Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 91 - Conflict

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Chapter 91: Conflict

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

In life, you need both hard work and rest. There was no s.p.a.ce for entertainment in the deep mountains and forests, but it was different in a large city.

On this day, Moxinke had the urge to take a walk outside. They had never walked out of the courtyard after moving here due to the rules set by Han Jin. Other than Mich.e.l.le and Steelberg who were responsible for purchasing articles of daily use, the rest of them were forbidden to leave the courtyard; their only task was to practice their own skills. But now, since Moxinke had put forward this request after enduring for a number of days, it was finally time for them to take a breath of fresh air outside.

All of them left the courtyard except for Cessacioun, Keeley, and Mich.e.l.le. Steelberg followed them, though he could go out every day. It was his instinct to follow Han Jin, unless Han Jin asked him not to do so.

The most excited one was Sylner. Trying not to give others a feeling that she was a woman with big b.r.e.a.s.t.s but with no brain or that she was a woman with beautiful long hair but short insight, she was well disciplined these days. The things she had seen and heard in the past few days were much more thrilling and breathtaking than all the experiences she had gone through. No matter how arrogant she was before, she now kept a low profile after realizing that life was not as easy as she had expected.

Reg was even more low-key when compared than Sylner. He seldom laughed or got angry. When the others were chatting, he would just sit quietly by the side, and would act even more lady-like than Keeley. That was what Han Jin had observed recently. Moxinke would come to Han Jin for help from time to time, but Reg would never ask for it by himself. If Han Jin helped him, he would express his grat.i.tude. If Han Jin didn’t, he would just keep silent like Sunier. At this moment, he was wearing a mage cloak that he had borrowed from Cessacioun, and was hiding his face in it. He walked around without making any sound, as if something was floating around on the road…

“Ha… A bar!!” Moxinke shouted suddenly.

It wasn’t only them who were caught in surprise, as even the pedestrians were shocked. Several crows roosting in the trees cawed and fluttered their wings, fleeing into the night sky.

“How about having a seat there, Raphael?” Moxinke suggested with a fawning smile. A bar was a necessary place for most mercenaries; in bars, they could get employed, exchange experiences, and inquire about information.

“Men…” Sunier laughed.

Han Jin looked up at the name of the bar: Eve Rose. He was a little bit worried but said, “Why not? But we’re only here to drink. Do not get involved in any conflicts!”

“Starting a conflict?!” Moxinke laughed arrogantly. “Do you mean that someone else will make trouble for us, or we for them?”

It was reasonable for him to act like this. He was a fighter himself, Sunier was a heart-piercing archer, and Reg had mastered the Art of Invisibility. Among them, the lowest grade was a seventh-grade. Moreover, they had Han Jin, a knowledgeable person integrated with the advantages of so many professions. The overall strength of this team was relatively outstanding in the circle of mercenaries. Though they still couldn’t be compared with the Red Vanguards, their professional combination was perfect enough to handle both short-distance fights and long-distance attacks. Anyone who dared to make trouble for them was asking for embarra.s.sment.

“You’re…” Han Jin was a little annoyed, but seeing the Moxinke’s excited face, he swallowed his words to avoid ruining his mood.

None of them realized, or could have realized, that the whole West City was scattered with crows. When the several crows flew away after being ‘frightened’ by Moxinke, the others inside the city also flew into the high sky and left. They might have found what had been looking for and had no reason to stay anymore.

The moment the bar’s door was pushed open, a wave of noisy sounds came directly pouring toward their faces. A great number of mercenaries had gathered in West City, and this small tavern was overcrowded.

Han Jin’s team attracted a lot of attention while they walked in. Usually, mercenaries would come to a bar alone, or with one or two companions. Such a large team coming in together was rarely seen.

The tables inside the bar were not large enough, thus they had to split into two groups. As soon as they sat down, Moxinke couldn’t wait and shouted, “A dozen cups of ale!”

“Don’t drink too much,” Sylner softly said. It was the first time she was being so gentle to him.

But Moxinke was a brickhead and didn’t know how to appreciate it. Instead of feeling happy for Sylner’s gentleness and giving an appropriate response, he gave her a supercilious stare. “Don’t interfere with men’s business!” he arrogantly said.

Sylner flared up into fury and was about to shout, but Han Jin’s words came to her again: most men are fond of gentle women.

She immediately lowered her head and clenched her teeth. “Sylner, you are a lady, the most gentle lady in this world…” she encouraged herself.

Finally, she calmed down and raised her head again with her face wearing a big smile. Though she seemed a little bit reluctant, she had tried her best.

“Drinking too much is bad for your health,” she softly said, s.h.i.+vering in secret and feeling herself being covered by gooseb.u.mps. “Now you should be aware of my changes,” she thought.

To her disappointment, that brainless guy still showed no appreciation for her good will. He just felt cool because the tigress had turned into a little sheep for him; all he could think about was how awesome he was!

Thus, to show off more of his masculinity, Moxinke picked up a cup of ale and emptied it in one gulp.

“That was good!” He heavily thudded the cup on the table and hiccupped.

Sylner didn’t like it. “Humph! Were my words just rubbish?” she thought.

“Snap!” With a loud sound, Sylner heavily pounded on the table, frightening Moxinke into a jump.

“Stop drinking!” she loudly shouted – so loud that even the guests at the next table turned around to look at them curiously.

If they were alone, Moxinke might act obediently and stop drinking. But now that there were so many people watching them, he couldn’t allow her to be so unbridled.

“It’s none of your business!” Moxinke opened his eyes wide and stared at her. He picked up another cup of ale, and emptied it in front of her as if he were demonstrating something to her.

“Yes, it’s none of my business!” Sylner sneered.

Moxinke felt strange when he saw the smile on her face, but he couldn’t admit his mistake. He braced himself and said, “I am glad you know this! Don’t interrupt me when I am drinking!”

This said, Moxinke tightly stared at Sylner, afraid that she might say something to embarra.s.s him.

The fact was, she didn’t say anything after that and just cast a glance at him before turning her head away.

Moxinke let out a sigh of relief in secret when he saw her reaction, wondering why she had become so good-tempered today.

But the next moment immediately overthrew his thought.

“A dozen cups!” Sylner shouted, her eyes leering at Moxinke as if hinting at him: No matter how much you drink, I will drink the same amount.

Moxinke felt his blood freeze. He was fully aware of the consequences if Sylner got drunk. “Be like a woman. A woman doesn’t drink!” he snapped.

“Don’t interrupt me when I am drinking!” Sylner said with her teeth gnas.h.i.+ng.

Moxinke turned his head and cast a glance at Han Jin and the others, only to find them busily chatting. No one had noticed him, and he felt relieved. If he was seen being scolded by Sylner in this manner, he would be desperately embarra.s.sed.

When the ale was about to be served to Sylner, Moxinke couldn’t help but start begging. “Dear sister, it’s all my fault. Please don’t drink.” His voice was low.

To admit his mistake verbally was nothing compared to Sylner with drinks.

“Why can’t I drink? You drink yours, and I’ll drink mine. We have got nothing to do with one another!” Why would Sylner listen to him, since she was still angry at him.

“Dear sister, I have admitted that it’s my fault. See, I won’t drink either!” Moxinke cracked an apologetic smile, and pushed all his ale aside.

“Humph!” Sylner gave a cold grunt and turned around, leaving Moxinke with the sight of the back of her head.

Moxinke dared not argue back. She could say anything to him, as long as she didn’t touch the drinks on the table.

“Dear sister, I have admitted that it’s my fault! Ha ha ha!” a surly voice came from the next table.

Moxinke jumped up in a rage. He turned around and saw a man who was holding a s.e.xily dressed woman, laughing at him.

The moment he wanted to teach the arrogant man a lesson, a red figure flashed in front of his eyes. Sylner was already standing beside that particular table.

“What are you laughing at? I am asking you!” she shouted furiously.

“Does my laughter have anything to do with you, b.i.t.c.h?” The man mocked frivolously, showing her no respect at all.

Han Jin and Sunier looked at each other. He had told them only to drink, and not to mess around, but they had caused such a scene even before they could start enjoying themselves. However, he couldn’t blame them for it, because the conflict had not been provoked by themselves.

Han Jin winked at Steelberg, who quickly stood up and walked toward Sylner. “Miss Sylner, such sons of b.i.t.c.hes are everywhere. You don’t want to bother arguing with him…” he said.

Sylner immediately thought of Han Jin’s exhortations when she saw Steelberg. She gave a snort and walked back, but the man behind her was irritated. He stared at Steelberg and angrily shouted, “What did you say?! You dare to say it again?!”

“I…” Steelberg was scared and took a step backward. “Sorry, but I am not good at talking, especially when there are so many people here like sheep s.h.i.+tting everywhere. Please forgive me if it is not to your taste,” he timidly said.

His apology astonished them all. Then a riot of laughter broke out. They had heard people cursing before, but they had never heard someone cursing in such a self-deprecating way. Moxinke keeled over laughing and patted Steelberg’s shoulder while giving him a thumbs-up.

Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 91 - Conflict

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