The Law God - Artic 51 Artic - Chapter 51 - Journey Part 5 - Vargi Vs Verun

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The creature did not respond to Liaka's words. But he was just sat the area where the fire was in the back. Artic began to study the creature directly.

The creature with big red eyes was 10 feet in size. He had wings like a bat, and his gaze was very threatening. He only had feathers on his shoulders and his whole other body was red.

Not many people knew what this creature, which seemed so threatening and powerful, could do. That's when Liaka started talking.

He looked around and saw the other creatures standing, and he started talking in a calm tone.

"If you want, we can talk this out. Or you can fight one-on-one battles with us.»

Liaka smiled and started talking with looking the creatures at back.

"I don't think your little friends must die."

The creature looked at Liaka for a long time with his eyes at that time. And then he started talking in a strange tone. It sounded like it sounded from a distance.

"Yes," and let's start the war in a way that no one else will interfere with. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That's when Liaka looked back and started talking.

"Who wants to go first."

Artic took a deep breath, and after smiling, he was going to raise his hand. but someone started talking before he has to chance to rais his hand

"Liaka, it would be nice for me to go. You know the rule of my talent.»

Meanwhile, Liaka raised his eyebrows and confirmed it with his head. Varen's rule was simple, but it was an important point.

If one of the Verun Flour giants does not fight or kill a creature after being called, the talent did not go off. Which forced him to fight, using his ability.

With a rule like this, Verun made both giants stronger. It was just his first ability.

Verun soon confronted the creature in front of him and began to speak in a calm tone.

«I am Verun, Young Giant Philosophical Mystic,»

After Verun's speech, a stone golem appeared above his head. Half of the golem was white and other half of them is black.

The creature took a step slightly and spoke.

«I am Vargi, Red Eye Philosophical Mystic»

After the creature Vargi spoke, red-eye appeared above his head. Then the creature raised its two big hands and showed him claws, after that, an eye appeared on his right shoulder.

No one was known what this eye was for. Anyway, the battle of philosophers was to know the abilities of the opponent against him, the most important thing. If you knew your opponent's abilities, you could fight him well.

As The Red Eye continued to fly over Vargi's shoulder, Vargi was thrown forward with all his strength and attacked Verun with his claws. Verun pulled the White Golem right in front of him and prevented the attack.

Soon after, the White Golem was suddenly transported by a Black Golem, and Vargi was attacked by the Black Golem

At the time, Vargi was thinking from within. He took a strong stone punch to his body. Two or three of them would make him unable to fight.

"The White Golem and the Black Golem can suddenly be replaced. The white golem defends the black golem doing the attack. I have to use my other skill to get past his defenses»

After thinking about it, Vargi laughed slightly and three red eyes appeared on his other shoulder. These red eyes were slowly flying over his head.

Artic, was watching the war carefully. This is the first time he's witnessed a philosophical war. For this reason, careful monitoring would have given him a huge return in the future.

After using his second gift, the creature Vargi regained power from his legs and attacked again. Verun again confronted him with the white golem. Vargi made the same move again and attacked the white golem with his claws. The golem attack didn't work like before, and the black golem appeared again.

That's when Cindirel smiled and started talking.

«This creature is so stupid. He doesn't know how to do anything and he's doing the same attack twice»

Artic responded fast just as Liaka was about to respond to Cindirel.

"No, it's not what it looks like"

Black Golem attacked the Vargi body again. But this time after the attack hit the Vargi, he suddenly became a cloud of red dust and appeared side of the Verun

"This time I ate you. Child !»

The Vargi talked with an angry face while attacking

But Verun didn't have an expression of fear either. For a few seconds, Vargi hit the target. But it didn't take him long to realize that Verun wasn't the target he hit. It was the White Golem.

He was going to pull back right after he saw the White Golem, But the white golem already switched places with the black golem.

Vargi was directly punched by the Black Golem on the head and killed after this attack with his head exploding everywhere.

The Law God - Artic 51 Artic - Chapter 51 - Journey Part 5 - Vargi Vs Verun

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