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Artic was starting to think. Time was slowly flowing. He was still sitting on the stone. He was fighting with himself. He was trying to find the meaning of his actions. Is it supposed to be this way? He knew what was done to him was bad. But was there any point in killing them?

Artic started thinking deeply at the time. He had a smile on his face.

"I don't like being human at times like this."

Artic talked about himself. If he wasn't human, he probably wouldn't have worn anything. But he had some feelings that came because he was human. All these emotions allowed a different consciousness to awaken in itself.

He didn't think anything strange at the time.

"Do I need to care about such things. that I have a power that almost a person could not imagine right now?"

Artic started thinking about it after he said that. He was still a human being. Or was it a different ent.i.ty in the human view.that he had to obey what people were doing or people's actions.

Although Artic's problems seemed worthless to an outsider, they were very important to him. Because with the decision he was going to make here, he was proving how to move forward in the future. Because of all this, there was a constant bad feeling in it.

he have to choose is he going to ignore humanity and do the work on its own. Or to live as a human being and do what needs to be done?

After a while, he realized that the subject could not get him anywhere.

He got up from the stone he was sitting on, and after he cleaned up, he made a gla.s.s box.and after he went in, he started flying.

He had to change things to clear his head. So he just flew up to Winvig without much in mind. He couldn't stop him from looking at the view as he flew and smiling on his face.

"If I have more power, I can do and travel for the rest of my life."

Thought. After an average period, he met Winvig again at the top of the tower. Winvig looked at him and started talking.

"It seems you've done your work more quickly than you expected."

Artic didn't say anything. He just closed his eyes as if he were confirming it. Winvig started talking with a smile on his face.

"I want you to go to the Council of Planets and get permission to leave the planet. Once you get that permit, you'll be able to get out of the planet.

Artic little bit surprised when he heard what winvig said.

Winvig understood what he was thinking about Artic's facial expression. He started talking looking up at the sky.

"I can imagine what's on your mind. But the Planetary Council doesn't allow Origin-Level people to leave the planet without contacting them or getting permission. Of course, you can try to break out. But immediately after you leave, at least five Origin Level warriors come hunting you down.»

Artic couldn't believe what he was hearing. Five Origin-Level warriors would come hunting him down. That was pretty amazing. He never, ever expected anything like this.

Artic was confident, but that didn't mean he could easily fight five different origin-level people. At the same time, given the experience of the people who would come after him, Artic would be easily killed.

Winvig kept talking.

"The power of the Continental Council consists of an average of 5 Peaks and 1 Origin level. However, the power of a planetary council consists of 5 Origins and 1 Origin Level 8 or higher.»

Artic swallowed lightly. But then he asked a question that stuck in his head.

"What's on top of the Planetary Council?»

Winvig closed his eyes and shook his head. Artic knew at the time.

"You don't know because you've never been off-world."

Winvig took a deep breath.

"Yes it is"

After Winvig responded that way, Artic began to think suspiciously. If he didn't know this information, how did he know Feather Crown which he wanted in The Blue Moon which is outside of this planet

He didn't want to ask because he didn't want to be misunderstood. Meanwhile, Winvig sat down lightly and began to look at Artic with a serious expression and speak.

"Remember, s.p.a.ce is not what you think it is. You have to be very careful there that even the lowest s.p.a.ce creatures are almost peaking advanced. Many, even millions, are at the Origin Level.»

Artic frowned and started talking.

"Intelligent beings at the Origin Level are using the information to strengthen themselves. So what do these creatures use»

Winvig showed his physique and started talking.

"Many of them use bloodlines. At the same time, the attributes of their ancestors give them strength»

Artic kept looking at Winvig, ununderstood. Winvig began to speak more clearly at the time.

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"To give you a simple example. Think of a law. Let this law be Barking. Now, no matter how much you know about barking, you know what it's like to bark as much as a dog?"

Artic confirmed it with his head after these words.He now understand what the bloodline means.

The Law God - Artic 87 Artic - Chapter 87 - Space Beasts

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