The Law God - Artic 71 Artic - Chapter 71 - Betrayal And The Silver Statue

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Artic opened his eyes, there was a nice smell coming up to his nose. He started looking around to see where that rather beautiful smells came from.

Then he saw Verun and Liaka cooking around a campfire. Realizing that Artic had awakened, Verun and Liaka smiled and called Artic to eat something.

Artic got up from the lawn where he was lying and started looking around. He saw Milvin and Cindirel lying on other places and still sleeping. But at the same time, he saw that Anabel and Hammir were not around.

Artic looked at the animal that looked like a deer from the earth and inhaled the smell and asked.

«It's a pretty nice smell. By the way, where are Anabel and Hammir?»

Verun smiled at Artic's question.

"They went to the forest to hunt a little more."

Verun was pointed where they go with his finger as he spoke. After Artic ate a little bit from cooked deer meat he said he wants to go help Hammir and Anabel and started to go where they were went with fast speed

After an average of two or three minutes, he went into the dense trees. But he could still easily follow the tracks because of the broken branches around him.

A few minutes later, after watching the tracks, he could not believe his eyes in the face of the sight he saw.

Hammir was leaning against a tree. he was naked. And Anabel was sitting in his laps and she was naked too. They were having s.e.x with the moaning sounds the sounds was really painful the Artic to hear

Artic didn't know exactly what he was going to do. He swallowed slightly and stepped on a dam with momentary carelessness. Anabel and Hammir looked at him at the same time to because of the sound of came from the broken branch. The two of them, quite surprised to see Artic in front of them, suddenly stopped and began to prepare to stand up.

Artic turned around and started running straight.

He was moving like a shadow in the trees. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know exactly if it was sad or my disappointment he doesn't know what he was feeling right now. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He kept running, and he was so confused, he didn't look where he was running, so he realized there was nothing under his foot, and he realized he stepped into a hole hidden by the branches, and he understands that he was going to go fall into to void. The gap he fell into was sealed again by vegetation in the forest after an average of two or three seconds.


At the time, Anabel was wearing her top, even though she was slightly wet in her eyes. Hammir was confused with an angry face. He looked at Anabel and yelled angrily. He couldn't help himself.

"h.e.l.l, since you're flirting with someone and you're getting close. Why are you doing something like this»

Anabel looked at Hammir with sneaky eyes as she yelled at him. And then she started talking.

"As the other group member knows, you knew things were getting better between us and we were going to have something romantic relations.h.i.+p. So don't blame me because of your betrayal !»

Anabel was really upset. And she was blaming himself. For doing something like this to Artic. She was angry at Hammir shameless remark.

Meanwhile, Hammir and Anabel had finished wearing their tops. Then they started walking towards the campsite.

Hammir looked at Anabel and spoke.

"Do you think there's going to be an incident?»

Anabel shook her head indicating that she doesn't know what will happen. she had the majority of the mistakes. But there was one thing Anabel knew. that Artic was probably stronger than both. Even if they fought at the same time, they probably couldn't beat Artic.

Anabel and Hammir, who had arrived at the campsite a few minutes later, were surprised. Artic wasn't around. That wasn't a very good sign. That's when Liaka realized something was wrong. So he took Artic's absence as a sign of bad luck and spoke.

"Artic went into the woods to help you two hunt. Why not he is with you people ?.»

At that moment, Anabel's eyes began to watering slightly. Verun was watching Hammir carefully. After watching for a few minutes and a great silence, he went to Liaka and spoke to her ear.

"So that's what happened."

Hammir frowned and started talking.

"Yes, Anabel and I had an affair, and then Artic saw us. He just started running. We a.s.sumed he was running towards the camp»

Liaka looked at Hammir with an angry expression and began to speak with his hands together. the fury what he was feeling right now could easily seen by looking in his eyes. Liaka's gaze made Hammir very uncomfortable and a little bit scared.

"Look, Hammir, Artic didn't come here. You, Anabel, have also betrayed the new member of our group. How do you explain this.»

Hammir and Anabel began to fear after Liaka's words. Anabel still couldn't believe what she was doing, and she felt terrible.


In a different place, Artic opened his eyes and began to look at the strange, huge silver statue in front of him.

The Law God - Artic 71 Artic - Chapter 71 - Betrayal And The Silver Statue

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