Imperfect Desires Chapter 103 - Commitment & Shamelessness

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Later Darren offered to drop her off to the office but she didn't agree. As much as she wanted to spend this day with him, she didn't want to trouble him. Also, she needed some alone time to think about what Darren said.

Opting for a taxi over the bus, when she sat alone in silence, Xiu finally understood what he meant. If he had replied that day to her text, she would have definitely taken his words as a joke. But today was different. Now when he send that text, all she felt was a pleasant surprise in her heart along with a giddy feeling.

Yesterday, when she heard Zhou Jinhai's voice after five years, she didn't cry. She thought it meant she had grown up but now when she thought about it again, she realized that she didn't feel like a traitor for crying anymore either. Because if she hadn't decided to give herself another chance to rediscover love, then she'd have definitely been a traitor… Of her own happiness and future.

Her phone's ringtone jolted her back to reality. "h.e.l.lo!"

"Baby Xiu'er, I am so proud of you today that I can't even tell you. This calls for a celebration. I should tell mom and dad about this," Nora's excited voice could be heard from the other side.

"Stop!" Xiu shouted out, not even realizing that the driver could take her words seriously. And the taxi driver did take her words seriously as he pressed on the brakes in alarm and Xiu's head slammed into the seat before her. "Ow!"  

"You okay? What was the sound?" Nora asked in worry.

Xiu rubbed her forehead and said, "I'm alright." Then she looked at the driver and added, "Mister, I didn't ask you to stop. Keep driving, we still have a long way to go."

The driver nodded before mumbling a 'sorry' and started the taxi again. As for Xiu, she gave Nora her full attention. "Nora, don't you dare tell anyone. If you told Clara mom or even Uncle Jing, they both will turn into overly conscious parents. I am not even sure where I'm gonna go with this thing between me and Darren. I don't want to involve our families before I am sure about that."

Nora chewed on her chips and nodded in understanding. "I feel you, girl. But…" With a slight frown etched between her brows, she asked, "Then why did you take such a huge step? How did you become bold enough to ask Darren so directly? You loved defining every single feeling in your life, what's so different this time?"

Xiu knew why she was asking that question. Until last night, Xiu really didn't know what to do. She was unsure whether to feign ignorance over the kiss scene from last night or just face it like a man. Well, as much of a man as she could possibly be.

"I have always been bold. Do you think your best friend is shy or something?" questioned Xiu in a doubtful manner. "Besides, last night I really planned on acting oblivious. But today when I looked into his eyes, I couldn't do so."

Nora smiled to herself as she asked, "What did you see in his eyes that broke your conviction?"

"I…" Xiu looked out the windowpane and said, "I saw my whole world flipping." She sighed out and added, "It felt scary at first but then he held my hand. I guess that's all it took to undo me. And that's why I decided not to look for a definition of my feelings this time."

"I knew Darren's eyes were beautiful but didn't realize that his pair of eyes had the power to undone my best friend," said Nora in a fascinated way.

"Oh, well. I have decided to follow your golden words," stated Xiu taking Nora by surprise. She herself didn't know which golden words Xiu was talking about. But soon she did as Xiu said, "The world needs two things; Commitment and Shamelessness. And a relations.h.i.+p needs only one thing; commitment to being your best shameless self."

Nora coughed profusely as she heard Xiu's words. While Xiu paid her taxi fare, Nora was busy trying to wash down her throat with a gla.s.s of water. "Baby Xiu, I also said something like being reserved and yet staying bold."

"I remember that. Don't worry at all, I'll be exactly like that," a.s.sured Xiu while Nora was more worried now. "Oh, by the way, where is Jackie? Is he upset that we didn't take him to science fair?"

"Not at all," replied Nora nonchalantly.

"Huh? How come our little prince is okay with that?" asked Xiu with a strange expression.

"Because Darren took him to the science fair like he wanted to go," answered Nora indifferently.

"What? Why?" Xiu was surprised. She stood before an empty elevator contemplating something before turning a corner to take the stairs.

"How would I know? Maybe, Darren wants to connect with his girlfriend's family." Nora was teasing her but Xiu's steps halted.

"Really?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Silly, I'm messing with you. Darren is also a science freak like our little Jackie, so when Jackie mentioned the science fair, he readily agreed to accompany him." Nora took a pause before adding, "Besides, you and I both don't have any interest in science. It's better for us to stay away."

Xiu nodded her head even though Nora couldn't see her. Walking the stairs to the 20th floor wasn't an easy task but she did it while chatting with Nora. As Xiu stepped on her floor, she hung up the call and noticed the eerie silence on the entire floor.

Usually one could hear the sound of typing or paper rustling but today, there was pin-drop silence.

Placing her purse in her own cabin, she took some time to catch her breath and wipe off her sweat before she walked to Dylan's office door and knocked before pus.h.i.+ng it open slightly to peek inside cautiously.

"You can just enter, Ms. Bai," came Dylan's heavy voice.

As Xiu walked inside, she could see the clouds of gloominess looming over his head. There was a suffocating heavy feeling in the room because of his weird mood.

Before Xiu could say anything, Dylan pushed a stack of papers towards her saying, "This is our new product launch's details, I'm sure I don't have to tell you what to do."

While talking, not even once he lifted his head to look at her. Xiu made a face at him and said, "Yes, sir." 'There it goes my plans for a memorable first day!' 

This work was gonna take her whole day. Argh! She so wished to kick Dylan's b.u.t.t.

Imperfect Desires Chapter 103 - Commitment & Shamelessness

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