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Artic began to a.n.a.lyze the war directly in his head. What had been done and how it affected the fight.

Naturally, the first thing he thought was simple. Here's the important thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"To know the ability of the other opponent"

Yes, such a trait provided an incredible amount of power and allowed the person to avoid attacks by the other person.

If he could find it in any way and create it, things could change a lot.

After a while, they came back to the group camps and got some rest. Of course, when the previous creatures saw their king dyed, they ran away directly. They didn't have much to worry about them anymore.

After a certain time, the sun had risen again and it was morning. Artic and his group started walking after they were ready. They were going through the woods. The happiest at the time was, naturally, is Anabel.

The philosophy she chose was in direct proportion to where she is now. Artic was walking next to Hammir at the time and asked a question that remained in his head.

"Hammir, can you tell me about the levels of the creatures?»

Hammir smiled at Artic's question and began to speak as he continued to walk.

«Level 1 creatures, beginner mystic equivalent»

«Level 2 creatures, Intermediate mystic equivalent»

"Level 3 creatures are slightly more powerful than level 2."

"Level 4 creatures mean Advanced equivalent."

"Level 5 creatures are called Legendary Creatures and have the same power as a Peak mystic human being."

Artic scratched his head with thought.

"This system must be different from the system I first came into this world. when I first came here, after when I rescued the girl, she said that the animal she was facing is a level 3 creature. But I wasn't even intermediate at the time.»

Artic felt that way. By then, as they continued through the forest road, strange noises began to come from around. they sounded like human voices, but they weren't exactly human.

Liaka stopped everyone with his hand and started talking.

"This is the ghost graveyard of the Great Mobe Continent, and we must pa.s.s through here naturally. You don't have to worry, just walk and don't have a look of fear on your face. As long as you're not afraid, there won't be any trouble. This is the greatest rule of laws they use.» We can only attack frightening beings." If they attack together, they can reach the power of a legendary creature. So be careful»

After Liaka finished her speech, everyone swallowed deeply and began to follow behind him. For Artic, it was a simple matter. He didn't have to be afraid because he can always use his ability the protect himself.

After the group continued to walk for a short time, they came to a cemetery. The gravestones were triangular and they didn't have anything written on them. Two fog-like blue-eyed creatures were flying around. These smoke-smoky creatures took a look at Artic and his group. But when they saw that they weren't afraid, they just kept hovering around normally.

The group continued with a calm mood with quick steps. A man appeared just to the right of the cemetery where they were at the time. There was despair in his eyes.

"A great creature is coming from behind me. Save me, »

he screamed for his life

At that time, all the ghost monsters were consistently looking at him. They felt the fear of the man.

Artic and the group started gritting their teeth. It was very likely that the man would not escape this attack and die. All the ghosts suddenly merged and began to attack the man directly. Within seconds, the man had become a skeleton and disappeared. No one knew where his soul was.

Some of the people in the group felt bad because they couldn't save him. But that's what the situation showed. There was nothing they could do about it. a.s.suming he lived here, he has to know about the graveyard"

Realizing the change of emotion in the group, Liaka turned around and began to speak in a calm tone.

"I understand you're uncomfortable. But listen closely and watch. What you saw was just an illusion. They tried to scare you by showing you how he died. Don't be fooled by such things»

Artic and all the other members of the group could not hide their surprise this time. Artic smiled lightly from the inside.

«Wow b.a.s.t.a.r.d ghosts»

He said.

The group began to move forward in a way that had come to them in the words of Liaka. That's when Liaka started thinking about what the ghost did.

"If they know that what they see is not an illusion, they may be excited and frightened. I had to say that.»

At that moment, he looked back slightly and saw the girl named Gla.s.s Mystic Milvin, an expert in gla.s.s philosophy, looking at him with a smiling face. As Liaka kept walking lightly, he laughed at herself and spoke again.

"Naturally, I couldn't fool her."

The Law God - Artic 52 Artic - Chapter 52 - Journey Part 6 - Ghost Place

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