The Law God - Artic 60 - Chapter 60 - Additional Ability Plan

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Liaka was quite surprised by the old man's remark. If the old man knows where the plant as he knows as he said. And give that plant to do Liaka he can use it and Right after that object got his hands on it, And became Peak-Level Mystic in 10 minutes. This meant that he will have more philosophical powers and could also choose a new philosophy. Or add two more skills to Philosophy he had.

When Liaka came into these thoughts, he began to become slightly confused. Why would such an old man know the location of such a valuable item or have that precious plant?

He was thinking from the inside out.

"I wonder if he was lying to me."

"Was he doing this to save himself?

At the same time, even if he agreed to this deal, he would have to tell Artic and Anabel who had seen him the get in the camp" Although Artic seemed a little stupid to him, Anabel would have a direct idea that something was wrong.

Seeing Liaka was thinking, the old man smiled slightly.

"I can understand that you don't trust me. But if you accept the agreement and make a pact with me, I can give you the object I'm talking about right now.

Liaka took a deep breath again after the old man's words. If he makes a deal with the old man and the old man gives him the Philosophical Booster Plant now. When he went back, he didn't have to be afraid that Artic and Anabel would talk to him.

Because when there was a peak level, he was directly at a higher position than them. In this way, he was both stronger than they are and more important in the council. But he was still thinking about it from the in his thought. 

"Was it really worth to do that?"

"Was it worth betraying friends to become a peak level?

When Liaka was thinking about it, Artic and Anabel were starting to feel a little weird out there just 100 meters outside the campsite because they had been waiting for a long time.

Naturally, they weren't too worried about Liaka's safety. But there were still a lot of surprises in their world. They were afraid he might have fallen into a trap.

Anabel and Artic looked at each other, and then they started talking.

"If Liaka doesn't get out of there for another 10 minutes, we'll attack directly." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They said it at the same time. Because he was stayed there long time At that moment, they saw Liaka coming out of the gate of the campsite and coming to them. Liaka looked where Anabel and Artic were found and made the come sign after shaking his hand.

Artic and Anabel saw Liaka called them, so they thought there was no danger, and they started walking towards Liaka.

At the time, Liaka told him about the deal and wanted to know his ideas.

Anabel was angry at first. But then she went quiet. Artic smiled and asked a different question.

"Is there anything you can give us? So I am wondering if we going to gain anything from this deal»

Hearing Artic's question, Liaka smiled slightly. That's the kind of question he was waiting for. That way he could answer the question.

"I will not be able to give you a gift as valuable as I will get. But I can give you another special plant, the Additional Philosophical Power Plant per person.»

Artic didn't know exactly what that meant. But he could make some inferences.

Anabel, on the other hand, had a smile on her face and only an understanding face instead of her previous anger.

At that time, Liaka began to tell Artic what the Additional Philosophical Power Plant was for.

«Artic, the plant I will give will have no effect on your mystical development. But as far as you can tell by your name, it's going to make you have another talent right after you use it, even though you're Advanced. The next level you'll have, your total skills will be 5. It's a power plant that will put you before the others.»

"So, in short, you have a chance to create a new power right now. Before waiting until becoming a peak level mystic"

Artic scratched his head and asked a question.

«Are there any side effects ?»

Liaka smiled and said there were no side effects after shaking his head.

With the words of Liaka, Artic and Anabel also accepted Liaka's request. The trio, who had begun to move away from the camp, were walking with very happy expressions with the plants they had received.

Soon after, each of them switched to a special area and began to swallow the plants they had directly.

Artic looked at the plant in his hand. It was pretty plain, there was only one white leaf, and it was glowing. Artic took a deep breath and heard the sound of the system just as he was about to put the plant directly in his mouth.

"Artic, grab the leaf and pluck and only eat the white leaf if you eat it with its green branch. You'll die.»

Artic was pretty surprised to hear that. Five minutes ago, before he left Liaka and Anabel to use the plants, Liaka told him something like this.

"Artic remembers what ı will say if you don't eat the plant with its branch, and if you only eat the white leaf, you die."

Artic thanked the system's warning. Then he ate the white leaf and began to a.s.similate it.

Naturally, he would have avenged it. But that wasn't for now. At least now he had a clear page on his mind.

The Law God - Artic 60 - Chapter 60 - Additional Ability Plan

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