My Extraordinary Achievements 278 It Has Finally Come!

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Meng Fan held Wu Tong's hand and walked allover campus. Of course, he didn't try anything and was quite nervous.

Wu Tong knew he had something in his pocket.

Meng Fan felt lucky that Wu Tong didn't let him go or simply slap him.

Meng Fan's hands grew clammy after the walk. He didn't dare to think of anything else.

Without any stray thoughts, however, walking around like this made Meng Fan feel very happy.

"Alright, I'm going up."

Wu Tong slowly pulled her hand from Meng Fan's. She tidied the scarf around Meng Fan's neck, then, she lightly patted him. 

The tenderness made Meng Fan feel so weak he almost collapsed.


"You better head back. It's cold."


With a face filled with longing, Meng Fan watched Wu Tong go inside the girls' dorm.

"Iron Hero, you're so amazing!"


"What a winner!"

"Yay, you're finally together!"

"Iron Hero, I'm so sad, but I still want to wish you well!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you got my Wu Tong. You have to be happy!"


"Thank you, thank you."

Meng Fan was about to go back, but with all the congratulations from pa.s.sing girls, he felt a little embarra.s.sed and stood in place for a few minutes.

There were tons of well-wishes on his way home too. Meng Fan had no choice but to slow down. He didn't leave school until he collected 365 well-wishes.

His steps hurried when he left school. When there was no one around, he couldn't help but jump in excitement, and then chuckled.

"Bro, what's going on? Why so happy?"

A car stopped next to Meng Fan. The window lowered to reveal Charlie, who lived in the same neighborhood.

The online comments about Meng Fan and Wu Tong weren't at a fever pitch yet, so Charlie hadn't heard.

Meng Fan stopped laughing. "Director Charlie, what a coincidence."

"Wait for me at the entrance to your building. I need to talk to you."

They weren't far from the entrance, so Charlie parked his car in the garage and then met up with Meng Fan at the entrance.

"You're something else. You got on 'Voice Legend!'" Charlie complained. "You didn't even tell me when you got back." 

When Di Feifei, a maven in the voiceover industry, and the voiceover advisor on "Voice Legend," called Charlie, he was shocked that Meng Fan went to MangoTV to be on "Voice Legend." The day before, Meng Fan was just a voiceover actor at the studio.

After Charlie heard Di Feifei say that someone's voiceover ability was crazy good, he was sure that this was the same Meng Fan. Other than Meng Fan, he couldn't think of anyone else who had the same kind of power to impress Di Feifei.

When Di Feifei wanted to borrow Meng Fan from the Chocolate Factory, Charlie didn't even hesitate.

Why did Di Feifei need Meng Fan?

Because she was giving Meng Fan voiceover work. When Di Feifei gave you work, it wasn't work, it was an investment!

There was definitely going to be some leftover resources, which meant Chocolate Factory could take advantage of them.

Plus, it was only borrowing Meng Fan, so Charlie readily agreed.

But he realized that it wasn't entirely up to him, Meng Fan had to agree as well.

"Ms. Di?"

Meng Fan didn't realize he would get a great opportunity like this from "Voice Legend." He replied, "No problem. It's just that I don't have a lot of time right now."

  Meng Fan completed the voiceover mission, but he needed to keep doing voiceover work. This was his interest and dream, so he wasn't tossing it aside after the mission. However, before he left for Singapore, he really didn't have time, especially big chunks of time.

"They're not asking you to do it right now. She hasn't contacted me yet. I'm just letting you know now. If you're busy, take care of your stuff. I'll talk to you after I hear more. It should be flexible time-wise."

The two of them chatted some more in the night wind. After Charlie felt cold too, they parted ways.

Meng Fan took a shower after he got home. Before he did, he sent a WeChat message to Wu Tong and told her he was back. After his shower, Wu Tong had replied, so he wrote back.

"What took you so long?"

"I took a shower."

"Did anything naughty?"

Meng Fan was stunned by Wu Tong's message.

There were two reasons: Wu Tong's question was a little risque, and he was reminded of how he stuffed her hand in his pocket earlier.

"What naughty thing could I do in the shower?"

"Do I need to spell it out?"

"Actually, guys don't do naughty things in the shower, girls do. Why are you asking..."

Wu Tong sent an attack emoji and then something else, "I'll stop chatting now. Off to take a shower."

Meng Fan: "Go, I understand."

Wu Tong sent over many other emojis.

Meng Fan smiled stupidly. He loved chatting like this after holding hands. It was quite stimulating.

A notification.

Someone mentioned him in a group chat. Meng Fan grew nervous at the sight.

The eight daughters of the Meng family!

These days, everything from this chat group made Meng Fan freak out.

This group was the Meng family group with the seven Meng daughters and Meng Fan. In this group, Meng Fan's name was changed to Meng Caifan.

Before he opened the group chat, he saw some screenshots sent by Meng Caitang. There was news about her being accepted by an elite research center at Singapore National University (NUS), and her article on sports dynamics being published in some top journal... and the most important screenshot of all, news about her winning some big award.

Before he was reborn, Meng Fan went to Singapore for this award ceremony for Meng Caitang.

Meng Fan wasn't sure what award it was. It was some kind of amazing award, something a poor student like Meng Fan could never understand.

Meng Caitang was Meng Fan's younger cousin. She was a year younger. The year before last, when Meng Fan was in his first year in college, she had already graduated from Hong Kong University's undergraduate program and was accepted to NUS for graduate school.

She had a full scholars.h.i.+p at both Hong Kong University and NUS.

She was already guaranteed admission to Hong Kong University's graduate school, but she chose to change her school as well as major.

Meng Caitang wasn't born a genius. She was a typical student from elementary through middle school. She'd get a decent grade without studying too hard, but had no tutoring or extracurriculars. She liked to learn on her own and try experiments on Meng Fan and others, with Meng Fan being the biggest victim.

After she started high school, however, she seemed to have a breakthrough. She announced she was going to college in the second half of 10th grade. In just a few months, she got into college, the renowned Hong Kong University, with a full scholars.h.i.+p.

Later, when Meng Fan started college, she was already a NUS grad student.

Now that he thought about it, maybe his cousin had gotten a genius system!

Meng Caitang: "Gege, they all said they can't come to my award ceremony, but you have time right?"

"Gege, please come. If you come here, I'll treat you to plane tickets to j.a.pan, and get you tickets to concerts and comic expos. There's plenty of that here."

Deep breath.

His fate paused at this moment. She had said the same exact things before he was reborn, with the same punctuations. His previous and current life had overlapped!

The turning point in his life, the plane hijacking, happened during the flight from Singapore to j.a.pan.

More deep breathing!

Meng Fan breathed rapidly. While he was ready to go to Singapore, at that instant, he still hesitated.

He had just changed from a chubby homebody to the Iron Hero. He had just become a voiceover actor. He had just held hands with Wu Tong...

Would he get to come back?

G.o.d, fate, the curse on his life!


Meng Fan breathed out and shakily typed, "I have time to go," then added an exclamation point.

Meng Caitang: "You're the best. I'm getting you tickets now!"

Soon, or after what seemed like a long time to Meng Fan, a screenshot appeared in the family chat group, showing a flight from Hangzhou to Singapore on the afternoon of the 10th.

Then tickets to various concerts and comic expos.

My Extraordinary Achievements 278 It Has Finally Come!

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