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"I understand.according to the Grimsap s.p.a.ce Laws, we don't have the authority to keep you on this you can get in and get out any way you want. We've lifted our powers. You will no longer be attacked when you are off-world."

Artic then got up from his seat. At that moment, he had a ding in his head.


"The user no longer belongs to the planet he is on.he can go into s.p.a.ce at any time."


«The user is now a «Neutral» Origin Level Life Form.»

Artic took a deep breath. he felt good things were so easy.

Artic quickly went back to the tower. He told the tower to take him back to his original location. The tower took him away this time without saying anything this time.

A few seconds later, Artic came out of the tower. The Guards at the Gate were no longer looking at him with a smile. It was more of a nervous one and a little bit disappointing. Probably because he's out of the Planetary Council.

Artic learned from Winvig that there were two ways to get out of planetary council control as a human being.

The first of these roads was normally used. The person goes to Planet Council Headquarters and says he or she wants to get out.

The council gives him a mission. Once the mission was completed, the person was allowed to leave.

Artic would have had to take such a path if it wasn't for the information from Winvig he had received. so Winvig told him the second way.

The general name of this road was called "Grimsap s.p.a.ce Laws". It was one of the laws that all forms of life in s.p.a.ce agreed to.

All life forms that did not commit or were found to breaking these laws were hunted by strange forces.

It's not well known what's in the s.p.a.ce Laws. But Winvig didn't tell Artic how he learned about this law, The name of this law

"Origin Level - Control and Planetary Law.»

"The details of the law were quite simple."

"A person or a being cannot restrict the rights of all life forms that have reached the Level of Origin within the planet they own. This law is only put into practice if the person is aware of this law»

In short, if Artic didn't know about this law. The Planet council could have prevented him from leaving.

But with Artic knowing about the law, the subject had changed completely. If they were blocked him when he asked.

They have been a hunter by The Grimsap s.p.a.ce Laws. No matter who violated these laws, the news was always heard.

Artic was able to get a chance to get out with all this information.

He flew slowly away from the tower for a while. Then he asked the system a question about how to get in s.p.a.ce.

"How am I going to get into s.p.a.ce?"

A few seconds later, the system responded to him.

"The user needs to create a protection around him. Because he's not used to s.p.a.ce. Other than that, he can exit the planet directly.»

Artic smiled after the answer he got. Then he took a deep breath, and right around him, he made a gla.s.s box with pointed edges around it.and in the inside, he created his usual seat.

After he created the seat, all he had to do was move into s.p.a.ce, as he was told by the system.

After he sat on the seat. He started flying up without much thought. He wasn't speeding much, but he was still feeling a little pressure. It wasn't that easy to leave gravity.

He kept flying up for a few minutes at a normal speed, And then he started to increase his speed considerably.

He was traveling inside in a rectangular box which he created to himself. So he didn't feel anything from the outside inside of him.

The Gla.s.s Law, which he owned and used, had reached a very strong level. It was also very powerful because it was surrounded by Origin Energy. A few minutes later, Artic made his first appearance in s.p.a.ce.

He began to look around with great admiration. It was in a dark place. There were only months and planets around, far, far away. At that moment, the sound of the system echoed in your ear.

"s.p.a.ce Market opened."

Artic was too busy watching his surroundings right now, ignoring what the system was saying. All his old life and the things he'd watched on TV before started to come to his mind. Although he has a lot of power right now, he was only a normal person until a few years ago.

Going into s.p.a.ce, directly with his power. What a concept that was. It was going to be something a normal person couldn't attain for the rest of his life.

But right now, Artic was able to study s.p.a.ce in a gla.s.s box he had created. When he thought about what he should do, he had a warning from the system.

A few seconds later, he knew there is no need to lost time, so he checked into the system market for the first time.

There was nothing at the market. Artic was surprised at the time, but the system had given him information again.

"If the user thinks of what he wants as a genre, the results will come out."

Artic began to think excitedly from within. the first thing he thought was simple.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

«A s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p which only need one person for to use»

With Artic's thinking, some results began to appear.


«Genre» s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p»

«Length - 4 Meters - Width 3 Meters»

"This single s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p can quickly allow the user to travel in the star system."

«Price= 5 System Points»


«Genre» s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p»

«Length - 7 Meters - Width 4 Meters»

"This single s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p can allow the user to travel between the stars quite quickly."

« Price = 350 System Points

When Artic saw the two decions, he began to develop some strange emotions. The only difference between these two s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps was that one of them could travel interstellar. But the price difference was too much.

Artic knew he had to get the low version this time.

The Law God - Artic 101 Artic - Chapter 101 - Space !!! -

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