The Law God - Artic 44 Artic - Chapter 44 - Look Like Stupid

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Artic watched it all in silence. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But that didn't mean Artic had no idea what was going on. The fact that he looked like an idiot from the outside made people look open his face to himself. He was trained in this subject, perhaps the best he could learn. Naturally, this place was his old world.

People in the old world were so sneaky and have different faces that Artic hadn't s.n.a.t.c.hed anything from them. It would be his fault.

He was thinking from the inside out.

"Liaka is trying to look good. But in fact, the only thing that's going to get a break is strong support for his group. Anabel is acting, in fact, she is not so weak.»

Artic's reason for thinking about this was very clear to him.

"Anabel made a scene with me for no reason. Verun and Liaka had a fake reaction and just watched it. Already, Liaka one the who started the event. the other members thought what they saw was not surprising at all and watched with a little smile. This shows that they are accustomed to such situations.»

Artic couldn't stop a slight smile on his face after these thoughts and whispered deeply.

"Chess is based on predicting the moves of the opposing opponent. It's absurd to plan this way directly to someone who has learned this philosophy.»

He whispered.

A few seconds later, he returned to his previous face and shook his head with a smile.

Within a few minutes, he went up the stairs to the viewing part. The 2 girls who were there were prepared to meet a male member.

The first girl to notice was a short blonde pet.i.te girl. The girl's face was very sweet and in general, it gave happiness in the person looking at it.

The blonde girl approached Artic and reached out with a big smile on her face and introduced herself.

"Hi, my name is Cinel, I am working on Sand Philosophy and I am an Advanced-Mystics.»

After the girl spoke, there were grains of sand on her head. The grains of sand were flying through the air without touching each other.

Artic shook her little hand and He answered.

"Hi Cindirel, My Name Is Artic, I'm working on the Philosophy of Chess Game.»

After Artic spoke, a different symbol appeared on his head it was a different change but Artic didn't know about that..

There was an empty chessboard on his head. The chessboard stood vertically, and it seemed intriguing to someone who didn't know.

People had noticed this, but Liaka had made an "unresponsive" sign for them. That's why they didn't show anything on their faces.

Artic had already noticed these things. If he didn't know something like this was going to happen. Why did he want to choose the philosophy of chess?

Artic met the other girl afterward. The other girl was named Milvin, and she was studying Gla.s.s Philosophy. For this reason, the symbol was also a transparent gla.s.s.

The girl's appearance was the average type with simple black hair.

Artic reached out to meet the last man he needed to meet. The young man in front of him was at least six feet tall and had a completely muscular body. He looked like a tiger mixed with people who came out of the woods.

Artic started talking to the guy in front of him.

"h.e.l.lo, Artic, you can call me Hammir. I'm studying Muscle Philosophy.»

Artic saluted slightly and said his name and philosophy. Soon after, a slight interaction began to form in the group.

Artic was getting even more information about the group. Although a lot of the information seemed to be false and false to him, he didn't care. In the end, as long as he wasn't deceived, there was no problem.

He was going to pretend to be a fool so that the people in front of them would think he was a poor peasant boy and they make all their secrets clear to Artic. And at the same time, where he'd just come, he could use them and ask for help on something when necessary, not being lonely is good when you are in a new place.

So after talking to the group for a while, He talked to Liaka and enrolled in his group. After Artic A joined the group, Anabel who was cold him before suddenly she became very friendly instead of her previous cold behavior.

Artic was now firmly believed that the compet.i.tion before these behaviors was all about a game. Anabel was sometimes exposed to Liaka's cold gaze because she was so warm to Artic.

Artic, on the other hand, was adapting as if he had no idea. But deep down, he was constantly pa.s.sing it on.

"You poor people of different worlds. I grew up in a world of filth and all sorts of hypocrisy. It doesn't work such small tricks on me»

Although the thoughts in Artic's head were like this, he seemed to be an innocent young and intelligent philosophical mystic from the outside.

A few minutes later, Liaka got in front of the group and started talking.

"My friends, I recently found a good deal on the mission board. I will share the details of this agreement with you, but let me simply tell you first.»

After Liaka's words, the whole group turned to him and began to listen with his ears. Artic didn't know much about what these mission issues were, so he listened even more focused than the others.

"The mission tells us to go to the Half-Human continent, which is called a dangerous continent, and it is 5 days away from here. In a cemetery on that continent, there's an object that an ancient Master Mystic used to strengthen himself. If we take this object and bring it to the continental union. The continental union will give us at least 1000 Fel Stones per person.»

When the whole group heard the award, they had expressions of surprise on their faces. Some of these expressions consisted of happiness. Of course, Artic is the same as ever asked a question gave other group members a facepalm.

"What is the Fel Stone"

The Law God - Artic 44 Artic - Chapter 44 - Look Like Stupid

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