My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 268 - Original Sin

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Chapter 268: Original Sin

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dragon chants caused the waves to surge forth; they struck against the dusky earth and engulfed everything in its path. Clan members began wailing in pain and anguish. The black, ink-stained water resembled ropes and leg irons, trapping them in their step and preventing them from moving.

Even though the Golden Wildblade was firmly thrust into Qiao Yi’s scary-looking chest, his strength seemed to be increasing exponentially. It was a duel between the leaders of the dragon clan, and involving oneself in it was not an option. When the substance of their dragon might collide, violent sparks ensued from the sudden explosion. Then, he flapped his wings and caused a blazing flame to envelop him.

“The Wildblade! The Golden Wildblade! Agh! Agghhh!”

“Lea… Leader! Mother Nest… Mother Nest is swallowing us!” The clan members’ dragon form began shrinking visibly and they curled up on the ground. In contrast, Qiao Yi remained unaffected by Mother Nest’s Golden Wildblade. Instead, he was getting stronger!

“What the h.e.l.l did you do to them!” Bai Wu looked up and let out a long hiss. He then turned his hand over and stretched it out. Golden particles that were originally diffused in the air began to condense slowly.

“HAHA! Do you think that you can wrestle your position from me just by being baptized by the Mother Nest? HAHA! You clearly have no idea what I’ve been doing and how much hard work I’ve put in during these past ten years!” With full of contempt, Qiao Yi looked askance at Bai Wu before looking at his own state. He shrugged his shoulders indifferently and laughed.

“I have no intention of wrestling anything from you. As if killing off all white dragons was not enough, you took the clan members and performed experiments on them! What the h.e.l.l are you thinking!” Bai Wu exploded while squinting his eyes and flapping his wings slowly.

“Tch. Didn’t I mention before that I wanted all the other dimensions to be subordinate territories of the dragon clan? The growth here was so quick that our world was long incapable of sustaining our daily basic needs. I did all this for the sake of the dragon clan, and I received their approval too.”

Two opposite and incompatible ends of the color spectrum – black and white – were towering over the ground. Their bodies did not move an inch, but their dragon might was wrestling in the air and producing audible sparks.

“Aren’t you afraid that your destruction of the parallel dimensions will result in the extermination of the whole clan! Your vigorous expansion schemes are founded on your faulty decision-making!”

Colors were used to designate rankings and status within the dragon clan: there were red, yellow, green, purple, black, and white dragons. In order to preserve stability within the clan, Bai Ling stipulated that copulation must only be done with those of the same lineage. As soon as Qiao Yi ascended to leaders.h.i.+p, the regulation was done away, leading to a one-third increase in population over the past ten years!

“Did I do something wrong? Haha! Hear their shouts, oh how they adore and respect me! We’ve prospered by leaps and bounds compared to when you guys were ruling. Why must you be the protective leader simply because you are a white dragon? Why must copulation only be done amongst those of the same lineage? Why must Ryle chase after you without so much as giving me a single look? Is it simply because you are the leader? HAHA! HOW LAUGHABLE! I am the strongest now! The whole clan answers to me, and very soon, EVERY PARALLEL DIMENSION WILL ANSWER TO ME! HAHA!”

Qiao Yi let out a loud, evil laugh. Relying on his formidable healing abilities, the wound inflicted by the Golden Wildblade had already healed, leaving behind only a scar that was dripping in blood.

A bunch of gigantic trees were uprooted and flung toward Bai Wu. He spread his wings and used his feet to push him off the ground. With a loud bang, he managed to escape to the air and evade the logs.

“They’re your own selfish interests! Sooner or later, the dragon clan will be destroyed in your hands!” After a flash of light and a banging sound, Bai Wu was shrouded in a white fog. The thick, milk-like fog prompted some oncoming dark matter to retreat instinctively.

“BWAHAHA! Personal gain! What else can’t we have? The dragon clan is the strongest ent.i.ty in all the worlds. Is it wrong for us to get what we want most?” Qiao Yi laughed maniacally. His sinister cackles forced Ka Daiwen to cover her ears tightly.

“Desire and original sin…” The thick fog dissipated and Bai Wu spoke slowly while stepping on a cloud and moving forward.

The low-sounding chants became even faster and more urgent than before.

My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 268 - Original Sin

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