Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor 76 Academy Entrance Exam Part-1

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Chronos Magic Academy. The most top rank academy currently present in the continent.

Genius of both occupation magic users and fighters gather here in this place from all over the continent. It is said that the academy is even older than all Empire and magic sects, powerful family which are currently in power and dominat the continent. 

Being so old. Chronos Magic Academy have witnessed the rise and fall of many empire and powerhouses, who one time existed but are no more.

Owning it's reputation for being the oldest and most influential n.o.body dare to challenge the academy and test the depth of its hidden power.

The archives of magic academy, is its great treasure and can only be accessed by students of academy by making contributions to academy and getting contribution points which is the currency inside academy and is exchange for resources for cultivation and various other facilities.

Chronos Magic Academy territory location is in the south west direction of Buraford Kingdom. Owning a land of thousand Kilometres and share boundaries with Chaos Empire, Oman Empire, Romand Kingdom and Buraford Kingdom.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Many magic users and fighters come every year of July do give the entrance exams of academy and today Kai is standing at the checking point. Workers of academy are checking the entrance ticket and one by one as partic.i.p.ant are going inside.


It was finally Kai turn as Guards told him to hand over the ticket and after checking it, he returned it back.

"After you enter the gate you will see two paths. Choose the right one and wait there with others until invigilator arrive".

Kai nod and enters the gate and turn right.

As he saw a three storey building made of ordinary stone and beautiful carvings.

Where lines of people were standing.

Some are excited, some are nervous, some are talking with other to lighten the mood and get to know each other.

Looking around Kai notice there are not many partic.i.p.ants here. Total should be around 500.

After sometime Kai heard sounds of footsteps as everybody become silent and a middle aged man a s.h.i.+ning white armour with a sword in his hand appear.

"Good morning everybody and I welcome you all to entrance exams of Chronos Magic Academy and I David Northgate is incharge of this year examination. 

The examination will be divide into three parts first is basic and another is advance.

Basic examination will test your body potential,magic power purification test, mage root rank for magic users as for fighters they don't have to take mage root rank test instead they will take physical strength test.

While advance will test how efficiently can you utilities your magic power control, foundational knowledge which will be a written test and magic spells casting which will be a practical test.

Fighters will not have any advance test and only have to pa.s.s basic test but let me tell you. Academy will not take more than 100 fighters so if your exam results rank is not in top 100 you will not be accepted where as for magic users there is no such limitations.

Let me tell you before hand those who are not able to pa.s.s basic examination cannot take part in advance examination and directly will be failed".

"If you guys have any questions you can ask before I start with the examination"with a strict expression.

Hearing that Kai and other three persons raised their hands.

"You ask first. What is your queries?"as David point at the fatty.

As fatty comes forward and introduce himself"Sir, my name is Yuna Sarvis from Alfrine Kingdom. Can you tell us what is the minimum requirements to pa.s.s each of the basis test of magic users"

"You must have minimum body potential and mage root of earth rank.

As for magic power purification test, one must have grade 5 magic purity and higher, one will have to pa.s.s all basic test to enter advance round. Any other questions do you have?".

"No, sir thank you"replied Yuna.

"Next you may ask"as David point at young elegant man appear.

"Sir, I am Fredrick Thenardier, I want to know why are you guys limiting the number of fighter and have no limit for magic users"asked Fredrick.

Looking at Fredrick. David smile"Fredrick do you. Rules are unfair for fighters but academy has its reason like after you guys breakthrough to magic warrior stage, many die but not in Chronos Magic Academy as we make sure you breakthrough safely and your magic power don't go out of control leading to your death.

Second most fighters awakening their mage root which can be of any rank and have Magic origin which convert them to a magic users with stronger body nothing else but these new transcend magic users have no foundation as a magic users and take a lots of energy and time to convert them into mainstream magic users.

Third Battle mage some of you guys may become battle mage but we don't know. Who can and who can't. So investing time to create a foundation and combat training. May not result in any result later".

Listening to David words Fredrick remain silent and can't reply. Because even he is not sure if after he breakthrough to magic warrior stage. What path will walk?

"Next"said David as he points at Kai.

"h.e.l.lo David, I am Kai Seft. Is it necessary for Battle Mage to take part in the exam?"

As Kai release magic pressure of first level of magic warrior stage.

Rise Of Myriad Magic Emperor 76 Academy Entrance Exam Part-1

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