Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 302 - First Ramp Walk.

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Xin Mei and Zhou Mingyu were invited to many chat shows. There Zhou Mingyu always tried to suppress Xin Mei and Xin Mei always kept quiet. The quietness of Xin Mei was again able to win over the heart of the citizens.

The fans who liked Zhou Mingyu because of her politeness in front of cameras started to follow Xin Mei when they found her to be true. They started to see Zhou Mingyu as a fake who was hiding behind Xin Mei.

During these days, news again hit the internet and social media. It was the statement made by Xin Mei during the last award shows, 

"I was the one who made Zhou Mingyu what she is today. I used to demonstrate scenes to her and I had always helped her from the background."

Most of the smart citizens realized that what Xin Mei said was true. She was the one who made Zhou Mingyu. The way with which she was handling herself, her way of talking, the way her acting was seen in the small trailer, the way she smiled and did small to big things proved the same.

During these days, Xin Mei received an offer to walk in the fas.h.i.+on show of one of the best designer companies in the world, 'You are beautiful.' Xin Mei liked the offer but she was not ready to accept it. She was way to busy with the promotion. She did not think she would find out the time for the fas.h.i.+on show.

But TingTing was not ready to let go of this offer. For her, this was an offer which could improve the coverage of Xin Mei. 

Also, with her great negotiation skills, TingTing was able to crack a deal with the company that Xin Mei would not only walk in the fas.h.i.+on show but she would be the showstopper. That was why TingTing was more than eager to make Xin Mei accept this offer.

"Xin Mei, you don't need to worry about your schedule. I will keep everything under control. I will not let your two-appointments clash with one another." TingTing promised and looked at Xin Mei with hopeful eyes.

Xin Mei knew what TingTing was doing was for her good only. Therefore, she agreed to accept the offer and signed the contract.

As promised, TingTing did not disturb Xin Mei much with the fas.h.i.+on show. All her meetings with the designer were fixed at such a time when Xin Mei was completely free. Nor TingTing bugged Xin Mei to visit the designer multiple times. TingTing herself was looking after all the small details where the attention of Xin Mei was not much required.

When TingTing received the call from the designer that her showstopper dress was ready and Xin Mei could try it on, so designer could know if there was any alterations needed or not, instead of sending Xin Mei to the studio of fas.h.i.+on designer, TingTing invited the designer to the studio where Xin Mei was preparing herself for the interview of that day.

TingTing knew that Xin Mei was very busy with the Revenge team and the schedule prepared by director Zhang was also very tight. So, she had very smartly mingled the schedule of the fas.h.i.+on show with the schedule of director Zhang. 

TingTing took permission from director Zhang to give two days break to Xin Mei, a day before the fas.h.i.+on show and on the day of the fas.h.i.+on show. She wanted Xin Mei to get some time to prepare for her walk as a showstopper.

Not only that, but the head designer of 'you are beautiful' brand also wanted to meet Xin Mei and see how her dress looked on her. Otherwise, it was only her a.s.sistant who went with TingTing to meet Xin Mei. 

"Miss Xin, it's so nice to finally meet you." The designer, Ling Ji shook her hand with Xin Mei. 

"Nice to meet you too ma'am. I saw the dress which you have designed for me. I liked it very much."

"I am glad you like it. So, should we start?"

Xin Mei nodded her head and Ling Ji directed Xin Mei towards the changing room. Xin Mei changed her dress into the dress given by Ling Ji.

She wore the dress and stepped out. Ling Ji did some alterations to the Xin Mie's showstoppers dress, personally. She also made some changes which could make the dress more fit for the body structure of Xin Mei.

Once Xin Mei was ready, wearing her showstopper dress after all the alterations, Ling Ji could not control herself from grinning widely. Xin Mei was looking very graceful and beautiful in her dress. Her dress was looking more beautiful on Xin Mei and she was looking very elegant.

It was like this dress was designed and st.i.tched only for Xin Mei.

Originally, the daughter of Ling Ji had forced her to offer Xin Mei to walk in the fas.h.i.+on show. She was a fan of Xin Mei and wanted her to walk in the fas.h.i.+on show. Ling Ji had approached Xin Mei only because of her daughter, and now she was thanking her daughter.

Ling Ji knew she would not have found a better showstopper than Xin Mei.

TingTing had also invited an expert of cat walking, to give some tips to Xin Mei. TingTing was afraid that Xin Mei had not walked on the ramp of the fas.h.i.+on show, so it may be hard for her to do the same tomorrow.

"Miss Xin, your makeup, dress and your walk, everything is perfect. I am sure you will rock tomorrow's show. I am sure the head of 'You are beautiful' will be very impressed with you."

Ling Ji praised Xin Mei. There was a huge smile on her lips. She also informed that Xin Mei may need to walk on the ramp with the owner of 'You are beautiful,' Mister John. He may be visiting the country tomorrow.

After wrapping up everything, Xin Mei returned home. 

During the night, Xin Mei informed to Su Yuchen that she may require to walk on the ramp with Mister John.

"Mei, now I am jealous. How can my beautiful wife walk on the ramp with some other male?" Su Yuchen twitched his nose with jealousy when he heard Xin Mei.

"Don't be so jealous." Xin Mei pocked his nose. "As a professional, I must do what I am asked to do. Besides, I will be walking with mister John for hardly five minutes. You should not be so jealous of those five minutes."

She rolled her eyes. "Now tell me, will you come and watch me walk on the ramp tomorrow?"

"How can I not?" he asked and lovingly hugged her. "I have already asked Huang Chu to free my schedule for tomorrow's evening."

Xin Mei smiled and kissed on his jaw. "I will wait for you in the audience. I will also waive to you."

Su Yuchen chuckled when he heard her. He hugged her tight.

The next day, Xin Mei reached the hotel where the fas.h.i.+on show was taking place. She met with Ling Ji and TingTing. They directed her towards her room where she got ready.

"Xin Mei, we should go backstage. Anytime, you can be called to walk on the fas.h.i.+on stage." TingTing informed her.

"But where is Mister John?"

"He will be here anytime."

Xin Mei nodded her head. She looked ahead of herself and could see models walking over the ramp. She could also catch a small glimpse of the audience from the backstage.

"He is here. Finally, he is here."

Xin Mei turned and looked at the man for whom she was waiting for. Her eyes went wide in surprise when she saw who Mister John was.

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 302 - First Ramp Walk.

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