The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! Chapter 76 - Shopping Center

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Chapter 76: Shopping Center

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The car was parked in a parking s.p.a.ce near a shopping center a stone’s throw from the base, and both of them alighted.

The late September sun was not blazing; instead, it was somewhat warm and comfortable as the sun shone on them. Ji Zhiyao looked out with squinted eyes and after surveying all the restaurants on the first level of the shopping center, turned back to ask Mo Huaifeng. “Captain, what are we eating?”

Mo Huaifeng was actually fine with anything. “Enter first. We can have whatever.”

They did not walk too far. Ji Zhiyao pushed open the front door of the shopping center and just happened to face a fried chicken place. He turned his head with both eyes gleaming with his interest as they looked towards Mo Huaifeng.

Mo Huaifeng smiled coldly. “What’s there to look? I managed to make a trip out for once, and you want me to just eat this? Then why don’t I just order takeaway?”


That sounded very reasonable.

A few minutes later, they found an Hai Di Lao Hotpot outlet and ordered some food.

In between eating, the two of them casually chatted for a bit. But, of course, more time was spent wholly absorbed in eating. In the end, Mo Huaifeng took a napkin, wiped his mouth, and then asked, “You want to go upstairs?”

Ji Zhiyao had just picked out a slice of meat from the pot and stuffed it into his own mouth directly. It was so scalding hot that he was hissing and kept puffing to draw in the cool air. After a drinking a few mouthfuls of iced lemonade, he then mumbled. “Yeah, I want to go and get a web camera to livestream tonight. While at it, I’ll get some snacks to eat too.”

“Aren’t there snacks at the bus?” Mo Huaifeng glanced at Ji Zhiyao’s lips that were red from being scalded and could not help but frown slightly. “Not enough for you?”

“Still alright, nothing much that I like.”


Ji Zhiyao peeked proudly at Mo Huaifeng, and the corners of his lips lifted, acting as if the one being scorned totally was not him.

The knuckle of Mo Huaifeng’s index finger lightly knocked on the surface of the table, and he glanced at the remaining two plates of uncooked meat on the table and asked, “Is this enough?”

“Yes, I’m already full. At most, I’ll eat one more plate.”

Hearing that, Mo Huaifeng stood up and took his wallet to go settle the bill.

When he returned, he realized that the plates on the table that were initially filled were all empty now.

“…” Mo Huaifeng stared at Ji Zhiyao.

Ji Zhiyao seemed to have understood his own Captain’s thoughts and said as he chewed, “We can’t waste food, so I just put it in. Captain, eat with me.”

“No.” Mo Huaifeng rejected. “You settle it yourself.”

Around ten minutes later, Ji Zhiyao, rubbing his round belly, trudged upstairs with Mo Huaifeng.

The third level of the shopping center was the electronic products section. The two took a lift directly to the third level and headed straight for the counter.

Ji Zhiyao did not have many requirements for the web camera. As long as it was able to film clearly, he would be fine with it. In the store, the salesman very quickly a.s.sisted him in picking out a product, and right after, Ji Zhiyao notified Mo Huaifeng and went to the counter to pay.

Mo Huaifeng walked out first, standing at a spot several meters from the counter to wait. He was bored in the few minutes of waiting, and after silently complaining about how slow Ji Zhiyao was, he pulled out his phone preparing to read some news. However, just as he looked down, he heard a scream from a spot not too far. “Fi-G.o.d??”

He turned off his phone and looked up with an expression showing that he was a little reluctant.

S City’s eSports industry was relatively developed, and there were also quite a few professional battleteam bases in the suburbs. Hence, when he realized that he had met a fan gank, Mo Huaifeng was not surprised. After all, he had met such situations many times in the past…

The female fan who had screamed a few seconds ago rushed over with an expression like she had won a five million dollar lottery. She desperately wanted to be closer to Mo Huaifeng but was daunted by his aloof expression and could only remain at her spot a meter away, rambling. “Fi-G.o.d, is it really you? I didn’t recognize wrongly, did I? … To actually be able to meet you, can I take a photo with you?”

The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro! Chapter 76 - Shopping Center

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