The Law God - Artic 46 Artic - Chapter 46 - The Weird Sound

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The white men soon escaped from the black horse's attacks. In a short period of time, they managed to escape from the sight of themselves.

Artic crouched slightly on the floor and looked at the wound on his shoulder.

"It was my fault for taking an attack like this head on."

 Although he thought that the school was at fault , he also had a margin of error in it.

He shouldn't have taken such a ridiculous sneak attack head on.

Liaka was the first person that came to Artic after the attack. With anger in his eyes, he looked at artic's wound on the shoulder and he spoke.

«Artic what happened?. Do you not know it is a crime for students in here? »

Artic looked at liaka and said.

"I was attacked by two white men who used the Ice Law . I got the wound on my shoulder because I was sneak attacked .»

When Artic gave his explanation about what's going on, Liakaka's eyebrows rose up and he asked.

"So you were attacked by two snow-like white-skinned men."

Artic understood something is suspicious about this event from the look on Liaka's face. He then asked suspiciously

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Liaka nodded his head with approval, and after sitting next to Artic, she began to wrap his arm with a cloth. And said

"They serve a powerful formation on this flying continent. The name of this formation is Glacier Castle. But as far as I know, they don't attack anyone for no reason. Why would they attack you out of nowhere? Did you offend someone whom you shouldn't have? "

Artic was starting to think. Why did he get attacked? And then something came up to him.

"Maybe Ice Law and Glacier Castle wants to take revenge on me ."

He began pondering over it, after thinking for quite some time he came to a conclusion

"May be they are trying to avenge Luna's death"

After some more thinking he gave up about it and looked at liaka who was done with bandaging his hand too,

He looked at Liaka and asked

"What's the reaction of school and continental administration about this event ?»

Liaka replied with a frown on his face.

"Even though there are laws to protect the students, they didn't take any action because of the ident.i.ty of whom attacked you."

Artic had predicted this would progress the same . It was the same as his old world.

'The laws are only there to protect the rich and strong,while weak and poor gets restrained by it. '

Artic left liaka and while sighing returned to his room for relaxing.

While going to his room he spotted a long-legged girl staring at him.

He normally wouldn't have suspected her. But this time he sensed a slight standoff from her gaze. He knew he had to be a little more careful after experiencing this attack.

Lying on his bed, Artic gently closed his eyes and went to sleep.

He kept the White p.a.w.n active while sleeping.

The next when he woke up in the morning, he took a shower and changed his clothing. He didn't eat his food in his room, he ate outside paying for lunch. Because he can't trust anyone these days.

He sat outside at the biggest café of the school and started eating his breakfast.As he continued to eat, he noticed someone sitting in the seat opposite to him. This person was Anabel.

Anabel smiled at him and enquired him with a serious face

"Artic, were you attacked last night?"

Artic gave Anabel a slightly sneaky look, and while eating he enquired her back by replying at her question.

"Yeah, did liaka told you about it?"

Anabel nodded her head with approval.

"Naturally she did, if one of our members gets attacked, we must know about that. We need to be in unity with each other»

At that moment, she was looked at Artic and licked her lips, Artic smiled lightly.

«These are some old book tactics. If you think you can fool me with just this then, you're wrong»

He didn't react on the outside but a storm is going on his brain

«It's a done-out event. You're not going to eat breakfast?»

Anabel gently pulled the red skirt off her head and shook her head like a child.

"No, I've already done it. It's 9 o'clock already and we have

 to go to the meeting room in a few minutes »

Artic didn't say anything more,he started drinking his coffee after breakfast.

Half an hour later, Anabel and him started going to room 050. They were slowly up climbing the stairs of the building.

But at that time, they both heard something. Anabel approached Artic and started asking him.

"Did you heard it? "

Artic didn't say anything, he just confirmed it with a nod, both him and Anabel hastily started climbing the stairs. And after climbing up the stairs and arrived near the room they started hearing loud noises of pleasure from the inside

Artic slowly opened the door and entered it with Anabel, with him on the front and she followed him inside.

«No more»


The Law God - Artic 46 Artic - Chapter 46 - The Weird Sound

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