The Dragon Evolve God 86 Prince Eraga Arrived

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"Forgive me supreme one for my disrespectful behavior just now," said Raenor as he felt guilty for looking down on Prime earlier.

When the nearby guards saw their King suddenly kowtowing at Prime, that's when they became shocked and didn't know what to say.

"What's going on? Why is our king doing that?" said one the guards curiously.

"No idea, maybe there's something special about that dragon boy who knows," responded another guard.

Since those two guards were quite far away, so they couldn't hear clearly what Prime and their king was talking about.

Then suddenly:


The giant door opened again and this time there are 3 people coming out, and it was Aelena's younger sister, mother, and her older brother.

"Big sister! Big sister!" said Aelena's younger sister excitedly as she quickly rushed over to hug Aelena.

As for Aelena's mother and her older brother, they too also rushed over and hugged her tightly.

After a while, "Ahem, okay you guys are being disrespectful to Sir Prime," said King Raenor as he doesn't want Prime to feel left out.

It was then at this moment, King Raenor introduced Prime to his family and tell them everything about Prime.

Then suddenly:


Once again, Aelena's older brother, mother, and her young sister began getting down on both their knees and started kowtowing at Prime.

When Aelena saw that, she chuckled a little as she finds it kind of funny. As for Prime, he felt a little embarra.s.sed too as he was not used to getting praised so much.

'd.a.m.n this Aelena, I was trying to be humble and stay low, but she ended up telling everyone.... f**k,' Prime thought to himself.

After a while, Prime was a.s.signed to a VIP room or one of the best rooms in this ma.s.sive palace. The quality of the room was as good as King Raenor's room, and it was also very s.p.a.cious like a big mansion.

"Cool! So this is my VIP room, huh?" said Prime excitedly.

"Alright, I'm going take a shower now, so in the meantime, you can do whatever you like," said Prime to Geemo.

"Okay sure," said Geemo.

Just like that, Prime took off his clothes began entering the ma.s.sive bathroom.

At the moment, Prime is sitting in a ma.s.sive hot tub that is made out of stone. The water temperature is just nice, not too hot and not too cold and it was also an open-roof bathroom.

As for the design of the hot tub, well it looks pretty similar to the ancient roman style except this one is a few times larger.

While lying down in the hot tub, Prime looked up at the beautiful blue sky and started thinking:

'If I'm not wrong, the G.o.d of this world is called Luna, right? Hmm, I wonder how strong she is or what level she is at?' Prime wondered.

Eventually due to how comfortable the ma.s.sive hot tub was, Prime ended up falling asleep peacefully.

Meanwhile, far in the deep forest of the DarkStar Kingdom, Prince Eraga was sitting in his carriage relaxingly.

Then suddenly, 3 people appeared in front of Prince Eraga's carriage, and it was Katherine and the other two Royal Knights, which is Jack and Rolan.

"Oh? You guys are back, so did you guys find anything?" said Prince Eraga.

"Sadly no, and it seems like the person who killed Rudo has already left the dungeon a long time ago,"

"I see, well that's too bad then," said Prince Eraga disappointingly.

Although Prince Eraga is still furious about Rudo's death, but now is not the time to be upset because right now he has to focus on dealing with the Elf race first.

"Your highness, do you still want us to continue searching for Rudo's killer?" said Katherine.

"No need. For now, follow me to the GreenStar Kingdom and as for finding Rudo's killer, we will do that later after we deal with the Elf race first," said Prince Eraga.

"As you wish, Eragsama," said Katerine as she bowed respectfully.

Just like that, Prince Eraga and his 7 Royal Knights are on their way to the GreenStar Kingdom. And the worst part about this, is that King Raenor doesn't even know that great danger is approaching.

Then two weeks later....

Prince Eraga and his 7 Royal Knights finally crossed the border and arrived at the GreenStar Kingdom land.

When that happened, the elf guards at the border quickly deliver the news to their king regarding Prince Eraga visiting.

When King Raenor received the news at his throne room, that's when he freaks out and said:

"What?! Prince Eraga is coming here?!"

"Yes, at least that's what the guards at the border reported to us," said one of King Raenor's royal knight.

Although King Raenor had heard about how powerful Prime is from Aelena, but deep down in his heart, he still has a little doubt on Prime's ability. Plus, Prince Eraga didn't come alone and even brought 7 powerful Royal Knights with him.

At the moment, the Elf race has a total of 10 royal knights with them, which outnumbered Prince Eraga's royal knights. But the problem is, a Demon Royal Knight is easily 2 to 3 times stronger than an Elf Royal Knight, in another word, the elf race doesn't stand a chance.

"Your majesty, do you want me to contact the dragon race for help?" said the royal knight.

"I mean do we have time? Because I heard that the dragon race is having internal conflict right now, so I don't think they can even help us at this time,"

It was at this moment, Aelena who is next to her father began to speak and said:

"Don't worry father, you can just leave this problem to Sir Prime,"

"....." King Raenor didn't know what to say.

It's not that he doesn't believe his daughter, but because he's still doubting Prime's ability, therefore he didn't want to take the risk. But looking at his current situation, it looks like he doesn't have a choice and could only listen to his daughter's advice for now.

Just like that, King Raenor decided to put all his trust in Prime even though he still has doubts. But just in case, he also did send some of his people to contact the dragon race for help.

Meanwhile, Prime is chilling in his room reading books that he got it from the palace's library, and as for Geemo, he too also read books.

At the moment, the book that Prime is reading right now is about the ancient heroes of this world. Although Prime doesn't like reading history and stuff, but this book for some reason intrigued him a lot.

And this book was about an orphan boy who has nothing, but was able to rise to the top with great determination and hard work. So when Prime reads something like this, he can't help but admire this specific hero.

"d.a.m.n, I can't believe how strong-minded this hero is. I mean he got NTR/Cuckold 10 times, yet he was still able to keep his cool and slowly plan on how to defeat his enemies,"

It was at this time, suddenly Prime heard someone knocking on his door:


"Yo Geemo! Go and check who is it," said Prime as he was lazy to get up.

So without delay, Geemo got down from his bed and went to open the door.

Sure enough, it was Aelena waiting outside, it seems like she wanted to talk to Prime regarding Prince Eraga matter.

"Oh? Do you need anything?" said Geemo when he saw Aelena.

"Well, is Sir Prime busy? Because there's something I want to talk to him about," said Aelena.

"Err yes Prime-sama is busy at the moment, but you can let me know and I will pa.s.s the message to him," said Geemo.

Since Prime is reading a book at the moment, so he didn't want any interruptions, which is why he told Geemo to go and check who it was.

With that being said, Aelena then pa.s.sed the message to Geemo and later on, Geemo pa.s.sed the message to Prime.

'Prince Eraga is coming here? Hahaha! What an idiot! Welp, free pa.s.sive stacks I guess,' Prime laughed inwardly.

Although Geemo alone is more than enough to kill Prince Eraga and the 7 Demon Royal Knights, but Prime didn't want Geemo to take the kills as he needed it for his pa.s.sive stacks.

Then a few days later, Prince Eraga and his 7 Royal Knights finally arrived at Leafen City. And at the moment right now, they're heading toward the ma.s.sive palace, which is where King Raenor is.

Also when the crowd saw Prince Eraga and his 7 Royal Knights in the street, they can't help but felt terrified because they know something bad is about to happen soon in Leafen City.

"s.h.i.+t! What is Prince Eraga doing here?" said one of the bystanders nervously.

"No idea, but the fact that Prince Eraga brought his 7 Royal Knights with him, so he must be up to something no good for sure,"

"F**k, I have a bad feeling about this," said another bystander worriedly.

Eventually, the palace main gate opened and Prince Eraga's group slowly entered.

The Dragon Evolve God 86 Prince Eraga Arrived

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