The Law God - Artic 47 Artic - Chapter 47 - The Journey Part 1

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the view Artic saw was very strange.

Cindirel and Verun, members of the group he had met before, were having a good time in the only bed in the room.

When Verun noticed That Articlerin was coming, he stood up slightly and smiled.

"I'm sorry. We wanted it so much.»

Artic took a deep breath and just walked into the room. There was nothing on the Cinderel. She took a bedspread on her body the cover. And walked into the shower.

Anabel, in a slightly embarra.s.sed way, didn't say anything. That's when Liaka walked into the room and started talking.

"Yes, the two remainings are everyone except Hammir and Milvin,"

Verun was wearing something when Liaka said that. Shortly thereafter, two people came through the door. After Hammir and Milvin came in, they grabbed one of the sandals and sat down.

Artic was standing on a wall to close to the window. on his right was Anabel was standing the other side of the wall. Within minutes, Cindirel got out of the shower and sat on the bed. And right next to Verun.

Artic took a deep breath. He wasn't used to that sort of thing. But right now, it wasn't going to bring it up and make it look weird.

Shortly thereafter, Liaka started talking.

"In five hours, we will depart from the flying continent. We're going to fly for a while, and then we're going to continue to advance from the Great Mobe Continent. After we cross the continent, we will fly again to the semi-human continent.»

Artic raised his hand and asked.

"Can you talk about the semi-human continent?»

Liaka nodded and started talking.

"The half-human continent is very dangerous. There, it is home to different kinds of creatures and conscious creatures that are half-human and half animals, as the name of the continent is. Remember, many of these people never left their continent, so they can have their first abilities on the continent, like ours. in the past»

When Artic heard about it, he was slightly depressed.

If there were beings with their former powers where it still not changed, they could fight against him quite strongly. But in the meantime, Liaka started to talk again. Which it sprinkled water on Artic heart.

"But I advise you to be comfortable with this. Because I have six Block Power items»

Liaka's words had a relaxing effect on others. But Artic didn't know what the item was.

At that time, Liaka turned to Artic and began to explain. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Our new member Artic may not be used to such things. So I'm going to tell him. Artic, Block Power is an item on the continent that erases the powers of people who have never left the can look at whoever you want and erase that person's powers.»

Artic was happy to hear that. But he couldn't help but ask.

"Then why should we be afraid"

Artic's question caused the atmosphere to heat up slightly. Liaka's eyes got serious and he started talking.

"If the person there is an Advanced or Peak mystical and has never left the continent, it will not work."

Artic had confirmed it and nodded his head. This can be a nuisance.

Shortly after, Liaka talked about different things.

He talked about crosses mentioned creatures and laws that could be encountered from the forests. As Artic understands, from the what Liaka said semi-human beings often specialize in the law, which is the characteristics of their race. A lion semi-human generally chose laws such as roars or claws.

Other than that, a bird semi-human was working on improving the hardness of its beak or about the wind.

Knowing these things would make them very strong in a possible war. That's why Artic and the others were a little more relaxed.

Naturally, Liaka didn't forget to explain a few things to Artic, as artic was the most uninformed about the surroundings.

After the conversation, which lasted an average of several hours, Liaka came to everyone and gave up their Power Block stuff.

Artic looked at the item in his hand. The item in the shape of a pen seemed quite normal. That's when the system spoke to him.

«You can reconcile the power block with the system. You can use it by giving commands to the system.»

Artic said yes to the system's question without even thinking about it. That's why he was so relaxed.

Liaka said a few more words and left the room.

"My friends, I hope this mission goes well for us. I'm waiting for everyone at the Continental Gate at 4:00 at the Continental Gate»

Soon after, everyone in the room was out. Everyone except Verun and Cindirel.

They'd have more work to do in the bed. He was even as sure as his name. But what he didn't realize was this. Anabel was strangely looking at himself. she had a sense of shame in his eyes.

The Law God - Artic 47 Artic - Chapter 47 - The Journey Part 1

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