The Law God - Artic 72 Artic - Chapter 72 - The Flute - Ancient Mystic

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Artic took a deep breath and started looking around. His location was kind of like a dungeon. The area wasn't very large, and there were only a few blue lights that lit up the area.

Artic scratched his head. He was thinking about where I was. At that time, he began to look at the silver statue, which was about 5 meters tall.

The statue was quite simple. It had normal medieval armor and a large sword hanging around his waist.

When Artic kept looking at the statue for a while, he felt something was slightly strange about the statue. As normal as the statue seemed, it felt like there was something else inside it.

After a few more minutes of scouring, a divine voice began to echo in his head.

"My name is Kaiser, a philosophical warrior who lived 2.5 million years ago."

Artic began to look at the statue with serious eyes. He couldn't imagine the sound in his head coming from someone else.

As he continued to look towards the statue, he began to hear the divine voice again.

"The reason you're here is that you meet certain conditions."

Artic stopped what was going through his mind and kept listening. He knew that eventually, the ancient statue across the line would speak to him.

"These conditions are listed as follows."

«1.Condition - Philosophy to be Mystical i.»

«2nd Condition - Being in the Grin Forest»

"3.Condition - Having a different and unusual kind of bad emotions at the same time."

"When I feel a presence that meets these conditions, the area I have set will inhale you. When the first person sucked in, the others will not meet the conditions."

Artic couldn't help but speak out loud after listening for a while.

"So why am I here?"

After Artic's question, the dungeon was filled with great silence. The statue didn't speak for at least 10 minutes. It was only a while later that It began to speak in his tone to a more non-divine human voice.

"I was the exemplary child of the average family born near this forest. Everywhere I went, other people congurlate the my family for having me for a successful and smart kid. And then I learned about mystical subjects and started to improve myself. There was a time that I lost it in a battle with my enemies. In this war which ı was lost, my enemies took the woman I loved. They killed my mother and father. They killed every person I knew and made their families slaves. All this has been a big problem for my soul and mind.and in the future, I've come to the end of my life just because of the sadness and pain that this has caused me. The reason I have established this place is those future mystics will have a chance to help themselves.»

Artic was deeply thought after the ancient mystic named Kaiser. As the atmosphere suddenly changed, Anabel and Hammir were out of mind because of the sudden change of environment. When Artic thought about it, bad things were piling up in it. These bad feelings weren't revenge, anger. 

what Artic felt was deeper and weirder than that. Artic was holding his head at the time and started thinking to himself.

"I wouldn't be attracted to a woman in such a short time. At the same time, it's not normal for me to be so affected by this. I've never been like this. What is the reason for this.»

Artic was thinking about it, and the statue started talking again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I don't have a lot of time. I'm going to tell you the first level after Peak Level, and I'm going to tell you about it. You'll find the others in your own way.»

Artic regained consciousness after the statue's voices. And then he saw a wooden stick forming right in front of him. The flute was hollow and brown in color. This flute, which seemed quite plain, didn't look like a very important item.

Artic took the flute and began to talk about sculpture.

«Once you blow the flute, the bad feelings inside you and the emotions that restrict you will be gone. Finally, the beginning of the level after peak-mystique

-Origin-Level 1»

After Artic shook his head in a way, suddenly the environment around him changed and he found himself again in the forest where he had fallen. Without thinking anything, he looked at the flute he had and blew it once.

After blowing, he began to find himself in different places. He was feeling so good, and there was no sign of his previous bad feelings.

After blowing the artic flute, the rod in his hand was gone and, more accurately, turned to dust.

Soon after, Artic wanted to see what would happen at the Origin-Mystic level, which is the next level of Peak Level in his head.

It's not much different from the current levels. Otherwise, the only difference was using more talent and philosophy. That's what he was most curious about.

He started to move to the campsite without even thinking about it. He had a good mind and a good mind, and he felt so good.

The Law God - Artic 72 Artic - Chapter 72 - The Flute - Ancient Mystic

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