The Law God - Artic 53 Artic - Chapter 53 - Journey Ends The Mysterious Dimension

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The group managed to walk through the Ghost graveyard for an average of half an hour.

Liaka realized that Milvin understood his lie. But Milvin wasn't the only one who understood.

Artic smiled slightly after What Liaka had said. Because it wasn't because he believed what Liaka said.It was because he know the Liaka was lying to them. And he just cursed the ghost because he didn't want to Liaka understand that Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His goal was to walk in the snow and keep his trail. That's why he used a very simple tactic.

After the group debuted, they were deeply happy. There were no ghosts after them to attack them anymore. It was a relief to them. Artic was walking through the woods again without thinking of anything. That's when Verun started talking.

"Liaka, is there is any place you know that it will be dangerous to pa.s.s"?

Liaka shook his head negatively and answered Verun's question without stopping.

"Not far as I know."

The group was a little relieved to hear that. every person in the group asked Liaka questions and listened to him because Liaka was the most experienced of them all. He was the oldest person in the group, and he was the most experienced because of it.

Groupage ranking Liaka is 600 years old. Verun was in his 450s, and Hamir and Cindirel in their 200s on average.

Milvin was on average 50 years old, and no one knew artic was 20 years old yet. That's why the most genius person in the group was now known as Milvin. Artic learned these things by talking in between.

As they continued to walk down the road, suddenly Liaka's voice was heard.

«Can't be !»

After Liaka's voice, the whole group found themselves in different places.

Artic looked around and saw that he was only in a flat area. The place was white and there were no walls around. It was just darkness. A few seconds later, a creature came up against him. The creature resembled a bull, but it was different from a normal bull, with blue eyes and at least three times the size of a normal bull.

Meanwhile, artic's head echoed.

"If you defeat my student, The Iron Bull Law, you can get out of this area."

Artic couldn't understand the sound he heard. But from what he saw, the bull was looking at him with murderous intention. That's mean only thing. That bull will not give him time to think anything

Artic only thought of one thing.

"If I'm in this situation, the others should be in the same situation as me,"

he told himself, and immediately afterward he used his white p.a.w.n and black p.a.w.n ability. And then he called his black and white horses.

After the bull continued to look at him angrily, a bull figure appeared on his head, and then the iron bull figure, which was about 1 meter in size and width, attacked him at great speed.

But his attack was in vain. Artic didn't get hit because of the white p.a.w.n was protecting himself. Artic was not in a position to move around. If he moved, the white p.a.w.n wouldn't be able to protect himself. So he gave orders from inside and told the Black p.a.w.n to attack.

The Black p.a.w.n was starting to make straight attacks with black energy. Some of the attacks. .h.i.t the bull, but the effect wasn't that great.

Nevertheless, being subjected to these attacks made the bull very angry, forcing him to use a different skill. The entire body of the bull became a grey iron and then began to attack Artic directly with a charging attack.

After waiting for a while bull get closer, Artic revealed two of his horses right next to him. The Black p.a.w.n, the Black Horse and the White Horse attacked the bull directly. The bull couldn't stop all these attacks.

He collapsed directly and was out of breath. He wasn't going to be able to stand up.

Artic was deeply curious. Why were his horses and p.a.w.ns so strong? Iron Bull specializes in defense directly. Why did he lie on the ground with so few attacks?

At that time, the system responded to him in a calm tone.

"The philosophy you using Artic has been highly rated by the Divine Seat because there is no chess in this world and universe. Because of that your Philosophy stranger and stronger than other philosophy.»

"You also have to remember that you have put beautiful limitations on the abilities you have created, and it has an effect."

After Artic scratched his head a few times, he asked a question again.

«So is the scoring limit 10 really like that chair said ?»

After the system didn't respond for a few seconds, it responded with a serious tone in a single word.


The Law God - Artic 53 Artic - Chapter 53 - Journey Ends The Mysterious Dimension

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