My Extraordinary Achievements 203 A Complete Mess

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It was a wonderful feeling to gain experience while he slept.

Did this count as AFK farming?!

He continued this until 4:00 am, gaining three experience points. Meng Fan didn't continue since he decided he wouldn't be able to gain more night touring experience. Plus, Meng Fan had gotten enough sleep at this point anyways.

He used the live stream a.s.sistant's drone ability and took some photos of the lake. Xi Zi lake at 4:00 in the morning had its own unique beauty. Although the sky was still dark, there were street lights, giving it a hazy mood.

He picked a shot and posted it on his WeChat moments. "Have you seen Xi Zi lake at 4:30 in the morning? She's still sleeping but a beauty at that!"

Comments, likes?

Of course not. Who was browsing WeChat at this hour? Plus, he was still wearing his hat. Who was going to see it?

Meng Fan stretched out his limbs and warmed up before running home.

At this hour, there were still cars outside Xi Zi lake. If he got hit, who was he going to call? It was best to be safe and take off his hat.

Xi Zi lake to his neighborhood was about a dozen kilometers, but it took Meng Fan less than an hour.

Now, Meng Fan's pace for 10 kilometers was easily at 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Without the energy chews and sports drinks, he could push himself and make it in under 50 minutes.

With Meng Fan's perseverance, the score for [Travelling Deity], except for those few days in Shenzhen where he ran 10 km a day, sometimes even 20 kilometers, after he reached his community, was at 852 kilometers. A few days ago, he finished task phase 7 and received +2 speed as a reward. Currently, he was only a week's process away from finis.h.i.+ng the 1000 km required for task phase 8.

But there were additional requirements to task phase 8 aside from finis.h.i.+ng the kilometer count. For example, task phase 8 required him to run a half marathon in less than 2 hours.

The rewards for this task phase were very lucrative since it could be considered a phase reward. Last time, the phase reward was at 100 kilometers, where he gained endurance, strength, and speed. This time for the 1000 kilometer landmark, each of these attributes gained +2 points.

He looked at the time, noticing it was already 5:00. Meng Fan hesitated back and forth outside his neighborhood and then turned toward his school. He wanted to see Wu Tong on this beautiful morning.

Plus, he could complete his half marathon on the way!

He was afraid there weren't many opportunities to run a half marathon, and since he had already been running, he could take advantage of it and finish this requirement upfront.

He exchanged some points for a sports drink and an energy chew and accelerated as he paced toward the school.

"Morning gramps"

"This early today?"

The doorman uncle yawned. After the days got shorter, Meng Fan usually arrived at school around 6. Today, he was 30 minutes early.

As for why Meng Fan always came so early, the doorman had his own thoughts.

When Wu Tong arrived at the track, she noticed Meng Fan was already running. She warmed up and caught up to him, asking curiously, "Why did you go to Xi Zi lake this early?"

Naturally, she saw his WeChat status.

"I woke up early." Meng Fan responded through his heavy breathing.

Wu Tong felt this was not scientific. "You came from Xi Zi lake, and now you're running at school. How many kilometers have you done?"

This remark threw Meng Fan off his breathing rhythm, and he gasped several breaths before recovering and saying, "I rode my bike over."

It was almost 20 kilometers to and from Xi Zi lake, and now he was running another 10 kilometers at his school. That was already 30 kilometers, and Meng Fan was not about to expose that.

Plus, he would have to lie and extend the time by an hour, saying he woke up at 3:00. It was too suspicious.

Of course, this was only Meng Fan's "guilty conscience" talking. Even if Wu Tong felt he was unscientific, she wouldn't be "suspicious" about anything. It wasn't that suspicious either since n.o.body would think Meng Fan would sleep inside Xi Zi Lake's scenic area. That would be crazy!

When Wu Tong arrived, Meng Fan had been running for a while, and when Wu Tong was at her 5th kilometer, Meng Fan had finished his half marathon or 21.0975 kilometers. It took him 2 hours and 04 minutes, failing to meet the requirements.

Meng Fan was slightly disappointed by this result but felt it was acceptable. After all, he had spent the night out in the wind. Even if he downed sports drinks and energy chews, his physical condition was worse than normal despite his compet.i.tive mentality.

Not long after running to the school track field, Meng Fan knew he wasn't going to meet the requirement. He could have maintained his physical state from Xi Zi lake to his neighborhood, but after entering the campus, he found his body was physically incapable of keeping up.

Seeing Meng Fan stop, Wu Tong also stopped running and went off to stretch with him.

"When did you sleep last night? You woke up so early!"

"Around 1:00 am."

"Take care of yourself."

"I will."

Meng Fan went home to shower. He ate breakfast and continued to draw. He was hungry again after 10:00 and took off his hat to call some take out in case the delivery guy or even worse the store forgot about his existence.


Before even sending out his order, a call from Wu Tong came.

"Send me your home address."


"I'm coming over now."

"Huh? Okay!"

Meng Fan trembled as he texted her his address, his entire body was jumping up and down. He then began to walk circles around the apartment again, spinning around for a bit as he cleaned and organized... The place was very clean since a maid had been coming in every few days to clean the place... Oh oh oh right, the clothes, the clothes! He hurriedly jammed his dirty clothes into the was.h.i.+ng machine. His underwear had to be hand-washed, so he collected them... What else, what else?!

Meng Fan was disheveled!

Yesterday he was telling Da Qiang to stay calm, but here he was an even bigger mess. Chen Da Qiang was a mess because he was about to complete his adulthood ceremony, but this was just Wu Tong coming to his door!

Could he be harboring a little bit of hope though?

But he wasn't ready for that kind of leap either!

'What is the routine for that? Should I say "not so hard" or "I'm so powerful"?' Meng Fan thought.

Since she hadn't come, he felt it was appropriate to preview the situation before she came, or it was best if he...Whoever it was that said it was best to do a pre-test before a formal test for a better grade...


Meng Fan was completely lost, thoughtless, and confused as he paced back and forth. He finally came back to reality after his head hit the wall.

What was he thinking?!

They weren't even together and hadn't even had any close distance contact nonetheless negative distance contact. How shameless!

'How could I be this kind of person?' Meng Fan thought.

Yes, it must be because he had been working too much on "Guide To Campus RoMANce" and learned these impure thoughts!


At this time, the doorbell rang. Meng Fan nearly jumped out of his skin. His entire body was trembling with excitement. The sweat on his forehead began to pour out.

Huff huff huff.

He took a deep breath.

Letting it out, he told himself sternly to be calm and always act like a gentleman… Gentleman my *ss! Definitely not a 'gentleman'... This didn't sound right either, the gentleman here wasn't what gentleman usually referred to... Sh*t he had lost it again!

Huff huff huff.

He adjusted his breathing once again and forcibly calmed down. Meng Fan opened the door.

Wu Tong was outside carrying two large bags. Seeing Meng Fan's expression, she couldn't help but let out a laugh. "What happened to you?"

"Huh? Is something wrong with me?"

"Even if nothing is, shouldn't you help me take this stuff inside?"

"Huh? Oh! So heavy, what's in here? Why didn't you tell me to come down?"

"You have the nerve to ask? I called you so many times, you didn't answer! Where are your slippers? Huh? They're for women."

"Huh? Oh, those belong to my mom and my sisters."

Wu Tong changed out of her shoes and entered the apartment, but she didn't seem surprised when she looked into the place. "Last time you made me congee, so this time I'll make you some food. It seems like you're pretty busy lately, sleeping late and waking up early. I'm worried you've been eating too much take out and not enough nutrients!"

Meng Fan stiffly swallowed the phrase "I can't keep up with my nutrition when I see you" down his throat. He couldn't afford to f*ck around anymore. He hefted the two large bags of ingredients into the kitchen and asked, "You can cook?"



My Extraordinary Achievements 203 A Complete Mess

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