The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Unt.i.tled

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A.K pointed at the seat. “You should have competed in the Korean servers already. Use my account now and play a match.”

Mo Huaifeng translated his instructions for Ji Zhiyao, Ji Zhiyao replied with an “okay”, then took two steps forward and sat in the seat.

He could not help but feel slightly excited and even more nervous.

This was the seat of the world’s number one jungler, A.K.

Now he was about to play a match, for A.K to watch, then decide if he would guide him in the speed cla.s.s style.

At the thought of this, Ji Zhiyao looked up to ask Mo Huaifeng, “Did senior mention any specific way of playing?”

Mo Huaifeng turned back to ask A.K, A.K said something then Mo Huaifeng conveyed his message to Ji Zhiyao, “Anything is fine, depends on your habit.”

Ji Zhiyao nodded, then inhaled deeply as his right hand grabbed onto the mouse.

Launched Heroes

Log on.

Enter a ranked match.

The entire screen was covered in Korean letters, they were terms that he was gradually getting familiarized with in the past month.

Ji Zhiyao settled down.

With the end of the countdown, he entered the phase of picking his champion.

Ji Zhiyao locked in in white that he had been working with quite often recently. The specialty of this was that his speed was fast coupled with high damage but his defense and health were both very weak.

The match moved into the loading stage. A few seconds after, they officially entered Heroes Valley.

A.K’s alternate account was also a Challenger rank in the Korean servers, whether it was his teammates or opponents, everyone that he matched up with would be in the Challenger ranks. This also meant that if Ji Zhiyao chose to play with the speed cla.s.s style that he was unfamiliar with, if his handling lagged behind, the opponents would catch his flaw very easily.

Yet Ji Zhiyao still chose to do so.

A.K frowned involuntarily.

But Mo Huaifeng’s expression was very peaceful.

Once the match began, Ji Zhiyao first jungled, when he earned a certain amount of gold, he then bought a jungle knife.

At this point, the opposing jungler was restless and had gotten the mid-laner to come counter-jungle with him. Ji Zhiyao was a very small distance away from the blue buff, when he vaguely saw two figures in the bushes nearby, he promptly sent the signal to retreat.

His mid-laner swiftly rushed over, a bout of counter-jungling as a mere close call.

Ji Zhiyao aided his mid-laner in harvesting the blue buff.

As the minions in the middle lane were being obstructed by the opponent’s minions, he first headed there with the mid-laner to clear up the lane before returning to the jungle.

At this point, he sold his first piece of equipment, the jungle knife and together with the gold that he had earned from jungling earlier, he bought two pairs of accelerated boots.

The movement speed of the in white immediately increased.

Ji Zhiyao’s left hand pushed around on the keyboard as he familiarized himself with the’s current speed. Then he sent a signal to his ADC, while he himself ran towards the opponent’s jungle.

This was also a pattern that he noticed. Thanks to his fast movement speed, when counter-jungling, if handled well, it wouldn’t be easy for him to get caught.

His ADC saw the signal and reacted very quickly, following Ji Zhiyao to move towards the jungle.

Yet because Ji Zhiyao’s speed was too fast, even after traveling quite a distance, the ADC still did not manage to catch up. Just then, a system notice appeared, indicating that a turret at the bottom lane was in danger of being attacked, the ADC hesitated for a moment, then returned to the bottom lane again.


Ji Zhiyao inwardly cursed at the trashy, uncooperative ADC who came from G.o.d knows which corner, but his feet did not stop as he continued to rush towards the opponent’s jungle.

Beside him, a trace of approval showed in A.K’s eyes, Mo Huaifeng caught side of it and the corner of his lips lifted slightly.

After Ji Zhiyao harvested one of the opponent’s blue buffs, the opposing jungler who seemed as if he disconnected then reacted and rushed to where Ji Zhiyao was. Yet Ji Zhiyao moved even faster than him, within a few seconds he had retreated out of the danger zone and under his turret in the middle lane, a cla.s.sic dine and dash.

But he did not remain hiding behind either, instead he helped his mid-laner to pressure the opponents to retreat, then killed half of the minions as his reward before returning to the jungle.

The match continued on. With each second and minute, many problems were already evident.

Ji Zhiyao did not have much understanding of his champion’s speed but fortunately, he knew the damage per second of this champion at every level like the back of his hand. Thus he was able to madly roam all three lanes and lead the game. At the 20th minute, Ji Zhiyao already had 4 a.s.sists and killed the support while at it, on top of three successful ganks… Even though his top-laner was feeding like he was disconnected, thanks to Ji Zhiyao’s defense the top lane was very well defended, so there wasn’t much damage done.

Such a level of performance, though slightly worse than his usual, was indeed rather good.

Following the start of the battle for the big dragon, the match officially entered the late stage.

At the beginning, because his top-laner had for some reason sneaked to where the big dragon was and circled it, the opposing jungler and ADC immediately rushed over the moment they sensed that something was wrong and frightened the top-laner so much so that he quickly sent a signal… In less than a minute’s time, all 10 people had been summoned to the dragon’s cave and a team fight began without rhyme or reason.

As Ji Zhiyao was relatively crustier, he had not managed to hide behind for long before he was taken away by a combination of abilities, yet before he died he released his ultimate ability and the opposing support and mid-laner fell with him… A chaotic fight ended, only his ADC survived with two bars of health.

The ADC killed the big dragon, then recalled.

The big dragon together with the entire resp.a.w.ned team launched an attack together, and the match officially ended.


Ji Zhiyao glanced at the “victory” on his screen, the corner of his lips that had lifted slightly flattened quickly. He calmly swung his right arm that had become slightly stiff as he turned and looked towards A.K and Mo Huaifeng.

Mo Huaifeng smiled at him undisguisedly, then turned towards A.K, saying, “No matter my relations.h.i.+p with him, you ought to trust my judgment.”

A.K.’s expression became increasingly grave.

Ji Zhiyao had also noticed the change in A.K and swallowed his saliva quietly.

Seriously speaking, this match was considered a better than average performance for him, it was slightly better compared to his usual results and handling. If even such a standard was unable to satisfy A.K… Then he was really at a loss.

Would he have no luck with his idol?

At the thought of this, Ji Zhiyao was even more nervous. More than ten seconds pa.s.sed again, before he heard A.K speak, saying a string of Korean that he could not understand to Mo Huaifeng.

“I only have some questions. Fi, how long have you guys been training in Korea for?”

“A month. If you want to ask how long he’s come into contact with speed cla.s.s, I can tell you, it’s less than a month.”

A.K suddenly went silent for a few seconds and smiled bitterly, “This is the hard nut that you’ve given me. You must know, no matter what, as a Korean eSports player, I would of course hope that when speed cla.s.s reappears on the compet.i.tion stage, it would be by a Korean player.”

“But he is very suitable. A.K, you’ve always advocated for freedom in eSports, I don’t think you will make a foolish decision at such a time.”

A.K scratched his head, as if in a dilemma.

Ji Zhiyao glanced at A.K, then glanced at his Captain, somehow feeling that there was some hope in him gaining a master.

A.K paced two rounds around the room, then gritted his teeth and stopped before Mo Huaifeng. “I knew it’s always nothing good when you contact me. Tell me first, how long can you guys stay here?”

Mo Huaifeng smiled. “We have another two months. Of course, if it’s not enough, we can extend it. Only it would have to wait till the North America and j.a.pan tours end.”

The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! Chapter 198

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