The Law God - Artic 7 Artic - Chapter 7 Rain Law

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"The mechanism of the possible soil odor that emerged after the rain was discovered in 2015. An average-sized rain droplet can form an air bubble when it hits a porous floor or the surface of the soil. These bubbles then rise and explode and form aerosols containing the substance of the geosmin."

Artic began to hear the sounds of ding, whose voice he loved most in his head, along with his last thought.

«Rain philosophic power = «200» (Level 1) »

«Mystic Power = 3.0»

«Use roulette to get power related to the Rain code»

Artic used roulette without much of thought. And then he started hearing the roulette voices again. With the sound of Ding, he began to see the holographic writing.

«Scorching Rain»

«The user starts a rain in a circular which targets 100 meters of area. This rain hits live objects with 80 degrees of Celsius water.

Artic began experiments after shaking his head in a manner that confirmed it.

«Combine, Scorching Rain, Burning Fog»

«Results Found»

«The Emerging Talent»

«Scorching Steam»

«The user sends steam with a distance of 30 meters and 99 degrees Celsius, which is not routable on a straight line with a width of 5 meters»

Artic didn't want this combo. The result was the Burning Mist. Instead of having just developed, he could use the Scorching Rain and think of it as helping him in the future at the stronger and more appropriate times.

At that time, Artic went to merge another pair of abilities within his mind.

«Unite, Scorching Rain, Burning Fog»

«Results Found»

«Burning Breath Steam Area»

«The user can create a steam area within 3 seconds in a circular area of 30 square meters. The steam area will not disappear as a normal vapor and the temperature is 300 degrees. »

«The user won't suffer from his ability»

Artic took a deep breath. He could use this ability to create a different battle style. First, he could turn into a fog form and progress towards the target with The Mist Arm Rain Swords. Afterward, the burning breath could open the field of the Steam area feature to fight the opponents. Especially in the burning breath vapor itself would be very strong. Because he could guess that most of his compet.i.tors couldn't get into it.

Artic thought for a while and then decided to merge.

"Know, merge Scorching Rain and Burning Fog."

«Scorching rain + burning mist = Burning Breath Steam Area (the other two abilities will disappear?) »

Artic checked his condition after that he approved.


-Misty Rain King-

«Mystic Power= 2.1»

«Physical power= 2»


Philosophic level status

Fog (law)= 100 (200)- Level 1

Rain (law)= 200 (500)- Level 1-


Knowledge level

-Fog (subject)-Difficulty level- 5-

-Rain (subject)- difficulty level- 14-

Abilities -

«Fog Transformation»

« The Mist Arm Rain Sword»

«Burning Breath Steam Area»

After Artic understood he nodded his head, he realized there was still something he didn't know on the status screen.

"The Foggy Rain King, what is it?"

The system itself answered the question of Artic «When the user specializes in 2 different subjects, he is given a name and a reputation/t.i.tle. This reputation/t.i.tle is used to introduce himself outside. Reputation/t.i.tle will change when the user reaches level 4. »

Artic took a deep breath without thinking about it, and he was starting to wonder whether or not he should go for a little sightseeing. What he wanted was to mingle with people and get some information.

Artic took another deep breath and began to fly across the forest with his transformation.

Flying certainly gave him a very good feeling. He was able to go up in the sky with a high alt.i.tude. That was why he showed a happy expression, though a fog doesn't have face. Artic continued to move forward, approximately after two hours he stopped and looked down.

He saw a pretty big city. He went down slowly and broke the fog form among other people and turned back into his human form. The people around were surprised when they saw Artic did that. Their eyes were showing the expression of admiration and fear, both were from the power that Artic had, everything will be bend down in front of the real power.

The guard in front of the gate didn't see Artic transformed from his fog form to human form so when they saw Artic arrived in front of them, they just said to him normally "Hi, entering the city is 5 Limi"

Artic scratched his head and said "I have no money on me, but I am a Mystic King, can I enter the city?"

The guard looked at Artic with a disoriented expression and began to speak "Oh, then can you prove it?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Artic insightfully nodded his head then he just created The Mist Arm Rain Sword in his hand, when the guard saw what Artic did, he started to get cold sweat on his face and back and he changed his tone to speak very respectfully.

"Please excuse this one for not recognizing you sir, please enter the city."

Artic smiled and walked through the door. He was in the center of the town, which is looked like a medieval painting from the earth.

The Law God - Artic 7 Artic - Chapter 7 Rain Law

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