Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 48 - Move

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Chapter 48: Move

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

It was late in the afternoon when Han Jin, Moxinke and Sunier came back. “Why do you come back so late?” Cessacioun asked worriedly.

“Sunier found two Treefolks today.” Moxinke replied arrogantly and raised his thumb to himself: “But they were both killed by me at last!”

“Fruitful today, isn’t it?” Cessacioun laughed.

“Replace the magic crystal on your wand, Cessacioun.” Han Jin said. He opened his palm and handed over a yellow magic crystal to Cessacioun: “You begrudged them in the past, but now we’ve already had four eighth grade magic crystals, it’s no use to keep them all.”After the death of the bear of Earth three months ago, the first thing Sunier and Moxinke had done was to find the young bear and killed it. This afternoon they killed another two eighth grade holy animals. Thus they’ve got four eighth grade magic crystals now.

“I want a fire-element magic crystal.” Cessacioun shook his head: “Keep this.”

When they were still immersed in their gains, a loud dry cough came from the wooden shed. “What’s wrong with Miss Keeley?” Han Jin asked.

“She is sick.” Cessacioun replied with his voice lowered.


“She insisted on taking a shower, what a cold day today…” Cessacioun stopped and forced a smile: “When she came back, she fell ill.”

“You are right, the weather is getting colder and colder…” Sunier muttered.

It’s idyllic to live in a forest for a short time. Butsince they’d lived here for over four months, there were difficulties everywhere. It’s getting colder. Building some wooden shedswouldn’t solve the problem of accommodation. They had nothing to keep warm except the hays and animal skins. But hays needed to be dried under suns.h.i.+ne everyday, otherwise it would get wet and chilly. While animal skins smelt so badly that even Han Jin couldn’t bear their stink, let alone Sunier and Miss Keeley. What’s more, animal skins attract insects. If it was not for the reason that Han Jin neededthem to make special ‘magic scrolls’, they would have thrown all ofthem away.

Food was also a problem. They’d tired of barbecued meat after eating it almost everydayand would be as happy as larks if they found some eggs of holy animals. If it was lucky that Sunier came back with some wild fruit, they would all turned crazy, and even the most timid Mich.e.l.le and Steelberg would crowd up and scramble with them. The most pathetic thing was that none of them swallowed their fruit immediately. They just nibbled or licked it as if it was the most precious food in the world.

To be frank, if life in a forest was really asgood as that recited in poems by poets, why would so many people rather to live in crowded towns or cities?

“What shall we do?” Cessaciounasked in low voice.

“Perhaps…we should find a new place andsupplement our equipment.” Sunier said: “I’m running out of my arrows.”

“But where can we move to?”

“Let’s discuss it later and checkthe condition of Miss Keeley first?” Han Jin said.He walked into the wooden shed followed by others.

Miss Keeley was covered by haystack with only part of her head shown. Each time she coughed, the hay would tremble fiercely.

Han Jin came close to her, bent down and touched her on forehead with his right hand. It was hot. Miss Keeley opened her eyes difficultly when she felt someone was beside her.

Han Jin put his hand into the haystack and grabbed the wrist of her. Miss Keeley was astonished, her red face turned redder: “What are you doing?!” She asked weakly.

“Stay still.”He took her pulse and said: “Nothing serious.”

“You are also a doctor?” Sunier asked in surprise.

Han Jinmade noreply. He just cracked a smile. He was a master of miscellaneous knowledge. Though he didn’t need to learn charms of treating an illness, because after basis construction, he would never be sick, he did learn some magic about it.

A paper charm was formed in the air. Han Jin flicked his index finger, and the paper charm was immersed into the forehead of Miss Keeley.

“Ah…”Miss Keeley made a scream. The charm made by Han Jingot effect instantly. A feeling of refreshment spread from her head to her limbs.

“It’s all right! Now let’s discuss where we shall go.” Han Jin said.

They all looked at each other in astonishment. A question had plagued them for a long time. Han Jin could release fire magic like a magician, he was able to improve their spirit force, physical force and endurance as a priest, he could release puppets and summon ghosts to fight for him as a puppet manipulator or a summoner. Now he cured Miss Keeley with one of his charm. And, he once said he’s a prophet!

A man with multiple ident.i.ties, which made all of them puzzled!

“Hey, what are you thinking?” Han Jin yelled.

Cessacioun made a loud sound of dry cough: “Anyway, we can’t go back to Radon Town. The war won’t be over in such a short time. And Radon Town’s just a small town, it can’t fulfill our expectations. We can neither go back to the West City of Beitman since we’ve killed those knights last time. They won’t let us go easily. It’s probably we’ve already become the wanted and will be caught as soon as we show ourselves.”

“Then where shall we go?”Moxinke asked impatiently.

“A place with a large market. We need to sell our spoils and change for more low grade magic crystals.” Cessacioun thought for a moment and added: “The sword of Moxinke need repair.Sunier, will your fighting capacity be improved if you have magic arrows?”

Sunier nodded.

“The place must not be too far away, at least we can reach there within twenty days. It’s already cold. Travel in howling north wind is by no means a pleasant thing.” Cessacioun pondered. “And it shall be an ordered place with justice. None of us want to be bullied again, am I right?”

Moxinke’s face suddenly turned dreadfully pale. He shouted word by word: “You mean…Isolated Cliff City?”

“Yes, the Isolated Cliff City.”

“No! Definitely not!” Moxinke jumped up as if he got an electric shock: “I won’t go there even if you threaten to kill me!”

“Why?” Cessacioun asked curiously.

“I fled from… Don’t ask me anything more. Anyway, I am not going there!”

“You have enemies there?”

“Not enemies exactly, but…” Moxinke’s face turned red. He scratched his head embarra.s.singly: “What about this, let’s go back to the West City of Beitman? If you are afraid, we can go to the South City!”

“Don’t be silly! Although the four acropolis of Beitman intrigue against each other, neither of them will welcome those who break their laws.” Sunier said coldly.

“But it can’t blame us!” Moxinke shouted: “They bullied us first.”

“They won’t care. All they want is to protect their rules from being violated.”

“Stop arguing!” Han Jinyelled. He looked atCessacioun and asked: “Are you sure the Isolated Cliff City is a safe place for us?”

“The safest for us at present.” Cessacioun laughed: “It’s just that it is a little far away and we need to walk for at least ten more days.”

“If so, we are going to this Isolated Cliff City.”

“You… you don’t even think about my suggestion?” Moxinkeshouted angrily.

“How about voting for this? I agree to move to the Isolated Cliff City. What about you?” Han Jin raised his hand.

“Agree.” Sunier said.

“Agree.” saidCessacioun.

“Agree…”Miss Keeley, Steelberg and Mich.e.l.le also raised their hands.

Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 48 - Move

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