Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 370 - Kicking Him Out.

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"So, Da Chun, are you ready to get engaged with Yan gege? Are you excited and happy to marry him?" She asked with a small smile on her lips. "As far as I know, after engagement, gege will not take long in getting married to you."

Da Chun flinched and clutched her fist with nervousness. Her actions were not hidden from Xin Mei.

Xin Mei placed her hand over her fist and squeezed it. A gentle smile danced on her lips.

"Da Chun, gege told me everything. So, if you have any hesitation or doubt before this engagement then you can share about that with me. This engagement will be the new start of your life, and I do not want you to start your life with doubts in your mind. So, speak."

There was a gentle smile on the lips of Xin Mei. Da Chun looked at her with hesitation but Xin Mei again smiled with encouragement.

"Xin Mei." Da Chun sighed and looked down. "I love Xin Yan very much and that's why I am doubtful about this engagement and then the wedding. I am not normal. I am broken in many unimaginable ways. I don't want Xin Yan to carry my burden, a burden of a broken girl like me. I heard some relatives gossiping how I am not good for your family."

Da Chun looked down and fear appeared in her eyes. "What do you think Xin Mei? Do you want your brother to marry a girl like me? Do you want him to carry my burden for his lifetime? Do you want him to regret his decision of marrying me? What if I cannot keep him happy after getting married? I don't know why your family had accepted a girl like me, I am afraid to give them pain!"

Da Chun took a long, deep breath and looked at Xin Mei. "I am afraid Xin Mei. I am afraid that I will not be able to make him happy. I am afraid that I will give him pain. And what about your family? They are good to me. But can they accept a girl as their daughter in law who comes in without any dowry but a lot of burden?"

"Why do you think you will not make him happy?" Xin Mei spoke in a soft voice. "Your presence is enough to make gege happy. I still remember the time when he had told us about you for the first time. He was so happy to find a girl like you."

"He was crazily in love with you. I and Ye gege had made his fun about the same. Your face makes him happy, your smile makes him happy, your presence is enough to make him happy. If, by any chance, you are thinking that if you leave him then he will be happy then you are wrong."

"So never dare to leave him because you are his happiness." Xin Mei warned with a small smile. "Gege is not a kid. He knows what he is doing, and if he thinks that marrying you is the best decision then it is. Da Chun, stop thinking that you will not keep him happy. You must have something in you that he is so eager to marry you."

"And about my family, they are the sweethearts. I had loved a jerk like Qian Fan in the past but still, my parents accepted him because of only one reason and that was, he was able to make me happy. So, why would they not accept you? You are happiness of gege."

Xin Mei took her hand and squeezed it tight. "Da Chun, if you still are doubtful about marrying brother then throw it out of the window. Think this engagement as a new start of your life. Accept this new change in your life with open arms. I am sure, now, you have happiness written in your life."

Da Chun smiled when she heard Xin Mei. Yes, she had many doubts in her heart. She was planning to run away from this marriage. She thought this decision was taken in a rush and was not right but now when she heard Xin Mei, she realized Xin Yan wanted to marry her, because of love.

He had taken this decision of marriage after a lot of thinking. He was a matured man and was not taking any rash decisions.

"Thank you for talking with me Xin Mei." Da Chun smiled. "Xin Yan has said right. You are the best sister. Thank you for helping me in clearing my heart and mind."

"I am glad that I can help you." Xin Mei smiled.

Both sisters-in-laws shared a smile. Xin Mei felt happy to help Da Chun. After all, Da Chun was the person who was going to look after her gege in the future.


Xin Mei turned with wide eyes when she heard the voice of Su Yuchen.

"What are you doing here in the room? What if someone saw you?" She looked at the door and sighed that Su Yuchen had already closed it.

"No one saw me." Su Yuchen chuckled and walked toward her. "Now let me have a good look at my beautiful wife."

Xin Mei shook her head and twirled for him. "You have seen me, now leave. I can't afford for anyone to see you here in my room."

"What? Are you kicking me out?" he mocked hurt in his voice.

"Yes, I am. Now leave." Xin Mei started to push Su Yuchen toward the door where he was looking at his beautiful wife without any blink of eyes.

"Mei, come on, let me have a proper look at you." He groaned.

Da Chun who watched their sweet exchange laughed. "You both look so sweet. Xin Mei, I cannot believe that you can kick a big man like Su Yuchen out of our room."

"I can because he is my husband. You should learn that husbands always follow their wives, especially him." Xin Mei gave her a pointed look.

"Mei, what is this? At least don't insult me in front of my future sister in law who is looking so beautiful tonight." Su Yuchen grinned and winked toward Da Chun. 

"By the way Da Chun, you are looking very beautiful tonight. I am sure Xin Yan will be having a tough time to keep his hand…" he was cut short when Xin Mei pushed him out of the room. "By the way, congratulation and all the best for the new..."

".....start of your life." They heard from the other side of the door and Da Chun chuckled.

"He loves you."

"He does and I am sure brother will love you the way he does."

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 370 - Kicking Him Out.

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