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Facing the black hole's vortex that was above their heads, Zheng Hai, who had acc.u.mulated all of his strength, gripped his blade tightly and slowly raised the blade in his hand.


A resplendent glow burst out from the surface of the blade. In the blink of an eye, it expanded to a length of several thousand meters.

However, this time, the explosive growth of the resplendent saber light did not stop. Instead, it continued to increase at a crazy rate.

6000 meters, 7000 meters, 10000 meters.

In the blink of an eye, he had already traveled ten kilometers.

Eleven kilometers, twelve kilometers, fifteen kilometers.

Sixteen kilometers, seventeen kilometers …

After a short while of breathing, the resplendent saber light finally stopped exploding forth.

By the time he stopped, the amount of energy spreading out from him had reached a terrifying twenty kilometers.

"Master Lin, this saber, I want to see how you handle it!"

A twenty-kilometer-long, resplendent saber light spread out from the body of the saber, completely merging into one with the body of the saber.

Zheng Hai held onto the blade with both of his hands and slashed down from the sky. It was as if he was holding onto a twenty thousand meters long Tong Tian Long Blade, as he flew towards them from the summit of the sky.

"The might of your body is indeed strong and the immortal elemental energy is terrifying, but... As long as the physical body is destroyed, all of the remaining power of the G.o.d Soul will disappear except for the The Power of Spiritual Perception. "

"Today, this old man will use this long blade in his hand to first break your Heaven-Devouring Divine Art, then I will cut down your body, regardless of whether you have a soul or not."

"What cultivation technique and battle skill, what heaven-defying ability! Once your soul is captured, these things will all belong to us, the Profound Feather Sect. "Haha!"

Zheng Hai said, laughing while looking up at the sky.

Wherever the saber light went, the void would directly split open. Within the range of one's vision, there was a huge rift that was split in half with the saber light as the center.

"Bang, bang bang …"

Under the might of the saber light, the air produced a series of sonic booms.

It was as if the resplendent saber glow that descended from the sky was the most powerful blade radiance in Heaven and Earth. With a single slash of the blade, it was enough to split the sky and split the earth, causing Heaven and Earth to return to chaos.

Before the sword light had reached peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, the terrifying sword Qi had already swept across peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, as though there were countless divine weapons that were capable of cutting through metal like mud, slas.h.i.+ng across the entire peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain. The ground that was already filled with countless deep craters was once again torn open in a shocking manner.

A black hole with a diameter of over a hundred meters swirled. If one looked at it from a single point of view, then it would appear extremely terrifying as it hung horizontally in the sky. However, in front of the radiance of the blade, which had reached a length of nearly twenty kilometers, it seemed insignificant, hardly worth mentioning.


The saber light hacked down on the black hole whirlpool that possessed the powerful Devouring Force. It was as if a divine weapon that could cut through iron like mud was used to cut through tofu, easily chopping apart the black hole whirlpool.


The black hole vortex that was split into two was like the torrent after a river or lake had collapsed. The moment it broke through, it exploded and vanished into thin air.

The terrifying impact spread out, completely enveloping the entire sky above peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain.

"Kacha, kacha …"

On Lin Feng's back, cracks had also exploded on the Kun Peng Dharma Idol that was condensed into a solid form due to the terrifying force of the impact.

The cracks spread at an extremely fast speed. When the entire Kun Peng's body was about to be covered in cracks, it finally could no longer withstand the raging energy and exploded.


Upon mastering a divine ability, one would become a part of the body.

After the black hole's vortex and the Kun Peng Appearance Mantra exploded one after another, Lin Feng's body also suffered heavy losses.

As he violently swayed back and forth, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His complexion turned pale and his eyes started to dim.


The saber light of nearly 20 kilometers long exploded the black hole vortex. Moreover, it used a raging impact to destroy the Kun Peng's body. Its great strength was basically not exhausted at all.

It continued to descend with peerless momentum.

The terrifying power contained within this monstrous blade beam was not something that Lin Feng's physical body could resist. If struck squarely, even with his lower body strength as a Five Elements Immortal, he would still be split apart in an instant. Then, under the wanton a.s.sault of the blade beams, he would become a b.l.o.o.d.y mist that covered the sky.

"Sky Eye!"

Lin Feng had no time to dodge, he could only use his Heavenly Vision Technique in panic.


In the center of his forehead, a Sky Eye appeared out of thin air.

In his completely red eyes, there was also a dense Red Light.

This was the purest red color, and it contained an incomparably terrifying high temperature. Just the instant it flickered in his eyes, it had already caused a huge amount of the world's temperature to skyrocket.

In the span of a breath, the temperature rose from normal temperatures to hundreds, then thousands of degrees Celsius.

The temperature had already reached the melting point of the steel, directly incinerating the entire s.p.a.ce into steam like waves of white air. Fortunately, Lin Feng was standing in midair, which was a hundred meters above the ground. The terrifying high temperature released by the Heaven's Eyes could only envelop the sky, or else, even the purple bamboo mountain which was at least a hundred meters above the ground would probably melt into a pool of magma and gush into the wild goose returning to lake.

"Swish …"

A streak of Red Light burst out from the eye of the heavens, bringing along the scorching heat that could burn through everything.

Wherever the divine beam went, it turned into an absolute vacuum.

It was as if the Red Light that shot out from the eye of the heavens was a divine beam that could burn the heavens and the earth. It was powerful enough to cause the entire world to turn into nothingness and return to chaos.

"He even brought out the Heaven's Eyes?"

"Master Lin, this old man thinks that you have exhausted all your abilities."

Zheng Hai and the other three were also deeply shocked by the might of the Red Light.

However, there was no fear in their eyes. Instead, they emitted an even denser greed.

"But so what if you use the Heavenly Vision Technique …" This blade will still be enough to kill you! "

Zheng Hai shouted coldly, he continued to instigate his Heavenly Saber Art, and slashed down with the force of splitting the heavens and splitting the earth.


The Red Light, which could incinerate the heavens and the earth, finally collided violently with the resplendent blade radiance that carried out heaven and earth in the air.

However, when they collided, the Red Light was unable to cause the slightest bit of damage to the resplendent blade light. It was as if its high temperature, which could melt anything, had lost all of its originally terrifying heat in front of Bladelight. It was just an ordinary scarlet glow.

However, it was also at this moment that the momentum of Bladelight's continued slas.h.i.+ng downwards was halted.

"Kacha, kacha …"


Unfortunately, this restriction did not last long.

After a few breaths of time of stalemate, the Red Light also started to retreat step by step. It continued to crack until it finally exploded, turning into specks of red light and dissipated into the air.


Zheng Hai laughed complacently, a bright blade light once again swept towards Lin Feng:

"Accept!" Die! "Alright!"

… ….


Inside the villa at the top of the mountain, the four Linnaeus s cried out in alarm.

Even after Lin Feng unleashed two powerful divine abilities in succession, none of them were able to withstand Zheng Hai's heaven-overflowing slash that combined all the power of the five people with the support of his formation.

Now that the two powerful innate techniques had been destroyed, his body would definitely be destroyed by the destructive might of the saber light.

"It's over!"

The expressions of the people from the Super Soldier Troops's Headquarters, Old He, Xu Changgeng and the higher ups darkened in an instant.

Deep in their hearts, they all hoped that Lin Feng would be the final victor in today's battle.

However, what they did not expect was that at the last moment, the five ancestors of the Profound Feather Sect would use the powerful Five Elements Great Formation to reverse the situation.

… ….

peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, a hundred meters in the air.

Facing the dazzling blade radiance that was about to wreak havoc on him, Lin Feng's eyes slowly narrowed:

"Forget it..."

"I will show you the might of a 'Heavenly Flame' after merging!"

As the ice-cold voice fell, two streams of flames simultaneously ignited on the left and right palms of his hands.

A strand of it was entirely azure in color, while a strand of it was completely fiery red in color.


Between heaven and earth, the moment the two wisps of flame appeared, the temperature soared again.

In just a few breaths, he had already broken through the five thousand degree Celsius mark.

Such a terrifyingly high temperature, even compared to the surface temperature of the sun, was not inferior in the slightest.

"This... What kind of flame is this? "

"It can actually release a high temperature that is comparable to the surface of the sun!"

The expressions of Zheng Hai and the other three instantly changed.

What sort of concept was a temperature above 5000 degrees Celsius? Under such a temperature, nothing in the world could resist it. Even the metal tungsten, which was known to have the highest melting point in the world, would melt into a puddle of liquid if enveloped by it.

However, this was just the start of their shock. The shock in their hearts, following Lin Feng's following actions, once again soared to an unprecedented, terrifying height:

"Fuse …" The two types of flames have fused! "

As Lin Feng's hands neared, the Azure Thunder Heavenly Flame and the Red Lotus Industry Flame on his left and right palms instantly extinguished, and then suddenly ignited again.

After another round of combustion, the two flames had fused into one, becoming one. There was a dazzling fiery red glow within the azure color, and within the fiery red glow, a rich azure color could be seen.


After the fusion, the terrifying heat emitted from the fire started to increase at a crazy rate.

In an instant, it broke through to the temperature of 100,000 degrees Celsius.

"Tss tss …"

The sky and the earth were overshadowed.

Everything was instantly incinerated into nothingness under the high temperature of over a hundred thousand degrees Celsius that had erupted after the merging of the 'Heavenly Flames'. Even the sky and the earth seemed to have melted, emitting streams of roiling heat waves.

A hundred metres in the air, an unprecedented feeling of fear surged in the hearts of the five of them. Facing such a high temperature of one hundred thousand degrees Celsius, all of them felt a sense of death. The five of them knew very well that no matter who it was, as long as they were engulfed by the flames, their bodies and souls would be burned to nothingness in an instant.

Even the resplendent saber light, which seemed to extend through the world, was violently trembling at this moment.


Lin Feng called out lightly and with the combination of the Green Thunder Heavenly Flame and the Red Lotus Fire, the cyan and red flames shot out like an arrow leaving the bow.

"No …" "No!"

Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns Chapter 890

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