Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 306 - Premier Of Revenge.

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Only one day was left for the release of the movie 'revenge' and on this day, Su Yuchen had organized a special screening of the movie for the stars of heritage, famous directors, famous producers, and famous reviewers.

And everyone was looking forward to attending this special screening. They were counting themselves lucky to get this excellent opportunity. Revenge had already created curiosity among the viewers and everyone was eager to watch it.

Head manager of heritage, Fang Lue and director Zhang were looking after the screening of Revenge. Every seat inside the cinema hall was numbered and every guest was already informed about the a.s.signed seat number beforehand.

"As you can see, today your favorite reporter Gu Nan is standing in the Cine-magic, the place where a special screening of Revenge is taking place."

Gu Nan looked at the camera and spoke in her microphone. She had personally decided to cover the news of the screening of the Revenge movie. Not only that, due to her link with Su Yuchen, she got the opportunity to enter the VIP area. 

She was the only reporter who was inside the premises of the cinema hall. Other reporters were reporting from the outside of the hall.

"On your screen, you can see the crowd of fans which is collected outside of the hall. Everyone is waiting for the arrival of their favorite stars."

What Gu Nan said was the truth. The front of the cinema hall was not looking any less than red carpet. Many fans had arrived to support Revenge and many fans to meet their favorite stars who were invited as guests.

"Let's have a chat with director Zhang."

Gu Nan rushed in the direction of director Zhang who had stepped out from the hall.

"Director Zhang, I have heard that you have declared, this movie will be breaking all the records of the film industry, is it true?"

"You have heard right, Miss Gu." Director Zhang nodded his head. "Direction, cast, everything is perfect in this movie and not to forget about the support of Mister Su."

"Director Zhang, I have also heard that you have predicted that Xin Mei will win the best actress award for this movie. What will you say about it?"

Director Zhang chuckled when he heard her. "Miss Gu, I will say it again that your friend, Xin Mei is going to win the best actress award."

Gu Nan gave him a silly smile before looking at the cameras. "So, you all heard director Zhang that my friend is going to win the best actress award. Now I will look forward to that day. For now, we should focus on the screening."

Soon enough, guests started to arrive on the green carpet. They were interviewed by reporters, asked for photographs by their fan fans before they entered inside the premises of cinema hall. Inside, Gu Nan was ready to take a candid interview with them.

First one to arrive was the artists under Heritage followed by directors and other reviewers. Once the guests were inside the hall. The cast of revenge also started to arrive.

The first to arrive was the junior cast and crew members. They arrived together in a group and happiness was visible on their faces. Next to arrive was Tang Min with a partner in his arms.

"Mister Tang, who is this beautiful lady accompanying you?" Gu Nan asked. "And why do I feel that you both are quite similar looking."

"We are similar looking because she is my sister, Tang Xinyi."

"Oh," Gu Nan grinned and then placed the microphone in front of Tang Xinyi. "Miss Tang, are you here to see your brother on the big screen?"

"No, I am here to watch Xin Mei and Chen Bai." Tang Xinyi grinned excitedly where Tang Min groaned. His sister was a big fan of Chen Bai and Xin Mei. She kept talking about them for whole day which irked Tang Min to the core.

"They were looking so hot in the five-second clip of the trailer. I can't wait to see more of their hot scenes in the movie."

"I guess many females will be watching this movie to watch the chemistry between Chen Bai and Xin Mei only." Gu Nan chuckled.

She interviewed them for sometime before letting them in. She turned and looked at the next arrival.

"And here comes my 'always late' future husband." Gu Nan mocked and then walked towards He Ye with the microphone in her hand. "He Ye, what are your expectations with this movie?"

"I am sure this movie will be a hit. And why not, my little star, Xin Mei and my best friend, Chen Bai has worked hard for it. And now Gu Nan, if you will excuse me, I will like to enter the hall. I don't want to miss any scene in the movie."

Gu Nan nodded her head and then turned her attention towards the green carpet.

"And here comes the actress whom I dislike the most." Gu Nan groaned with disgust when she saw Zhou Mingyu stepping out from her car with Qian Fan.

Zhou Mingyu smiled and waved her hand but no or rare fans acknowledged her, many fans had already boycotted her in their hearts.

Soon enough, Su Zixin also arrived. Today, he was alone, without Xin Mei beside his side. His fans started to chant his name loudly.

"Here is my emperor Jun, Emperor Jun, emperor Jun…."

"Husband, we love you. We will watch your movie repeatedly."

"Hubby, smile please."

Su Zixin smiled at his fans and got his photos clicked in front of the camera. He also gave some autographs to his fans before making his way inside the cinema hall.

The next person to arrive was Xin Mei. She stepped out of the car and took a deep breath before walking on the green carpet. She waved to her fans with a smile on her lips.

She also got her photos clicked and gave autographs to her fans. She was in no hurry to enter inside because she was waiting for someone.

"Xin Mei, you are so beautiful."

"Xin Mei, I will pray for you to win the next best actress award."

"You are still single. So, can you become my girlfriend? I promise to transfer my property at your name."

Fans were shouting the name of Xin Mei at top of their lungs which made Xin Mei overwhelmed. She looked around at her fans who now acknowledged her skills.

Xin Mei was giving an autograph to her fan, when another car stopped in front of the green carpet and Su Yuchen stepped out. A small smile appeared on the lips of Xin Mei and she glanced at him.

"Miss Xin, what are you doing here? We should go in, otherwise, you will miss the initial scenes of the movie." Su Yuchen looked at her with a soft smile on his lips. "Let me accompany you."

Su Yuchen gave his hand to Xin Mei and Xin Mei happily accepted it. The fans who were excited to see their idol with a man like Su Yuchen started to yell loudly. Reporters also started to ask questions to Su Yuchen and Xin Mei about their relations.h.i.+p.

"Mister Su, Miss Xin, what is the relations.h.i.+p in between both of you?"

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 306 - Premier Of Revenge.

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