Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 99 - Opportunity

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Chapter 99: Opportunity

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

Gerald slowly stepped forward. The closer he was, the stronger the invisible pressure on their shoulders felt. They all stepped back unconsciously, except Han Jin who was still standing there, looking quietly at the long sword in his hand. The sword’s edge flashed with countless strange-shaped diagrams and characters.

Should I do this again? Han Jin sighed. He had no other choice.

At this point, the cloud-capped magic tower standing in the center of the city suddenly started emitting a dazzling light. Harsh sounds of an alarm immediately resounded throughout the whole city.

Enemy attack?! All of them were dumbstruck, and even Gerald turned around and looked at the city gate in surprise. At the horizon, flocks of black dots were flying toward West City at an extremely high speed. They were the guards of vampires. In this era of cold weapons, the vampires were like the airborne force who could mysteriously appear and disappear, and could break through the tall city walls, the mighty magic crystal cannons, and even the tall magic tower and arrow tower as easily as pa.s.sing through smooth roads.

Gerald suddenly turned around and stared at Hazel with startled and uncertain eyes. He had never expected that Hazel would be able to mobilize the Vampire Guards! But he only became more confused when he saw the same dumbfounded expression in her eyes. Zaganide must be mad to dispatch his Vampire Guards to attack West City without sending cannon fodder to charge in front! Had King Caroline and King Betty fallen out of Zaganide’s favor?

In the blink of an eye, the flocks of vampires had dropped down. They overturned the magic crystal cannons before they could be filled with magic crystals, and climbed up the magic towers and watchtowers before they could launch full attacks.

The other vampires dropped down inside the city and folded their wings, starting their most favorite activity: slaughtering! They killed all those standing in front of their eyes, no matter if they were men or women, young or old, ordinary civilians or professionals!

A large-sized bat-like monster crashed onto the ground and transformed into a tall but one-armed vampire. Apparently, missing one arm had caused him a lot of inconvenience when flying. The vampire stared at Han Jin and Moxinke, and shouted all of a sudden, “Get out of the way!!” It then strode toward Han Jin’s direction.

Some of Gerald’s guards stood in its way. The vampire casually waved its claws. Each wave would tear a guard into pieces. No one could block his attack for even a single moment. He slaughtered his way across the guards and soon almost arrived behind Gerald.

Gerald turned around. He walked slowly due to his heavy armor, but his true speed while fighting stunned everyone.

A dot of fire glimmered on his war pike. The next moment, the top of his pike had approached the vampire’s chest. The distance of seven or eight meters seemed to have disappeared for Gerald. No one could clearly see how he had traversed the s.p.a.ce; even the vampire itself hadn’t seen it, and only had enough time to grab the pole.

Unfortunately, its strength was far weaker than Gerald’s, and it couldn’t stop the war pike at all, just like how the guards couldn’t stop its advance.

“You…” It had recognized the armored man, but still couldn’t believe that this nightmarish man would appear in West City. “Gerald…”

“Humph!” Gerald gave a cold sneer and threw the corpse on his war pike into the distance. He then strode toward the city gate. The Vampire Guards were the most trusted troops of Zaganide, while Gerald was Dismark’s henchman. He had dealt with the vampires many times, and clearly knew that if this city were to be occupied by the vampires, it would surely become a completely dead city.

From a general point of view, if West City were occupied by the vampires, it would cause a crus.h.i.+ng blow to the other three satellite cities of Beitman. If Zaganide adopted a policy of control through conciliation or broke apart the internal relations.h.i.+p among the other three satellite cities and drew them over to his own side, would they still form an alliance to confront the Black Raven City? If this really happened, Holy Crown City would suffer an even more catastrophic disaster. From a private point of view, Gerald himself had a mortal hatred of the vampires. His greatest wish was to catch Caroline and Betty and mince them into pieces, the same way they had done to his parents.

Compared to such hatred, the conflict between Gerald and Hazel was nothing. Besides, her expression had revealed that she had nothing to do with this vampire attack. On top of that, as a battle-seasoned general, Gerald clearly knew what his soldiers needed now. The vampire attack was too unexpected. The city wall that was nearly three hundred meters long, and the magic towers and watchtowers inside the walls, were all occupied by the vampires in the blink of an eye. The soldiers ran and shouted in helplessness. What they needed right now was an indestructible role model!

“Go to h.e.l.l…” Gerald roared. He was using his full power at this point. His majestic strength of fighting turned into a flowing flame, like a fiery dragon flying around him, burning all the approaching vampires into ashes as if they were just pathetic moths.

But the other vampires showed no trace of fear at all. Brutality was the most horrible characteristic of the vampires. The stronger their enemy, the crazier they would become. When they saw Gerald breaking through their formation with his war pike raised as if he were charging into an empty field, the vampires somehow decided to dive toward him instead of away.

“Go to h.e.l.l…” After another roar, Gerald swung his war pike in a wide arc. The power of his Dragon Flame Fighting Technique was used to its fullest potential. The vampires were not killed one by one, but turned into ashes in droves. Though more vampires pounced on him without any thought of death, none could stop him for a single moment. The flames of his pike streaked across the sky like a red rainbow and swept away all his obstacles!

Everyone on the battlefield, both allies and foes of Gerald alike, were dazzled by the scene. Hazel wanted to kill Gerald, not only for destroying Dismark’s strategic plan, but also to avenge her sister. Sunier disliked Gerald because he was an extremely cruel and brutal man who had not only killed millions of lives, but had also enjoyed killing his prisoners-of-war with gruesome methods. But in this moment, all of Gerald’s shortcomings had been covered by a halo. Who dared to challenge a whole troop single-handed? Who dared to stride forward when facing a flood of vampires? Though he had his own intentions for protecting this city, he truly was protecting it!

No matter if he was a villain who had raped and insulted his prisoners, or a butcher with a record full of crimes and misdeeds, he was a staunch and courageous general right now who had propped up the door of hope for West City by with his sheer burning strength.

“Charge…” Seeing Gerald’s unparalleled momentum, the panicking soldiers all calmed down and started to organize a resistance.

“Charge…” The soldiers who were responsible for besieging the dark elves also rushed toward the vampires with a loud shouts, leaving Hazel and the other dark elves alone. The fact was, several troublesome dark elves were just a slight inconvenience, while the large-scale attack launched by the vampires was the real catastrophe for West City. They all knew which one was more important.

“Die!” This time when he roared, Gerald’s figure leaped up toward the high city wall like a shooting star. The vampires swarmed toward him and surrounded him into a tight circle. But the next moment, a puff of unspeakable fiery light soared into the sky, turning dozens of vampires into fireb.a.l.l.s and knocking them into the air.

Moxinke felt like his own blood boiling. He roared and took up his long sword, intending to rush forward, but Han Jin immediately stopped him. Moxinke soon realized that he was being too reckless and showed an embarra.s.sed smile.

Han Jin ran to help Reg up and released a charm of Spirit Refreshment for him. Reg’s chest dramatically heaved up and down. Though Gerald had not exerted all of his strength, the strike had still caused great damage to Reg. Fortunately, the s.h.i.+eld had only struck his chest, not on his face. Otherwise, Reg would have been disfigured.

“I never expected Gerald to be this powerful…” Cessacioun quietly said.

“But he can’t last for long.” Sunier sighed. “Soon… his strength of fighting will run out.”

Her words reminded Han Jin. He immediately drew a charm without any extra trouble and shouted, “Go!” The charm turned into a ray of white light and shot toward Gerald.

Gerald’s body stiffened. He turned around to cast a glance at Han Jin. Though the distance between them was long, Han Jin still felt as if the stare was sc.r.a.ping against his face.

“What have you done?”

“Berserker spell. I hope it will be useful for him.”

Hazel stared at Gerald and loosened and tightened the bow in her hand. Before she could make a decision, Sunier perceived her intention. “Go away, Hazel!!” she warned.

Sometimes, the world was ridiculous. They were still allies a few minutes ago, but now they were enemies. This had nothing to do with personality, but with which side of the war they were on.

Hazel smiled. “Do you think Gerald will let you go if he defeats the vampires? Don’t be silly.”

“I’d rather be killed by Gerald’s pike than die in the hands of vampires!” This said, Sunier lifted her long bow. “Go away! I don’t want to kill you!” she shouted.

The other dark elves across the street also raised their long bows and aimed at Sunier. Moxinke tightly took up his greatsword and stepped forward, while Cessacioun quickly released a magic s.h.i.+eld for himself and hid behind them. The atmosphere turned tense, and even the guards who had stayed to watch over them were dumbfounded by this weird change.

Hazel held up her hand and made a gesture, indicating for her companions to put away their longbows. “Don’t worry, I will not make trouble. All I want now is to leave.”

At the same time, a sharp screaming sound came. “It’s you, Gerald!”

All the elves present suddenly turned pale. Meanwhile, the rapid sound of hooves came from the center of the city. Numerous well-armed soldiers were arriving on to the battlefield. They were the reinforcements for West City. In the sky were dozens of flying figures; they must be magicians of Winston, the castellan of West City.

The two elves looked at each other and separately retreated. It was the best opportunity to flee away. Who knows what would happen if they stayed any longer.

Warlord Of Chaos Chapter 99 - Opportunity

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