Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 111 - Meet Strength with Strength

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Chapter 111: Meet Strength with Strength

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

“What are they?” Han Jin wondered. Regardless, he should weigh the strengths of his opponents first. While he was releasing the charm of Pure Light, he had also cast his Spirit Possession Art. Now, his body was das.h.i.+ng forward like a gust of wind.

Unexpectedly, the multi-tentacled monster repeatedly uttered a miserable shriek and struggled under the dazzling white light. The black ravens flying toward Han Jin either collided into the walls or dropped down on to the ground.

With the increase of energy, Han Jin’s way of fighting kept changing. He had learned many Daoist Arts, and thus his flexibility was unparalleled.

He had made many fire charms in the beginning, but they were just low level Daoist Arts which had very limited power even though their lethality had greatly increased in this world. Last time, he had used a fire charm to attack the middle-aged knight, and it had been completely ignored.

A fire charm required fire element from several magic crystals to create, but if Han Jin saved enough fire element magic crystals to make ten fire charms, he could instead create a Three True Flame charm! Though the latter seemed to consume too much element, a fire charm would at most scratch a high-grade professional, while the Three True Flame could truly save his life!

But during the time of acc.u.mulation, he had to consume some of his own energy to strengthen his own body, so as to intensify the might of Spirit Possession Art. On top of that, he also had the Art of Faked Earth Corpse to protect him. Thus, even if he faced against a strong opponent, he could still escape.

Seeing that the jellyfish-shaped monster couldn’t bear the s.h.i.+ning brilliance of the charm of Pure Light, Han Jin abruptly changed his target. He spun his body and slammed his fist into the egg-shaped body of the monster. Now that his eyesight was greatly improved, Han Jin could clearly see the egg-shaped body sinking and green liquid spraying out. The next moment, the monster shot backward like a cannonball and hit the long-horned monster behind it. They thudded down on the ground together.

Another long-horned monster let out a roar. It fiercely punched at Han Jin. But Han Jin didn’t dodge and instead brandished his own fist toward the coming punch.

Han Jin was a master of miscellaneous knowledge. He knew a little about martial arts, but not enough to be proficient in it. A true master of martial arts would have many ways to respond to the monster’s attack. He might attack back by borrowing the strength of the coming punch or seize the opportunity to get close to his opponent and gave it a critical strike, but Han Jin couldn’t.

The nature of Spirit Possession Art had determined that he had to combat the strong with strength, resist force with force, and respond to an attack with his own attack. The idea was to make its user so powerful that they could intimidate thousands of enemies at once. No matter how strong the opponents in front of him were, he must never lose in terms of courage and must maintain an unyielding will, or else the Spirit Possession Art would fail before his enemy had even touched him.

“Boom!” After a loud clash, Han Jin stepped a pace backwards, while the long-horned monster stepped back four or five steps. Clearly, Han Jin was in the advantage in his first strike.

Then, his body turned into a flurry of shadows. He let out a roar and his fists crushed toward the horned monster’s chest.

The long-horned monster kept its blood-red eyes wide open and waved its fists to meet Han Jin’s. But this time, Han Jin used all of his strength, whereas the monster had to block the attack in a panic. With another loud sound, the monster’s soft armor cracked at its right elbow. A section of white bone broke, piercing through its skin and soft armor, and exposing itself in the air.

Han Jin’s speed was fast, and his strength was too strong. He had somehow broke the horned monster’s arm with sheer force. Of course, this strength was relative to who he was facing.

The long-horned monster let out a heartrending scream due to the unbearable pain. But Han Jin didn’t want to let it go. His left fist followed closely behind his right and hit the monster’s lips, breaking all its white teeth, as well as the two long tusks. It toppled backward and was knocked into the air.

Han Jin kept following it and jumped up above the monster in midair. His right fist punched down along with the howling sound of the wind.

“Boom!” The fist fell on the chest of the long-horned monster. Its eyeb.a.l.l.s protruded, while its chest sunk in deep. Blood sprayed out from its mouth, nose, ears, and even eyes. It thudded down onto the ground, splas.h.i.+ng up sand and gravel.

Another long-horned monster pushed away his companion and rushed toward Han Jin with a roar. The fact that he still had the courage to attack after witnessing the b.l.o.o.d.y fate of his friend was quite praiseworthy.

The hole turned pitch dark all of a sudden. Han Jin slightly moved his finger in the air and another charm of Pure Light was released. The long-horned monster was obviously not used to strong light and closed its eyes at the same time as when the light flared up.

After several rounds, Han Jin now had a basic understanding of the strength of his opponent. When the long-horned monster was going to punch down his shoulder, Han Jin did not dodge the strike but reached out his own fist and first hit the monster in its throat.

The long-horned monster suddenly stiffened. It couldn’t exert its strength anymore, and could only grab Han Jin’s shoulder as it gradually fell down. Han Jin’s punch had broken the bones in its throat, as well as its blood vessels and trachea. No matter how strong it had been in the past, it could only wait for death after suffering such a serious injury.

Han Jin gave a heavy kick to the long-horned monster’s chest. In the corner, the jellyfish-shaped monster was raising its tentacles, but its companion’s flying body crashed down on to it and made it squeal.

At the same time, Han Jin sensed something moving behind him. He abruptly jumped up. A red light pierced through his after image and hit the wall of the hole. Several rocks the size of a fist burst out.

The attacker was another jellyfish-shaped monster. Han Jin released the Art of Vertical Lift without delay and moved above it.

It raised one of its tentacles to follow Han Jin. Under the dimming light, Han Jin could see an eyeball at the end of the tentacle, which had a pupil and even could blink. Just when the eyeball had turned red, Han Jin quickly changed his direction by kicking the wall.

A ray of red light shot out from the tentacle, but it couldn’t even touch Han Jin’s shadow. The next moment, Han Jin had swooped down like an eagle. His palm slapped the top of the monster’s egg-shaped body.

Its tentacles could not bear the force of the palm. The egg-shaped body which they supported sank downward and touched the ground. It turned into a round ball and then a transverse ellipse. When Han Jin felt the resistance of the ground, the egg-shaped body suddenly exploded like a balloon and turned into countless drops of green liquid, splas.h.i.+ng in all directions.

The hole was dark again. A distant sound of a horror-struck chirp came. Han Jin threw out another charm of Pure Light toward the direction of the sound. His disadvantage was not being able to see in complete darkness.

Two jellyfish-shaped monsters were fleeing under the white light. Compared to the two long-horned monsters just now, these were two cowards. Though they had many tentacles, their speed was slow and muddled, like two frightened girls shuffling away with small steps.

Han Jin touched the ground with his tiptoes and shot out around ten odd meters, catching up with the two monsters after repeating the same movement.

“Cha cha cha…” One of the monsters turned around and screamed in panic but was kicked away, wailing and flying toward the wall. But before it collided, its body had already exploded from the immense force. Green liquid dropped down like rain.

Han Jin stretched out one of his feet and stomped on the other monster’s tentacle. It fell forward as its remaining tentacles were still struggling to move like a strange spider. Unfortunately, no matter how hard it tried, it could not move a single step forward.

“Were you sent by Zaganide?” Han Jin coldly asked.

“Cha cha… Cha cha cha…” the creature replied in a strange voice.

Han Jin cast a disgusted glance at the green liquid on his robe and lifted his foot again. The monster was kicked away like a ball and collided against a boulder. Its scaly skin instantly covered the boulder, and green liquid streaked down. The tentacles trembled for a moment before becoming motionless.

Han Jin walked back. There was still one monster left in the hole. Han Jin was not sure how strong their attacks were, but it was obvious that their body was weak. Their scaly skin looked very tough, but their body covered by skin was boneless and no better than a bubble.

The monster had just struggled out from underneath the body of its companion. All of its tentacles were trembling. It looked very frightened at this moment.

“Were you sent by Zaganide?” Han Jin asked again.

“Cha cha cha…”

“I know you can speak our language.” Han Jin trodded on one of its tentacles and forcefully ground it.

“Cha cha…” The monster squealed and immediately said, “Please… please… I will tell you everything… We are an exploring team…”

“Whose exploring team?” Han Jin lifted his foot.

“Lord Zaganide’s!”

“He wants to attack here?” Han Jin felt nervous. His good days had just begun; he did not want it to be destroyed.

“This underground city is too large. Lord Zaganide wants to know where all the roads lead to. He has dispatched hundreds of exploring teams altogether; we are just one of them.”

“How many were dispatched in this direction?”

“Only us.”

“How many monsters does your team have?”

“Monsters…” It paused. Apparently, it didn’t like being called monsters. But since he was the captive, he obediently replied, “Six.”

Han Jin pondered in silence. He wondered whether the monsters had left any marks or not. He must thoroughly check the hole. But before doing so, he should go up first and report all this to Sunier and the others.

The hole was dark. Han Jin couldn’t see the monster clearly, but it could see him. When it noticed that Han Jin was pondering something, it silently raised its tentacle and aimed at Han Jin.

However, it must have lost its wits due to panic and had even forgotten how obvious the flas.h.i.+ng red light on its tentacle was. Just when it was going to launch a sneak attack, Han Jin had already grabbed the tentacle and had broken it into two.

“Cha cha…” the monster screamed and slowly fell down. Apparently, their bodies were not their only weakness; the tentacles that they used to attack were also one of their vital organs.

Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 111 - Meet Strength with Strength

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