Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 159 - Bringing the Dead Back to Life

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Chapter 159: Bringing the Dead Back to Life

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

Han Jin pondered for a while before carefully letting out a paper charm, which then turned into countless golden dots of light that fell on Yalina’s wound. However, nothing happened; the skin and flesh around her wound were still pale.

The young magician’s faces showed looks of despair. Now that their headmaster was dead; even if they could safely go back, they would face violent upheavals.

Han Jin again reached out his hand to gently touch the wound. This time, the skin and flesh around the wound softened. Han Jin let out a sigh. The magic charm he had used was finally showing its effect. But Yalina was so severely injured that the Fulu magic charm that Han Jin was able to release at present was not effective enough to bring the dead back to life or to grow new bones and flesh.The only thing he could do right now was to gradually improve Yalina’s physical condition.

In fact, what Yalina really needed was blood. For any ordinary person, it was deadly to lose so much blood, even if there were no serious wounds inflicted. No matter what world they were in, blood was of vital importance for living things. Even for someone as powerful as Yalina, she still could not escape this law.

But where would they get blood for her? Even blood matching was a big problem. Han Jin helplessly sighed. How ridiculous was it that someone who as strong as she was dying due to excessive bleeding.

“How is Headmaster, my Lord? Can you save her?” Asa urgently asked.

Han Jin smiled. He had lots of ways to save her, but all of them were very risky. He was not sure whether the students were willing to take the risks or not, nor whether it was worthwhile to release a high-grade Taoist art to save her.

To cultivate is to despoil the spirit of Heaven and Earth and to seize the essence of all on Earth! The nature of cultivation was clear through the words “despoil” and “seize”!

One being a mortal was in accordance with the laws of the universe, but going against the laws of the universe was the doings of a G.o.d. To cultivate is to go the latter way! To save the dying Yalina would be directly going against the laws of life. If the one hurt was Moxinke or Cessacioun, Han Jin would release his charms without any hesitation, but now, he must consider it twice before doing anything.

“I do have ways to help her, but I am not sure about the results,” replied Han Jin.

“What are the chances of succeeding?” Hearing this, Asa’s eyes lit up due to excitement.

“Fifty percent,” Han Jin replied. His reply was dishonest. In fact, he was at least seventy percent certain he could save her. For Yalina to become such a powerful person at such a young age, other than being gifted, Yalina must have been granted efforts from lots of people. Plus, there’s definitely a powerful force supporting her. Han Jin had to weigh in all these factors in case of any bad consequences.

“Fifty percent?” Asa was more excited. “Then why wait? Headmaster’s wound is so severe, she can’t hold on for long. Let’s start now!”

Asa was too excited to even realize the impoliteness in his question, as his asking sounded more like a command rather than a favor.

Moxinke and Cessacioun frowned and worriedly looked at Han Jin. Both of them knew Han Jin well; he was an eccentric guy who treated friends well but would turn against strangers immediately if he was slightly disrespected.

“She might die. Are you sure you want me to start?” Han Jin asked again.

“Yes, I am sure!” A stern look showed on Asa’s face. The situation was clear. If Han Jin didn’t save Yalina, she would undoubtedly die three days later when the effect of the Holy Spirit Blessing disappeared. At least, she still had a fifty percent chance of living if Han Jin helped her.

“What’s your opinion?” Han Jin turned to the other young magicians.

Their reactions were quick but different. Some moved back in secret while some stood and said nothing.

But most of them supported Asa. “Please help our Headmaster!” they firmly asked.

“Well,” Han Jin said briefly and forcefully. He then started to mobilize the spirit inside his body while his fingers waved in mid-air, drawing numerous strange characters.

He needed more time for this because the art he was going to use was the Art of Soul Seal, a real high-grade Taoist art. Even if the soul of a wounded was fading away, he could bring it back and seal it into the wounded body.

Han Jin was now filled with energy after drinking dragon’s blood, thus he dared to give it a try. Otherwise, he would not even think about this, for his energy would have been depleted before even forming the charm.

After half an hour, a charm was finally formed while beads of sweat simultaneously appeared on Han Jin’s forehead. He waved his hands and roared in a low deep voice, “Go!”

The characters condensed in the air were smashed and splashed around like light raindrops before falling down among the leaves and gra.s.s. They didn’t vanish but kept rolling and dancing around.

All the green vegetation around them, such as ancient trees, shrubs, gra.s.s, and even moss, were withering away at a detectable speed while the light raindrops continued dancing in the woods. They jumped from one branch to another and around the gra.s.s. Wherever the merry dots of light went, the plants withered. The scope enlarged and finally, the entire area soon tuned into a dry, yellow scene.

The Art of Soul Seal truly demonstrates the word ‘despoil’ most incisively and vividly! For any cultivator, there are no scruples, but there are some rules which must be followed.

For example, will a cultivator spare the life of a Ginseng demon just because it has obtained a true life of being able to communicate with other living things after cultivating for thousands of years?

Can a wild fox who is able to swallow and spit a medicinal pill and silently cultivate by himself in a corner with great caution without doing anything bad, escape the slaughter of a cultivator and keep its medicinal pill?

In fact, to be a cultivator is to be a robber who goes against both Heaven and Earth; all means are taken to fulfill the dream of becoming immortal. Instead of striking a pose, cultivators will unhesitatingly despoil and seize what they want when necessary!

Plus, to save a dying person by spending the saver’s own spiritual energy will cause great damage to the saver. No one would be willing to sacrifice his own energy which was acc.u.mulated through an arduous cultivation, nor would anyone create a Taoist art to help someone else at their own expense. The arts of borrowing force from thunder and borrowing troops from heaven resort to trickery to serve the cultivator himself.

They all gawked at the woods and wondered why the soft, warm and merry dots of light were like a deadly poison, devouring all the lives they touched. Could such evil magic really save Yalina?

As Han Jin felt it almost done, he made a handprint again and shouted, “Rise!”

The handprint exploded in mid-air while the innumerable dots of light flew like numerous birds, condensing into a huge ball of light that came spattering down.

Han Jin was a handsome young man with a flawless delicate face. His smile was always warm and attractive, but neither Keeley, Sunier, Yalina nor other women showed any interest in him when they saw him the first time. He looked too weak, and in troubled times like these, a weak man was not qualified to be the center of attention!

But now, Han Jin was like a totally different person. Though his face remained the same, his eyes were stern and sharp. The ‘magic’ he was releasing was also extremely imposing and of such a large scale, especially when the innumerable dots of light condensed and soared up high into the sky.

The bright dots were still spattering down. Han Jin stood in the rain of light while quickly moving his fingers like a male G.o.d with his long robe wafting in the wind. He looked even more handsome with both his beautiful face and the bright dots around him. The female magicians gaped their mouths, nearly forgetting about their dying headmaster.

Yalina’s face turned redder and healthier as the dots of light dropped down. When the light rain stopped, she looked full of vigor and would have looked even healthier than before she was injured were it not for the ugly wound on her neck.

Everyone around Han Jin was shocked. After seeing the spectacular magic and its astonis.h.i.+ng effects, some of the young magicians even believed that Han Jin had released some unknown Forbidden Spell. Moreover, they were wondering why there was no fluctuation of magic.

Han Jin let out a sigh, bent down, and grabbed Yalina’s wrist again. Her pulse was still weak, but it was much more stable than before. At least, it was beating regularly.

“How is she, my Lord?” Asa timidly asked. He had seen the result but still wanted a positive and definite answer.

“She will wake up tomorrow, but you’d better take good care of her. Move her to a clean place and look for something to cover her body. It’s foggy in the forest at night.”

“Yes, my Lord!” replied Asa in a moved tone.

The young magicians could not contain themself and started cheering while one of the deacons even dashed over to Han Jin. However, Han Jin raised one of his eyebrows and glared at her with a sharp light s.h.i.+ning in his eyes. The deacon stopped with a handkerchief still in her hand. She didn’t know whether to move on or not.

Han Jin immediately understood, took the handkerchief, and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Are you all right, Raphael?” Cessacioun asked worriedly. He regretted it now. If he had known that it would be so difficult to save the magus, he would not have asked Han Jin to do it.

“I…” Han Jin was just about to say that he was all right but suddenly changed his reply. “I will be fine after resting for a few days.”

“Thank you, my Lord!” Asa bowed to Han Jin deeply. “Thank you…”

The other magicians also bowed to him, their faces filled with grat.i.tude.

Han Jin smilingly waved his hand. It was a strange feeling. The feeling of saving someone was… not as bad.Bringing the Dying Back to Life

Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 159 - Bringing the Dead Back to Life

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