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After Artic and Lidia were brought in by the old man, they started looking around. In front of them was a beautiful red-haired woman with beautiful white skin and seriously looked eyes.

This woman was a high-level vampire named Princess Vila, Of course, this was the idea of Artic he didn't know what is the truth. Artic had already seen that she was on Peak Level after examining her.

She wasn't alone. And behind him, there were two soldiers in two different red heavy armor and big red swords hanging on their backs. two soldiers were at least two meters tall and looked extremely strong compared to other vampires. It wasn't just that. Their level was also Peak Level.

Princess Vila was the first to speak as the two sides continued to study each other for a while.

"Well, Mr. Artic, may I ask you who you are and why you want to talk to me?"

Artic threw his legs on top of each other and started talking after smiling. In his tone, he could be perceived as directly that he was not counting the princess in front of him for anything.

"I need to ask that question to you. As I know, there's no vampire race on this planet. What are you doing here?»

After Artic asked his questions, he turned his head and continued to watch the gardens. It showed that he didn't count all the movements of the vampires against him.

Artic's actions were frustrating by two Vampire Soldiers in the back, but they didn't react at all. At the same time, all these words and disrespect were met with only a smile from Princess Vila.

The thoughts that went through it were quite simple.

"Because he's a human being, my intuition must be working stronger on him. But I still can't read it. Why is it this way»

she was thinking. But then she answered Artic's question.

"Frankly, we vampire race doesn't ask anyone where we live. We go where we want if there are food grounds.»

A few seconds after she finished her answer, the whole environment began to change and harden. Princess Vila and the two vampires behind her were starting to feel like they couldn't breathe. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They were under a lot of pressure. What's worse, they couldn't figure out why.

Meanwhile, Artic looked at Princess Vila with a serious and evil eye and began to speak.

"I hope that the people you mean as a source of food are not humans?»

The Artic question was resounding in the ears of almost every low-level vampire in the castle, as well as in the ears of the Princess and two of her soldiers.

At that moment, the princess's breath was accelerated. she could only understand from his words that he was a very powerful mystic. But what could she say? If she lied, the other person could easily understand that.

In fact, yes, they were using the human race as a food source. When they're up against such a powerful person. They cant really say what is the truth like this

» Yes, we drink the blood of your race, so we're here," --

As Princess Vira continued to think about what to do, the large stone gargoyle statue at the entrance to the villa began to fly and he came up to Princess Vila behind and began to look at Artic with serious eyes.

When Artic saw the creature made of stone, he turned his gaze from Vila to this creature. Because he could easily feel that this creature in front of him was a creature on the Origin Level.

Vila was extremely surprised by all of this. According to his ancestors and his father, this castle, which was given to him, was a very valuable fortress.

In dangerous situations, the gargoyle, a stone creature found inside the castle, would appear and protect herself and the castle. But according to his father, for this creature to manifest itself, there is a need for a person who has to be a hostile origin-level person.

It meant that this normal person, who appeared in front of him, was an Origin Level mystical. He was very strong.

As this was going through Vila's mind, they started talking to Artic and Gargo.

Gargoyle was the first to speak.

"My name is Blid, I am the Ancient Guard of the Blood Castle.

Artic smiled and introduced himself.

"My name is Artic, I am a human being and I am also a man who protects this planet. I'm not going to let your race vampires hunt in this world which is my race.

After Artic said his words, Gargoyle named Blid, and gave him a piece of paper which he manifested on the air.

After Artic took the piece of paper, he began to read quietly in front of everyone.

When he saw what he was reading, he had a very bad expression in his eyes.

«This region and its surroundings have been sold to Vampire Race by the Planetary Council !!»

When Artic read what was written on the paper, he couldn't believe his eyes. The Vampire Race used only 10,000 OG Credits as a food source to buy every part of their continent, with most of them is the human population. This agreement was proposed directly by the Planet Council.

Artic didn't expect an answer like that, so he didn't know what to say. Blid, who was from the Gargoyle Race, began to speak.

"I understand you don't know much about s.p.a.ce. The Planet council is not the guardians of the planet. They're just the owners.they can sell the goods or use the planet. At the same time, if you think the Vampire Race only big like this tiny castle. You are so wrong !»

When Artic listened to What Blid said, he closed his eyes and stood up. As he stood up, Lidia stood up and began to follow Artic.

A few seconds later, Artic took himself and Lidia into a gla.s.s box and flew away from the castle.

All he had in his mind at the time was that he shouldn't waste time anymore.

He was going to go into s.p.a.ce and do winvig's promise, and he was going to do everything he could to protect the planet he had. The planet isn't the point here.

It was to protect your species. No matter how bad it was, he couldn't let other people be sold with money and feed vampires.

The Law God - Artic 93 Artic - Chapter 93 - Evil Planetary Council

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