Imperfect Desires Chapter 104 - Cancel The First Date?

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Xiu didn't know what really happened but Dylan really wasn't in a good mood and apparently, that's why Xiu had to slave away with him for the whole day. 

Close to the evening when she was about to knock on his door again, she heard his voice from inside, "Why are you taking your anger out on me?" Xiu's curiosity piqued as she leaned close to the door to find any clue why Dylan was in such a bad mood. "Yes, I met Hu s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ but I already explained that she tricked me into seeing her."

'Hu s.h.i.+s.h.i.+?' Xiu frowned as that name was brought up again. 'Is he having a quarrel with his girlfriend over Hu s.h.i.+s.h.i.+?' She sighed out in disappointment. 'Well, I couldn't expect anything better from a homewrecker like Hu s.h.i.+s.h.i.+.'

"Argh! She hung up my phone again!" Xiu heard Dylan's exasperated voice from behind the door. She didn't know what mood he was in but she still knocked. "Come in," came his voice.

Xiu entered his office and placed the doc.u.ments on his table, "I have sorted out the details you asked for. Also, a complete a.n.a.lysis report is sent to your mail. I've contacted the production team as well, the product launch's preparation will start from Monday without any hitch. Now, I would like to leave."

"Not so fast," said Dylan making Xiu seethe in anger. He took his car keys and said, "Follow me, we have to meet Director Lu from Erzhong Group."

"What for?" asked Xiu as she followed him out.

"For a possible business co-operation," Dylan replied. 

Xiu looked at the time which was close to five in the evening now and scowled, "Can't we just meet him another day?"

"No, can't do. He'll leave for Canada tomorrow. We have to talk today. I just received the address where I can find him," said Dylan while ma.s.saging his brows.

Xiu sat in his car with a dejected look. She unlocked her phone screen and typed a text message to Darren saying, "Let's cancel our first date. This stupid boss of mine is not gonna let me leave on time."

She had to wait for a minute or two before she received a reply from Darren saying, "Just call me when you're free, I'll come to pick you up." Xiu smiled at his text and hugged her phone close to her heart feeling really sweet.

Dylan could see her odd behavior from his peripheral vision but didn't say anything. Today, he really wasn't in the mood to b.u.t.t heads with Xiu. No matter how much he liked irritating her, he wasn't planning on doing it today. He silently followed his navigation system to find the destination.

When he parked the car and looked around, the gloomy clouds on his head turned into angry raging ones. Xiu also looked at the place where they were and frowned slightly. But her reaction was mild compared to Dylan himself.

As Xiu was about to take a step towards the entrance, Dylan held her wrist and pulled her back, "Can't you see what place this is? How can you so casually enter? Go and wait in the car or take a cab and go back home."

Xiu's brows quirked up at his words and she asked, "Didn't you bring me here yourself?"

"I didn't know they had planned the meeting in a host club. If I knew I would have never brought my female executive a.s.sistant to such a place," said Dylan surprising Xiu. "Anyway, you just leave. I'll handle this myself."

"But..." Xiu was about to speak when her words were cut off by another voice that came from behind her.

"Mr. Qiu, what a pleasant surprise to see you here." Xiu looked at the man who had called out. He had a potbelly and a smirk plastered on his face. "Usually, you always find ways to avoid our gatherings. Which wind blew you here today?"

Dylan looked at how this man called Ming Hongyi was eyeing Xiu from head to toe and his rage level intensified. He pulled Xiu behind himself and faced Ming Hongyi saying, "I came to see Director Lu, didn't know his meeting place consisted of such a level. And here I had an illusion that he was a person with moral integrity."

Xiu was already taken aback when he pulled her behind his back but when he made that remark, she couldn't help but chuckle inwardly. 

Ming Hongyi looked a bit awkward but he couldn't argue with Dylan. And seeing this Xiu was confused. Obviously, this Ming Hongyi wasn't of a low status himself, but still, he wasn't able to say anything to Dylan openly.

Ming Hongyi laughed to dispel the awkwardness and said, "Why are you standing outside? Director Lu is waiting for you inside. Please, come inside."

Dylan turned to Xiu and said, "You go back home."

"Mr. Qiu should let his female partner join us as well," Ming Hongyi said looking in Xiu's direction.

"My a.s.sistant's presence is not necessary," replied Dylan without missing a beat.

"Mr. Qiu, don't be so headstrong. It's just a business meeting, there is no harm in your a.s.sistant joining us. Or are you really going to disrespect Director Lu by doing this?" 

Dylan gnashed his teeth in anger since he could understand the underlying meaning of his words. He hated people who weren't straightforward. Dylan was still contemplating what to do when Xiu spoke up, "I have no problem. Let's go inside."

Dylan looked at her weirdly as he said, "You might not have a problem but I do. This is not a place for someone like you."

"There are other people inside as well," she pointed out.

Dylan snorted, "Ms. Bai, I didn't take you for a naive person. There are no humans in this kind of place. There are only hungry wolves wearing the skin of sheep to hide their filthy looking souls."

Xiu didn't know why but she smiled at his words. He had brought back some bitter memories but looking at him those memories felt like a joke to her. "But aren't you human?" Dylan looked at her in surprise as she continued, "As long as one human is beside me, I think I'll be alright. Besides, this deal is really important for the company."

"You're concerned about the company?"

"Of course, how else will I get a pay raise?" 

Dylan shook his head at her and said, "Stay behind me. Don't see or say anything, or even listen to anything."

"Yes, Sir!" Xiu gave him a mock salute making him chuckle softly as they entered through the extravagant entrance of the host club.

Imperfect Desires Chapter 104 - Cancel The First Date?

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