was no problem. It meant he still had an advantage over other beings. But he thought that if the system wasn't his and everyone else existed or if it came out, there might be trouble.

That's when the sound of the system echoed in his head.

«Only the user has access to me.»

Artic pulled a deep oh and stood up.

The Law God - Artic 32 The Artic - Law God - Chapter 32 - The Power

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