Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 249 - I Will Attend Her Birthday Party.

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"Xin Mei, I know you will never hurt me. You were my best friend. You still have good feelings in your heart for me." Then she started to sob. "Xin Mei, I never doubted you. I still see you as my best friend. Please forgive me."

Xin Mei rolled her eyes and looked at the fans of Zhou Mingyu who were feeling angry upon seeing her cry.

"Zhou Mingyu, stop crying like a baby." Xin Mei groaned. "Don't plan my murder plan by your fans with your emotional drama."

She slightly pushed her back. 

Fans of Zhou Mingyu became angry when they saw the action of Xin Mei. They were about to angrily climb on her when they were again stopped by the security.

"Director Zhang, I think I should leave now. I don't think the fans of Zhou Mingyu will let us complete the rest of the scenes."

Director Zhang nodded his head in understanding and sent off Xin Mei. He then asked the security to send off the fans of Zhou Mingyu and he asked Zhou Mingyu to rest for the rest of the day and return on the set the next day.

Xin Mei made her way towards her car in the parking when her eyes caught the sight of Su Yuchen's car. Sneakily, she walked towards his car and entered inside.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him. Meanwhile, Huang Chu started to drive the car.

"I am personally here to give you proves that what happened was nowhere linked with you."

And with that, Su Yuchen pa.s.sed a video to her. In the video was the confession of little Jing. He was confessing that he received money for changing the swords and to lie that he did all this because he was a fan of Xin Mei.

After the first video, Su Yuchen gave her another video in which Zhou Mingyu was paying cash to little Jing and was giving him all the details of what he had to do.

Su Yuchen gave her a file that had all the information regarding the plan of Zhou Mingyu and little Jing. From where Zhou Mingyu got so much money and where little Jing had saved it for security. There was also an HD photo of Zhou Mingyu and little Jing.

"Wow, you are so fast." Xin Mei commented and carefully see through all the details.

"My team is fast and efficient. It's just, I don't know why it is inefficient in finding your stalker." Su Yuchen pointed out. "But I am sure, soon we will catch him too. Let him take some serious action. Then he is gone."

Xin Mei nodded her head at him and looked at the photo of Zhou Mingyu with a killing gaze. She had planned everything with perfection but this time Xin Mei was not going to become a fool.

"So, what should we do with this video?" Su Yuchen asked. "Should I get it posted online?"

"No, not now. After today's incident, I am sure Zhou Mingyu's confidence will rise again, her fans will also come on surface and will slander me and I want that. I want this scandal to become big before posting this video online. The higher this scandal will rise; the lower Zhou Mingyu and her fans will fall on the revelation of the truth."

A sly smirk appeared on the lips of Su Yuchen and he felt proud of having such a smart wife.

The next day, when Xin Mei arrived on the sets, she frowned upon seeing the different environment in the studio. Everyone was holding a card in their hand and was praising Zhou Mingyu.

Xin Mei knotted her brows together and looked at Zhou Mingyu who was walking around the sets with Qian Fan. Both had a pile of cards in their hands.

"MeiMei," Zhou Mingyu squealed and waved her hand towards Xin Mei. It looked as if Zhou Mingyu had met her lost friend after a long time.

Zhou Mingyu walked towards her with a small smile on her face. The smile looked like an angelic smile but for Xin Mei, she felt Gooseb.u.mps all over her body. Her smile looked like an evil smile.

"MeiMei, here, this card is for you." Zhou Mingyu pa.s.sed her a card and Xin Mei frowned.

Zhou Mingyu looked at her with embarra.s.sed expressions on her face. "MeiMei, tomorrow is my birthday. You remember how you used to make my birthday party very special. I miss those days."

Zhou Mingyu tried to hold the hand of Xin Mei but Xin Mei pulled back her hand.

"MeiMei, please forgive me. If possible, do attend my birthday party. If not for me, attend it for my mother. You know mother always loved you for real. We both will feel happy if you can come."

Zhou Mingyu put forth a pitiful act that all the other actors and actresses present at the set started to negatively gossip about Xin Mei. 

"She has so much att.i.tude. Can't she forgive Zhou Mingyu now?"

"Does she want Zhou Mingyu to lick her feet? Why can't she forgive her now?"

"What big crime has Zhou Mingyu done that Xin Mei can't forgive her? She is miss att.i.tude."

Xin Mei ignored others and took the card from the hand of Zhou Mingyu. 

"I thought you will not throw a luxurious birthday party after spending so much money on useless stuff. You really know how to waste money." Xin Mei mocked.

Zhou Mingyu looked at her with a mortified expression on her face. "I didn't want it at first place but father and Qian Fan forced me to have one."

Zhou Mingyu smiled and intervened her arms with Qian Fan.

All this while, Qian Fan was looking at Xin Mei without any blink of an eye. It had been so long that he had last seen her. He was drinking in her beauty like a thirsty crow who had not drunk water for a long time.

If only there was not an emergency at the office then he would have again tried to court Xin Mei by now. But for now, he had to fulfil his cravings by Zhou Mingyu only.

"Xin Mei, you should attend this party." Qian Fan spoke in a gentle voice.

"I will think about me. Now please excuse me. I am not yet ready for my scene."

Xin Mei ignored both and made her way towards the changing room.

"So, are you going to attend her birthday party?" Su Zixin asked. He was leaning against her room door.

"Yes, I will."

"For real? Or are you again kidding me?"

"I will attend her party for real." Xin Mei confirmed.

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 249 - I Will Attend Her Birthday Party.

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