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She had refrained from social activities because she had been wary of Sebastian's watching eyes, the jewelry she'd brought with her had not seen the light of the day for the past three years as it lay in the box untouched.

It was something she should have done immediately.

“But you're more knowledgeable about our situation than I thought. I thought you had no idea.” The duke said, looking at Agnes.

'I've said too much.'

In fact, when Agnes married him three years ago, all she knew about the Duke of Arpad was his name and family crest.

Few people knew what was going on inside the duchy due to him being on the very outskirts of the centrum of politics.

“Ehem, well. Living in the palace, I naturally see and hear more.”

“I see”

Fortunately, Laslo didn't dig any further.

Agnes thought that she should be more careful pretending in the future about knowing the Duke's inner circ.u.mstances.

Of course she could tell him the truth, but Agnes wasn't ready to tell him everything yet. She herself didn't understand the situation fully, and so she didn't seem to believe that she should tell him.

The simple breakfast was over quickly.

Laslo got up first.

“I'm thinking of holding a small banquet tonight.”


“It's nothing special, it's to introduce the va.s.sals of Arpad to the princess. If you're not busy, I hope you can attend.”

“Oh, of course.”

Agnes smiled happily.

This is different from the past. In the past, she didn't have breakfast with him nor did she get a formal introduction to the va.s.sals.

Somehow she felt a bit as if she was being acknowledged by him.

“Then, I'll see you later.”

Laslo left.

Agnes summoned a maid.

“Call the butler.”

“My name is Niall Altrace.”

She'd seen him daily for almost three years, so she didn't understand why it felt so strange now.

Agnes looked at him without saying anything.

She did not have a amicable relations.h.i.+p with this man.

For a commoner, it sure felt like it was hard to pick one to ten with such stiff shoulders and meticulousness.

“You may stand up.”

Niall rose up as her words fell.

The reason for dislike.

She had thought that the reason for why he hadn't easily trusted her with managing the household was because he had despised the princess who had married without even a dowry.

“Ney, hand me the box.”

The princess's milk-sibling and long-time attendant, Ney, handed her a wrapped box with a dreadful look on his face. He felt sorry for her.

“What is this?”

“It is jewelry I brought with me from the palace. Sell them and use it to buy grains.”

He quietly looked down at the box with no expression.

“All of it?”

The box he received was quite heavy to lift, even with both hands.

“All of it. If you need more, give word to Ney.”

Agnes said firmly.

“I shall.”

He nodded his head gently.

Agnes studied his face for a while and then offered him a seat in front of her.

“Take a seat. I need to talk to you.”

“I will stand and listen.”

“It's difficult to look up.”

Only then did Niall act as if he couldn't win and sat down across the princess.

Ney placed the tea on the table with concern.

“Stand back.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Ney closed the door as he went out.

Niall and Agnes were now the only ones in the room.

“Since when have you been serving under the Duke?”

“I was born and raised here. My father was the butler of the Arpad family for 45 years, and it's been eight years since I took over that role.”

“That's a long time. Have you been in charge of all the household matters?”

Agnes was aware of that the former d.u.c.h.ess had pa.s.sed away more than a decade ago.

If it had been eight years since he became the butler, it meant that he took charge of managing the household affairs from the beginning.


There was nothing more to say. Niall was spa.r.s.e with his words.

Agnes looked around the drawing room.

Clearly, it was largely thanks to his contributions that the Arpad Castle could somehow recover despite its tight circ.u.mstances.

“I don't trust you.”


It was like him not to immediately refute it.

Agnes laughed.

“You must be suspicious of how the princess, who has just become an adult, knows such. You must also feel skeptical towards entrusting the castle to such a young princess.”

She spoke calmly and sipped at the hot tea.

On behalf of Niall, who kept silent, Agnes continued to speak to herself.

“You're right. I may perhaps know the specialties of each region, but I have no clue as to where I can get quality rugs.”

In the past, even if she didn't know something, she wouldn't ask about it. No, it would be more accurate to say that she wasn't interested. It certainly wasn't the out of princess's own free will to come that she came to Sutmar.

Her relations.h.i.+p with her husband, Laslo, wasn't good, and the retainers silently ignored the princess who had come to the city without a dowry.

Agnes, who wasn't in a position to worry, naturally wasn't interested in how the castle's internal circ.u.mstances worked. In addition, because Niall didn't have much of a gentle or attentive personality, he had not approached her first and nor had he teached her how to deal with the castle's household affairs.

That's why Niall took care of everything she had to do as the mistress.

The retainers made a fuss about it. They had not hesitated to say that, since the incompetent and useless princess arrived, the house of Arpad of the West was losing its status.

Agnes had shut her ears in her room whenever she heard the gossiping about her.

“The princess grew up to be a successor of the crown, not to be the mistress of a castle.”

Niall, who had kept his mouth shut, opened his mouth for the first time.

Children of the king is educated as the successor to the next throne when they are old enough to walk and speak on their own.

Agnes was no exception.

“That's right. But I am now the d.u.c.h.ess of Arpad. Whether you acknowledge it or not.”

“I wouldn't dare not to.”

“Isn't that why you intentionally don't call me mistress?” She replied calmly.

It wasn't meant to be sarcastic.

“…I just haven't gotten used to it yet. I will correct it. Mistress.”

A fine crack had formed in Niall's front.

He bowed his head deeper than before.

“I didn't call you here to argue about my t.i.tle. But…”

Agnes took a deep breath.

Nirschege is a powerful country. Their military strength and strong economic power were at the top among the surrounding countries. Although she grew up wary of Sebastian, she was still born and raised as a royal. Naturally, she lived a life in which giving orders were more familiar than asking requests.

“Help me.”

In the past, she hadn't want to say this even if she'd die.

Although Altrace is a well-known family in Sutmar, to the princess they were no less than commoners.

Her pride refused to bow to such a man and seek help.


Even Niall couldn't hide the surprised look on his face.

“As you said, I've only ever received an imperial education, so I have no idea how to manage a castle. But I want you to teach me who is lacking. Help me.”

“Teaching. That's not it.”

It was more simple than she thought to place her pride aside. The words flowed out easily. She didn't understand why it had been so difficult to say this.

“It is my duty to a.s.sist you. You don't have to ask.”

“It's not a request, it's a favor.”

“Please. Altrace.” Agnes added quickly, uncertain if she had sounded too arrogant.

He made an attempt to raise the corners of his mouth, and said in a gentle voice.


'He agreed to it more easily than I thought.'

She got the answer she'd wanted, but still felt a bit restless.

Is that all? Anything else you want to say? The words were stuck in her throat.

“Do you mind if I go back?” He asked bluntly.

Agnes felt disappointed as his att.i.tude had remained unchanged from when he first entered the room.


Niall retreated with a polite but calm demeanor.

She didn't expect to win his heart at once.

Agnes sat alone as she drank the cold tea.

Still, she was a little happy that something went better than before. She was relieved since she felt she had a good first encounter with Laslo and Niall.

In the past, it took more than two months to hold a proper conversation with Laslo. Compared to the past, this was a tremendous improvement.

'I can change it'

Agnes, was grinning for herself when the happy expression on her face suddenly hardened as something came to mind.

‘but what should I do?'

Even if she went back three years, the information she knew was limited.

This was because she had turned a deaf ear to political matters, and the social interactions she had were limited, as she might be misunderstood as gathering forces when she meets people.

‘How can I save you?'

She couldn't forget the final look in Laslo's black eyes.

She'd probably never forget.

She had buried the arm that was pierced on the pole and had decided take revenge on her brother, but now that this chance was in front of her, she was at a loss of where and how to start.

If I had known this would happen, I would have kept an eye out for external affairs, but now it's all useless.

She called Ney back inside and asked him to bring her paper and pen.

She was planning to list all the things that had happened over the past three years.

– Sebastian inherits the throne next spring. That's less than half a year away from now, even if it's next spring. When Agnes left the palace, her father's health was already in poor condition.

– In autumn, a war with Devon forces the king to send troops over the Yeka Mountains. The scale of the war was bigger than predicted. Half of the Duchy's army were forced to dispatch. Unfortunately, most did not return home alive.

Lila's notes

1. (^) A difficult one, 그녀 자신도 이 상황이 납득가지 않는데 그에게 말한다고 믿을 것 같지도 않았다.

2. (^) This one was sooo weird, I didn't get it at all. I think I just copy-pasted the mtl 평민치곤 목이 뻣뻣하고 꼼꼼함 을 앞세워서 하나부터 열까지 따 지려 드는 게 고깝게 느껴졌다.

3. (^) I wasn't sure who hated who so I phrased it this way instead. It could've been “That's why she despised him.” or “That's why he despised her”. Most likely the first option though. 그런 이유로 그가 미웠다

4. (^) Might have meant “It wasn't like him not to immediately refute it.” doubt it though. 아니라고 즉각 반박하지 않는 게 나이얼다웠다.

5. (^) Sorry for weird phrasing, didn't have the energy to re-phrase it in a better way. I'm sure you guys understand anyways.

6. (^) lit. outside business (외부 일)

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