Perverted Otherworlder 185 Sacred Beast Or Karina?

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Inside the most beautiful chamber inside the palace in Nostria, the resting queen twitched her eyes before slowly opened them up. She rubbed her eyes while muttering, "What the h.e.l.l happen?"

"You pa.s.sed out, miss."


Sylvianna jumped in fright before she realized that the woman who spoke beside her was Fei. While pressing her own chest in an attempt to calm her heartbeat, she asked, "Pa.s.sed out? Pa.s.sed out from what?"

"Try to remember miss," asked Fei as she took a tray of food beside her.

"Hmmm, my latest memory is in the training ground...?!"

Her memories resurfaced as the image of a young man she couldn't anymore be familiar with, stood in front of her and threw something like a pole in which she instinctively reached out to grab it.

"Ah, please tell me I didn't kill Lyon?!" asked Sylvianna frantically. Apparently she knew that she entered that state.

Fei chuckled as she prepared her soup before saying, "Don't worry, he is still alive and well, in fact, you even lost the battle."

"No way, I lost?" exclaimed Sylvianna in disbelief. She knew that when she was in that state, n.o.body in the world could possibly beat her in one on one situation, at least, from her experience.

Fei lightly blew the soup in the spoon before feeding her slowly.

"Miss, I think the time is nigh for you to master that state of yours," asked Fei as she scooped another.

"What do you mean?"

"It's pretty obvious, now that exist the person that could contain that power of yours, it's time for you to tame that hidden power of yours," explained Fei as she fed another spoon.

Her eyes couldn't help but look away, "Huft, why is it has to be that guy, why fate is so cruel to me!"

Her complaining was responded with a chuckle from her personal maid.

"Why do you hate him so much?" asked Fei with a smile.

"I-I don't hate him, it's just, I dislike him," answered Sylvianna.


"It's obvious, he is a huge PERVERT, with a capitalized word!"

Her cheeks turned red as she remembered a certain event, in the near past when she was taking a shower.

"Well, I can't blame you he is a huge pervert, but look at how the kingdom has become, it's the most flouris.h.i.+ng state in the history and it's thanks to that young man that came from the sky,"

"Have you ever wondered what situation we would in if he didn't come here?" continued Fei.

Sylvianna didn't answer her question. She knew the answer but her ego and pride held it in her throat.

"Still think that fate is cruel to you?" teased Fei.

That was a checkmate for her. She knew that she could never win an argument against the one and only.

"Promise me at least you will try to learn it, you know with the war soon-"

"Alright, alright, I know it already,"

Fei smiled as she continued to feed her.


"So, why am I here again?" asked Lyon.

He was in a forest where people would cultivate and hunt for beasts. It was a dangerous place where the bandits used to reside until Lyon wiped them out with a certain woman.

"Training of course, what else could it be?" a voice came before a figure stood next to him.

Her beautiful lean athletic figure could be described G.o.dly. Wearing a cap with a ponytailed style golden hair she exuded an adventurous aura around her. With her belly b.u.t.ton showed to the world, she wore a pretty black sports bra that could send Lyon to high heaven.

"That... that's pretty cool clothing you are wearing," said Lyon with a gulped as he savored the view beside him.

"You think so huh? This is a new design from the infamous tailor in Nostria," said Karina as she stretched her body.

(Him huh? That tailor is really ahead of his time, wait, is he also from earth?!) thought Lyon before he quickly shook off the wild idea.

"Hey, did you know, a legend said that there is a sacred beast living here for uncountable years," said Karina.

"Hmm, yes, well, yes," answered Lyon as he was intoxicated by the beauty.
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"Hey, are you listening?" asked Karina before she whipped out a kick to his stomach.


"Guha!" Lyon was sent flying toward the nearby tree.

"That's the punishment for not listening to your teacher," said Karina with a smile before she jumped away.

"Hey, wait for me!" shouted Lyon as he chased after her, however.

The bush in front of him suddenly rattled. Lyon halted his steps as he focused on his surroundings.

As he readied himself, the bush on the west side suddenly rattled. Before long the east side rattled.

Lyon smirked as he relaxed his hand. He stood without any stance with his hands behind his back. As the south side rattled, Lyon didn't even care anymore.

After the south side stopped its rattling, the forest turned silent once more.


The four sides suddenly rattled altogether. Any cultivator would be in distress in this kind of situation, pus.h.i.+ng their survival instinct to the upmost.

"Ah, what an interesting human you are, you have a whiff of a true dragon around you," said a deep voice from one of the rattling bushes.

"Whoever or whatever you are, I will not ask you to come out, instead just keep hiding, because I need to chase someone," said Lyon before he leaped toward Karina's direction.

(Are you kidding me? Why would I spend my time with useless things like that! I got Karina to chase!) thought Lyon as he chased the most beautiful woman in the forest.

The bushes stopped its rattling as if something unbelievable just happened.

From one of the bush, a little creature walked out with its little cane. It was an old mole that had a white beard.

"D-did that just happen?" said the old mole as he stood in the middle in disbelief.

Perverted Otherworlder 185 Sacred Beast Or Karina?

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